Comeback - Recap

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Will claims he's ready for a comeback. He's past Terri and over Emma -
his soliloquy rudely interrupted by Emma, who is declaring an emergency.
She needs his help. She found a suicide note from Sue. A Sue-icide note.
He finds her in her office, having attempted to overdose on vitamin A
using gummy vitamins. She had no pulse because she's trained herself to
stop it. Emma and Will are not amused.

Sam kisses Quinn on the cheek and tells her he wants to confirm their
date for "Color Me Mine." She didn't think he was serious. He's kissing
her on the cheek because she's recuperating from mono. She told Sam that
she didn't kiss Finn. He choked on a gumball, and she gave him
mouth-to-mouth. When she pulled away, the gumball was in her mouth. Sam
can see that Quinn and Finn are making eyes at each other. His dad once
told him that there are two ways to win a woman. Take her hunting, or
rock -n- roll. And who's more rock -n- roll than Justin Bieber? Nobody.
Sam rearranges his hair to look like Justin, and books some bat mitzvah
gigs to see how he does. He calls himself the Justin Bieber Experience,
and they love him.

Rachel paid Brittany to make one of her signature looks popular so
people will emulate her, but now Brittany is wearing legwarmers on her
arms because she thought they'd go over better. Also, she's wearing a
tank top today because nobody ever taught her how to read a calendar, so
now she's cold. Rachel says fine, whatever. But once people notice and
compliment her on her new look, she's supposed to say? "I'm just copying
Rachel Berry."

Sue's attacking students. Will sees what's happening, and reports back
to Emma. Sue arrives and claims she needs a rafter to hang herself. Will
orders her to sit down and tries to give her an uplifting chat. Surely
she remembers a happy moment? Singing along to some song on the radio,
all seemed right to the world. Emma thinks she should join the Glee
Club. Will and Sue think not. Of course Emma has a pamphlet to back her
theory. Sue agrees, but only to alleviate her crippling depression.

Will breaks it to the Club, and they don't take it well. She says a word
for herself, and they grudgingly agree she can stay. Will shares a
letter with them regarding regionals. They'll be going up against the
same group as last year, and there will be a theme this year. Anthem.
What's an anthem? Brittany thinks it's the bottom of an ant's pants.
Will says "So close." But no. An anthem is an epic song.

Sam interrupts, and takes the floor. Puck notes that the new Bieber look
makes Sam's mouth look even bigger. Quinn winces. Repeatedly. He sings
to her, and everybody starts backing him. It's not such a bad song. Finn
watches Quinn's reaction. Sue loved it. She wants to get that girl (Sam)
on the Cheerios. Mike, Puck and Artie want in on Sam's Bieber action.
Their relationships are on a post Valentine's Day low. Tina is playing a
video game over Mike's shoulder as they kiss.

Finn approaches, asking what's going on. If the guys don't get in Sam's
action, they're going to start their own band, Bieber Fever. They do
realize Bieber sucks, right? Sam becomes defensive. Quinn seemed to like
him just fine, when he was singing to her. Finn leaves to do something
constructive, and Sam says good, that means he won't be hitting on other
guys' girlfriends. Finn says hey, relax. She just saved my life. But
then he grinned, so it was obviously just a crock. The guys ask if
they're in and Sam says fine; but they're going to need to do something
about Puckerman's hair.

Rachel goes over her to-do list. As she gets done, she sees everybody
doing the leg warmer thing. She's totally irate, this is not at all what
was supposed to happen. She wants her allowance back. Brittany's uncle's
goat ate it. Rachel says the only way this is going to work is if
Brittany comes to school dressed exactly like her. Sexy schoolgirl
librarian chic. Now get a move on.

Sue writes in her journal about being dropped behind enemy lines into
Glee Club. Will and Emma fell for her evil plan. Mercedes arrives, and
she talks to her about how to be a diva. Mercedes explains to her, it's
all about attitude, which Sue has tons of. She runs the same question
past Rachel. She then says "Mercedes was wrong about you." She feeds
misinformation to both the girls. They're going to have a diva-off. Sue

Finn asks Quinn out, but she refuses. She doesn't know what she's doing
yet. The guys arrive for a Bieber off. Puck is wearing a bang-fringe.
Sam dedicates their song to Quinn. They perform "Somebody to Love" to
wild applause. The girls loved it. Quinn tells Finn she can't actually
do Friday. Puck checks with Lauren and she gives him a C+. He asks what
he has to do to get with her. She says she may have a proposition for
him; she'll keep him posted.

Santana approaches Sam. She thinks they should talk soon.

Quinn tells Finn that Sam is an artist. She chose him because he just
got up there and owned it. That really turned her on. This gives Finn an

Puck watches Lauren wrestle. She wants some advice. She's nervous about
performing. He's surprised, because she's the most confident woman he
knows. He tells her to picture the audience in their underwear. Sue eggs
Mercedes on.

Brittany and Rachel are dressed identically. Rachel would like Brittany
to cut class the rest of the day so everybody will see her ensemble.

Tina asks Finn why he's dressed like Bieber. He tells her he found out
that Justin has had like a billion hits on Youtube. So he figured before
he picked his anthem, he should work on his anthem look. Quinn sees him
and looks a bit bewildered. The diva-off starts, and the girls perform
"Take Me or Leave Me." They hug each other after, and Sue can't figure
out where the hate went.

Will invites Sue to go somewhere with him tomorrow night. Not a date.
It's just important that she sees something. They go to the pediatric
cancer ward. He comes down once a month. Sue tries to bail, but he hauls
her along with him. She will join him singing with the kids unless she
hears one note from Journey. If that happens, she'll start pulling
catheters. Sue looks very uncomfortable, especially when the nurse
recognizes her from the Katie Couric interview.

Sue has her group of kids, and Will has his. She says her kids will mop
the floor with his kids. They sing "This Little Light of Mine"
accompanied by Will on the mandolin. Sue can't stop smiling, but shakes
her head at Will when he catches her eye. They applaud, and she assures
Will she'll never forgive him for this (as she smiles while fighting
back tears).

Santana and Brittany discuss their Rachel look. Tina too! They all give
credit to Britney, and Rachel almost comes completely undone. She paid
Brittany! Tina calls her a terrible liar. Rachel sees Brittany and
demands her money back. She used it to pay a publicist. She's been
declared the trendiest girl in America. Rachel is not trendy. People
look at her, and they see a cat getting its temperature taken - and then
they hear it scream. Now if Rachel will excuse her, Brittany has an
interview with Teen Vogue.

Lauren performs "I Know What Boys Like", backed by the girls and
accompanied by Puckerman.

Santana takes a meeting with Sam. He's one step from being a dork. She
wants in on Sam. He says he's dating Quinn, but she points out that
Quinn cheated on him, and he knows it. He should take Santana up on her
offer. He has friends at this school. It's not just him vs Finn.

She doesn't get why she's yet to hear an anthem out of the Glee kids.
She's going to lead them in a song, but no more Bieber crap. They
perform "Sing" by Chemical Romance. They're all wearing plaid flannel
shirts, and even Sue has a plaid flannel track suit on.

Sam dumps Quinn. He tells her she can't look her in the eye right now,
and tell him she didn't make out with Finn. Santana told him something,
and Quinn asks him why he's quoting Santana all of a sudden. He tells
her that he and Santana are going out, and walks away.

Will tells the kids that Sue gave them their song for regionals. Rachel
doesn't agree, she thinks they should do something original. Oral
Intensity kicked their butt last year, and the Warblers have Kurt and
Blaine. Will takes a vote, and everybody votes against Rachel.

Sue arrives to tell Will that she's the new coach of Oral Intensity. She
was spying on them.

Finn tells Rachel she was right. She should write the song. He refers to
her as a trendsetter. Before he walks away, he tells her that the Rachel
he saw in there today reminded him of the old Rachel. Focused, "take no
prisoners". He thinks she might be making a comeback.