Original Song - Recap

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The Warblers perform Maroon 5's "Misery", and Blair announces this is
going to be their opening at regionals. He asks Kurt where on earth he
got a Burberry canary cover for Pavarotti. Also, what does he think of
the song? Kurt decides that honesty is the best policy. Blaine gets too
many solos. Blaine says that he doesn't decide who gets to solo, and by
the way, does he detect a little jealousy? No, he detects A LOT of
jealousy. It doesn't feel like the Warblers. It feels like Blaine and
the Pips.

Rachel gives Finn a box of tissues because she's written another song
and frankly, he's going to need them. She then commences singing about
eggs and omelettes. It's just as bad as the first song. It's about being
an only child. "The only Berry on my family tree." Finn says it still
feels like she's playing scared, she needs to get to the hard stuff.

Quinn listens. She's worried about Finn. How damaged does a guy have to
be, to be into somebody as annoying as Rachel? He is a good guy though,
and she does really like him. Besides, she needs him if she's going to
be prom queen. She believes that prom queens live on average five years
longer than everybody else. She can't do this without Finn. The only
thing standing in Quinn's way is Rachel. So keeping enemies closer means
that Rachel just got herself a new best friend.

The Warblers are having a meeting. Blaine wants to change their
uniforms, for regionals. The court is in an uproar. Kurt comes in,
clothed in black from head-to-toe. Blaine asks him what's wrong.
Pavarotti is dead. They suspect a stroke. Kurt's very sad. He inspired
him. Kurt goes on to say that he knows they're expected to doo-wop
behind Blaine while he sings lead in every one of the medley of Pink
songs, but he wants to sing a song for Pavarotti today. He hands over a
tape and sings "Blackbird." The Warblers start joining him. Blaine gives
Kurt all his attention.

They were going to perform "Sing" by My Chemical Romance for regionals,
but Will holds in his hand a C&D letter from the band. They can't do it.
Mercedes bets Sue Sylvester had something to do with it. Will already
verified that yes, as a matter of fact; she did. She had a little
something with the drummer about 15 years ago, and lied to him about
Will's long-running battle with PETA. This is payback for him taking
away her Cheerios.

Rachel again suggests they write a song, and Quinn backs her. She
volunteers to work with her. Santana disagrees. They should all have a
shot at writing a song. Will agrees.

Brittany asks Santana if she did something wrong. Santana is still mad
at her for blowing her off so she could be with Artie. it's fine though.
She's going to channel her pain into writing an amazing song. She and
Sam are going to write and perform it. Brittany is surprised to hear
she's still dating Sam, when Santana told her she was in love with her.
Santana doesn't know what she was thinking when she said that. She wants
Brittany to stop staring at her. She can't remember her locker combo.

Sue insults the girls. Brittany says she can't talk to them like that,
she's not their cheer coach anymore. Sue says she's not anybody's cheer
coach anymore. They betrayed her - and she likes to play dirty. They
open their lockers, which are full of dirt.

Blaine speaks to the Warblers in their meeting, and asks that everything
be documented in the official minutes. He's tired of singing lead. The
Warblers are going to lose at regionals if they don't make some serious
changes. He wants their 11:00 number to be a duet, and showcase other
talent in their group. They put it to a vote, and everybody agrees. Kurt
asks for his name to be on the top of the audition list. Blaine says
forget it. He just wants to sing a duet with Kurt. No auditions. Kurt
says that's ridiculous. Everybody deserves a shot. Blaine puts it to a
vote, and it's unanimous. Kurt will duet with Blaine at regionals.

Will is happy they're all going to be working on writing together. Tina
and Santana got a head start, and Will tells them to go ahead and
perform it. Santana wrote it for Sam, and it's called Trouty Mouth. Sam
assumes he heard wrong, and Mike says it again. She sizzles, even though
the song is horrible. Sam can't take it anymore, and stops the song.
Will agrees with him, although gives Santana kudos for a strong first

Puckerman says he wrote a song for Lauren. It's called Big Ass. Heart.
Lauren chair dances along. Will isn't amused. It's a contender, but
we're not there yet.

Quinn asks Finn what he wants to wear to prom. She wants to come out as
a couple again. He doesn't want to, because of Rachel. He wants to wait
until after Nationals. Quinn puts her foot down, and Finn says "Whoa!
Scary Quinn." After regionals it is. Rachel heard the whole thing.

Blaine finds Kurt decorating Pavoratti's casket. He has an idea for
regionals. "Candles" by Hey Monday. Kurt's impressed. He wanted
something a little more emotional. Kurt asks why Blaine picked him to
sing with. Blaine says there's a moment when you say to yourself "Oh!
There you are. I've been looking for you for forever." He takes Kurt's
hand and tells him that moment came for him, about Kurt, when he saw him
perform "Blackbird." The duet is an excuse to spend more time with him.
They kiss. Twice.

Mercedes performs her song, "Hell to the No." It's quite good, although
repetitive. Will joins in. He really likes it, but so far, just as Finn
said, nobody is getting in touch with their pain. That's easy, they'll
just think about what Sue Sylvester does to them. Finn says at first it
hurts, but then it mostly makes you want to win. "Loser Like Me", that's
their song.

Rachel and Quinn talk about her dishonesty regarding Finn. Quinn admits
that they have been back together for a couple of weeks. Rachel thanks
her, but asks her not to rewrite history. Finn did choose Rachel over
Quinn. "And how long did that last for?" "Why are you being so mean."
Quinn tells Rachel that she gets Finn, Rachel gets heartbroken, then
Quinn and Finn stay there and start a family. Rachel doesn't belong
there, and she can't hate Quinn for helping to send her on her way.
Rachel refuses to give up, but Quinn yells at her. She can't write a
good song, because she lives in this little schoolgirl fantasy of life.
As long as she keeps looking for that happy ending, she's never going to
get it right. Quinn is ready to start writing, but Rachel says no. She
needs to write this song on her own. She bursts into tears as she walks out.

She cries through writing "Get it Right."

Sue is dropping turdlets on Will. She forged that letter from Chemical
Romance. He's fine with it. This gave his kids a chance to write their
own stuff. Sue, on the other hand, is going to unleash a set list
created especially for that panel of judges.

The judges are introduced, and Aural Intensity starts performing "Jesus
is a Friend of Mine." The crowd goes wild.

Kurt has severe stage fright. Blaine can go ahead and judge him. Blaine
thinks it's adorable, Kurt is adorable, and the only people that are
going to be dying tonight are audience members. Because he and Kurt are
going to kill this thing. Blaine and Kurt lead with "Candles", followed
by Pink's "Raise Your Glass."

Finn tells Rachel to break a leg. She tells him that the last time they
were here, he said he loved her. He sidesteps, telling her he likes her
new song. Rachel tells him to pay close attention, because she meant
every word of it.

Rachel's song is beautiful, and she gets a standing ovation. When she
finishes, New Directions performs "Loser Like Me," and the crowd loves
it. Except Sue. At the end, a slushie machine comes through. They each
grab a cup and on the last note, throw sparkly confetti into the crowd.
Finn hugs Rachel, and Quinn notes the interaction.

When the judges meet, the tea partier gets all controlling about who
sang what, and why rather than how good they were. She wants the Jesus
singers to win. Rod calls a stop to the conversation and takes a vote.

The Lt Governor's wife presents the award. She starts by announcing that
her husband is verbally abusive, and she's been drinking since noon. New
Directions won, and will be going to Nationals. Sue punches the
presenter in the face.

Kurt buries Pavarotti, with Blaine's assistance. He's also upset that
they lost at regionals. They'll still get to perform all over the place.
Blaine figures they did win, because they got each other out of all
this. They leave the grave site, hand-in-hand.

Will announces that Rachel is the MVP for regionals. She says a few
words. She feels like the girl who never gets the brass ring. Maybe she
never will, but today was amazing. Group hug.