A Night of Neglect - Recap

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Mr. Schuester comes up with a plan to sell toffees to raise money for Glee club's trip to Nationals after it is discovered that Sue has hidden the money they were due from the Cheerios account in off-shore accounts. Santana points out that the Glee club is still so disrespected in the school that they won't be able to sell enough candy. Quinn agrees, upsetting Mike who is sick of the complaining. Mike tells the group that the school's academic decathlon team, The Brainiacs - consisting of Artie, Tina, Brittany, and himself, have won a trip to Detroit for finals, but cannot afford to pay for it, so they may have to forfeit. Sam asks why the Glee Club wasn't informed and The Brainiacs tell him they did tell them all. It is revealed that Brittany is on the team because their 4th teammate got sick and wasn't able to perform. Brittany, as it turns out, was instrumental in their win that took them to the finals due to her extensive knowledge of cat illnesses. Mr. Schuester, proud of his students on The Brainiacs team, suggests that they sell more toffees and send the Brainiacs to Detroit before Nationals, bringing the total of toffees needed to sell 21,000.

Midnight at the school, Sue meets with Terri Schuester (Mr. Schuester's ex-wife), Sandy Ryerson (ousted former Glee coach and known pedophile), and Dustin Gulesby (coach of the opposing Glee club, "Vocal Adrenaline") to form a new club, the League of Doom, devoted to bringing down Mr. Schuester and the Glee Club. Sue is furious that Mr. Schuester has usurped her position as champion of the school. Sue is determined to target the self-esteem of the Glee Club. Dustin asks Sue why he should participate as he feels like Vocal Adrenaline will beat McKinley's Glee Club handily at Nationals. Sue tells him that he is a bit of a tool and likes playing mind games. He agrees, smiling. Sue, giving them pagers, laments that they are the worst henchmen ever.

Will and Holly discuss the toffee sales plan to get money for the kid's trip to Detroit. Holly tells him it is a terrible idea; instead Will should have the kids perform in a benefit to raise money. The benefit would be the first annual Night of Neglect featuring neglected artists or songs. Holly suggests that if the kids get an auditorium full of people it will be good for their egos.

The Glee Club, however, is not convinced that it is a good idea. Plans, however, move forward to put on the benefit the following Saturday.

Sue meets with Dustin in the hallway of McKinley, and gives him his mission: split up Holly Holiday and Mr. Schuester. Sandy enters into the conversation and is assigned the task of sponsoring a new club within the school: The Heckling Club. The Heckling Club consists of three students; Becky, the Cheerleader with Downs Syndrome, a football player who thought he was getting extra help on his homework, and Jacob Ben-Isreal (aka: "Jew-Fro").

Tina, Mercedes, Mike, and Lauren are discussing their musical options for the Night of Neglect benefit in the hallway of the school. Mike tells the girls that his dance moves are neglected and overshadowed by all the singing, so he is only going to dance for his number. Mercedes tells them that the most neglected artist is Aretha Franklin and Mercedes will be singing Aretha for the Night of Neglect. Rachel interrupts the group and informs them that she will be the finale act singing Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On", claiming that Ms. Dion is not the neglected artist, but Rachel herself that is.

They are all interrupted by Finn and wind up in the auditorium questioning Sunshine Corazon, a Filipino foreign exchange student for Vocal Adrenaline. Sunshine says she wants to perform in the benefit and gives a conceited list of reasons why she should be allowed. The group is dubious, however, in the end they allow Sunshine to sing for them and ultimately agree that she will perform at the benefit because they believe she can help fill seats and raise more money.

Lauren approaches Mercedes in the library suggesting that she take on a more diva-like approach and offers to be her new agent. Lauren claims that Mercedes is the best yet least respected member of New Directions and that Mercedes should demand respect instead of ask for it. Mercedes agrees to take Lauren on as her agent, paying her 10% of her take and the two shake on the deal.

Will comes upon Emma in the staff lounge attacking the counter with an electric toothbrush. Emma reveals that Carl has asked for an annulment because they never consummated their marriage. Will is surprised by this. Emma admits that she has always believed that she would have a handle on her OCD this age. Will shows Emma how much he cares about her by donning a glove and washing a grape for her and telling Emma he will always be her friend. The touching scene is seen by Holly Holliday in the background.

Finn and Quinn approach Rachel and tell her she is selected as Head of Talent Relations for the Night of Neglect; letting Rachel know that Mercedes is being less than agreeable and has come up with a list of demands as a "performer". Rachel agrees, after accusing Finn and Quinn of being insensitive and flaunting their relationship in her face. Mercedes' list of demands are completely absurd. Rachel tells Finn and Quinn that Mercedes simply isn't feeling appreciated or respected, however Rachel says she can take care of it.

After Holly finishes a class, Dustin approaches and makes a move on Holly, really trying to turn on the charm. It fails, however, when Holly tells him that she is seeing someone. Moments later they are interrupted by Will threatening to punch Dustin. Dustin leaves, and tells Holly to consider his offer on his way out. Will is feeling mildly jealous, mentioning that Holly failed to show up for their lunch date and now he witnesses another man hitting on her. She acknowledges that she did, in fact, show up for their lunch date, however, Will was having his conversation with Emma at the time and Holly felt as though she would have been intruding, so she left. Will and Holly part ways after she tells him that she doesn't feel like doing a duet for the benefit. Will tries to kiss her as he walks out, but she evades him and he gives her a peck on the cheek.

Rachel shows Mercedes to her room where many of her bizarre demands have been met, however, when Mercedes finds out that Sunshine Corazone is doing the closing number because of all the tickets she has sold to the performance, Mercedes is outraged and makes yet another outlandish demand: to be carried in to the show.

Kurt is showing Blaine around McKinley before the benefit, Blaine notes that Kurt clearly misses McKinley. Dave Karofsky shows up and threatens the boys, however Santana intervenes, recalling the slushie in the face she got from Dave, and puts him in his place. Blaine suggest that Santana's intervention wasn't necessary, but Santana says it was more fun doing it together. She smiles and takes a call on her cell phone as she walks off, cursing.

Santana lets the rest of New Directions know that Sunshine and her hundreds of guests will not be coming. Rachel feels vindicated, Puckerman says they should quit, yet Finn and Rachel say the show must go on and they send Tina out as the opening number where she is immediately heckled by the Heckling Club. Tina is soon reduced to tears by the small crowd and leaves the stage. Backstage, Tina is comforted by her club but Mr. Schuester tells her to buck up. Mr. Schuester gives the crowd toffees to chew on so they're quieter during Mike's dance performance. Realizing that they will eventually run out of toffees, Holly talks to the three high school members of the heckler's club. Meanwhile, Mercedes leaves the building and refuses to answer calls.

Ms. Holliday is not able to convince the Hecklers to stop, but they do choose to leave of their own accord.

Rachel finds Mercedes in Mercedes' car; she gets in and has a heart to heart with Mercedes about Aretha Franklin and how Ms. Franklin got to be known as the queen of soul. Mercedes is saddened by always being in Rachel's shadow; Rachel tells her it is because she's too nice. Rachel says she'd rather be a star than be liked and there is nothing Rachel wouldn't do to be in the spotlight. However, tonight Rachel tells Mercedes to get back in there and take the finale from her!

Sandy Ryerson has begun heckling while intermission is still on; he is approached by Sue and asks for a private word. In the hallway they discuss how the three members of the Heckling Club have left. Sandy gets back into the auditorium in time to hear Mercedes sing an Aretha Franklin song. She performs it very well, and we find out that Sandy Ryerson's favorite artist and song are the one that Mercedes has chosen to sing. Sandy is moved to not speaking while Mercedes sings her number. After the song is sung, Rachel refuses to go on stage and follow up after Mercedes because the performance was top notch.

Holly and Will meet in the hallway after the Night of Neglect and Holly tells him that she has been offered a teaching job in Cleveland for four months. Will wonders aloud if she has any feelings about leaving and Holly tells him that he knew it was going to happen. He says that it still hurts. After being asked if she will ever settle down, Holly says she might, but not with Will because he is in love with someone else.

As Mr. Schuester enters the choir room, he is surprised to see Sandy Ryerson talking to the whole club. Sandy has offered to pay for the entire trip, saying he misses the arts and telling Mr. Schuester goodbye.

Sue is furious and tells Terri her time has come. At finals in Detroit, the Brainiacs give a "shout-out" to their Glee club at McKinley.