Born This Way - Recap

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The episode begins with Will telling the class that they need to work on their dancing and he puts them on a “booty-camp”. As they are practicing, Finn accidentally cracks Rachael’s nose. She is bleeding and is taken to the hospital. At the hospital, she tells Finn to leave as her father might arrive any moment. But Finn refuses to leave. The doctor tells her that her nose is broken. But considering her deviated septum, the doctor tells her that it is the right to get a nose job done. But she doesn’t want her singing to get affect. But the doctor tells her that the opening of her airway ill help her with her singing. Next, Rachael tells the class about the procedure. Will is worried that it could affect her voice. Santana points out that everyone wants to change something about them. Will tells Emma that Rachael is a beautiful girl and she doesn’t need to change anything about herself.

He wants his students to love themselves the way they are. He also wants to see if he could help Emma with her OCD. He tells her that she should figure out a away to get over it. But she tells him that she cannot do anything about it. Will has an idea. Meanwhile, Santana wants to be the prom queen so that she can convince Brittany to dump Artie. But she knows that she doesn’t have the votes. She thinks that maybe a jock could help her. But then she also thinks about Dave Karofsky. She notices Dave checking out Sam’s butt. At lunch, Blaine tells the group that Kurt isn’t coming back to McKinley as he needs to be safe; especially from Dave. She thinks that if she could get Kurt back to the school then she would be a hero and that she could win. Next, Emma is in the class with Will.

She is helping them with this week’s assignment. And the assignment is that each one of them is going to sing a song about accepting themselves the way they are. The group will also perform on Lady Gaga’s “Born this way”. He tells the class that Emma is there to help them with their costumes; a white t-shirt and on the t-shirt the students will have to write one thing about themselves that they are the most ashamed of. Emma has Ginger written on her t-shirt. Will is upset that she didn’t mention her OCD. Next, Lauren tells Puck that she used to win baby pageants but then when her weight got into the way, she was no longer allowed to participate. Puck decides to help her become the prom queen. Next, Rachael and Quinn are at the hospital. Rachael tells the doctor that she wants to get a nose like Quinn’s and also wants to know how she would look after the procedure.

The doctor agrees. Quinn and Rachael sing TLC’s “Unpretty” as their pictures are being taken. Next, we see that Lauren’s campaign has begun. Quinn is angry about Lauren competing with her. She tells Lauren that she will lose and that she would be more of an outcast than she already is. She tells Quinn that it is about loving oneself the way he or she is as everyone is not born pretty. Quinn tells her that all this has just gotten personal. Next, Dave and Santana are out on a date. Santana tells him that she knows that he is gay. Dave refuses to admit it. She also hints that she too is gay. She tells him that they can help each other and win the prom king and queen and rule the school. She tells him that if he doesn’t help then she will tell everyone that he is gay and it will finish his life.

Next, Finn is upset with Quinn that she gave into Rachael’s idea. Quinn tells him that she is his girlfriend and that they are once again fighting because of Rachael. Next, Finn and Mike perform on “I Gotta Be Me”, highlighting his inability to dance well. Rachael takes the floor, once again discussing about her surgery. Tina tells her that it is a bad idea. She shows them the pictures of how she would look post-surgery. No one seems to like it. Finn tells her that she is beautiful; but Rachael has made her decision. Next, Will tells Emma that e is disappointed about the fact that Emma didn’t put OCD on her t-shirt. She tells him that they should not be discussing such personal stuff with the students and that she is supposed to be a role model.

But Will points out that she isn’t being one. He wants her to eat unwashed fruits. She refuses. He tells her that she is an expert in deflection and that she does all the counseling so that she doesn’t have to do the hard work on herself. He leaves. Next, Figgins tells the class to hear out what Dave has to say. Dave apologizes for slushying all the students. He also apologizes for the way he behaved with Kurt. He is also ashamed of himself. He says that Santana has showed him the light and now he knows his flaws and has accepted them. Santana tells them that she did this to get Kurt back so that they could win the nationals. But in the processes they fell in love. They are also starting a new club called the Bully Whips, where they would stop the bullies.

Dave tells everyone that he would personally try to convince Kurt to return. Next, Paul tries to convince Burt that Dave is a changed boy now and that it is safe for Kurt to return to school. Kurt wants to speak with Dave alone. Kurt tells Dave that he owes him the truth. Dave tells him about the plan. Kurt agrees to come back if he and Dave would start a chapter of Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbian and Gays (PFLAG). Next, Puck tells Rachael that he needs one hour of her time the next day. He wants her to hear him out and he will never bug her again. Kurt is back in McKinley. The Warblers arrive to say a goodbye to Kurt. They sing “Somewhere Only We Know”. He tells Blaine that he will never say a goodbye to him. Kurt once again walks through the halls of McKinley and sings “As If We Never Said Goodbye”. He gets a standing ovation from all the students.

Next, Lauren calls Quinn “Lucy” and she gets Quinn’s attention. She discovers that Lucy was fat and had a weird nose when she was in high school. And also that Quinn had gotten a nose job done. Quinn admits that Quinn is her middle name and that she stopped using Lucy as she was called Lucy Caboosey. She admits that she hated the way she looked and hence she changed her appearance. She says that she is never going back to what she was. But she finds out the Lauren has hung Quinn’s middle school posters saying: Vote for Lucy Caboosey. Next, Puck takes Rachael to a mall. Kurt is there as well. Kurt tells Rachael that by getting a nose job done, she will be letting down her idol, Barbara Streisand. He pulls Rachael in to dancing on the number of “Barbara Streisand”.

Next, Emma meets her therapist. But out of the 50 minutes that was allotted to her, Emma spent 48 minutes disinfecting the chair. The doctor tells her that she has severe OCD. But Emma tells the doctor that this is how she is. But the doctor tells her that the OCD is stopping her from being who she is supposed to be. Emma agrees to take the SSRI the doctor prescribes. Next, Finn shows Quinn that he has one of Lucy’s photographs in his wallet. He likes it as he thinks that it is the first time where he can actually see his girlfriend. Next, we see that the students really connect with Lucy and they identify with her. lauren apologizes for what she did and they become friends.

Next, we see that Brittany and Santana wearing the acceptance t-shirt. Brittany has one made for Santana which says “Lebanese”. (Actually she wanted to say Lesbian). She tells Santana that she needs to be honest with herself. Emma takes her pills. Next, in the auditorium, Will walks in wearing the t-shirt which says “butt-chin”. Rachael walks in saying that she has cancelled her appointment for the surgery. Her t-shirt says “nose”. They perform on “Born This Way”. Kurt’s t-shirt says “likes boys”. Mercedes’ says “no weave”, Mike’s says “can’t sing’, Artie’s says “four eyes”, Sam’s “trouty mouth”, Finn’s “can’t dance”, Quinn’s “Lucy Caboosey”, Lauren’s “bad attitude” and Puck’s “I am stupid”. Emma shows up wearing “OCD”. Santana is sitting in the audience wearing “Lebanese”. Dave is sitting next to her, watching the performance. The episode ends.