Rumours - Recap

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The episode begins with Brittany’s internet talk show: Fondue for two. Her first two guests are school’s biggest gossips Mercedes and Tina. Brittany declares that Santana plays for the other team. Mercedes and Tina are shocked. The show is posted on YouTube. Next, Rachael asks Sam if he would go with her to the prom. He denies. He tells her that she is not his types. At a coffee shop, Terri meets Sue and asks her as to why she is dressed as David Bowie. She tells Terrie that she is going to resuscitate the school newspaper “The Muckraker”. And this time, it is not going to be about facts. Terri tells Sue that she wants Will out of the Glee club and she has an idea. Next, April arrives at Will’s office telling him that she was a total failure at the Broadway.

He is sorry; but she doesn’t want him to be. Instead she asks him to help her with a musical that she is writing! Next, Rachael shows Finn the first edition of the Muckraker and points out to the rumor that says Sam and Quinn are seeing each other on the side at a motel. Just then a furious Santana walks in accusing Brittany that it is her fault as she is the one who said that Santana is playing for the other team. Finn is angry and storms out. Will tells April about all the drama at the glee club. She tells him that Fleetwood Mac use their issues to make great music. He picks up a copy of “Rumors” and tells her that he has wanted to do a lesson based on one album for a long time. Next, Will and April perform on “Dreams” for the class.

He then tells the class that Fleetwood wrote Rumors to keep the band together from breaking apart. He tells them to pick a song from the album and put their spin on it. Next, Artie asks Brittany whether she is cheating on him with Santana. She tells him that she is doing no such thing. He warns her that Santana is manipulating her and that she wants them to break up. He tells Brittany that she is stupid. Brittany is upset and walks away. Artie sings “Never Going Back Again” with Puck on the guitar. Next, Finn is spying on Quinn. Rachael accompanies him. She asks him why he got back with Quinn when he doesn’t even trust her. He asks her to explain karma to him. But then the two are shocked when they see Kurt leaving from Sam’s room at the motel.

And Jacob clicks pictures of all that is going on. The entire group is discussing Kurt cheating on Blaine with Sam. But Quinn feels that Kurt won’t cheat on Blaine. She also declares that Sam is not gay and leaves. Brittany is sad and hence Santana brings her to the choir room and sings “Songbird”, a way of expressing her feelings for Brittany. Brittany asks her to come on Fondue for two, where she would ask Santana out for prom. Santana agrees. Rachael asks Kurt not to cheat on Blaine. He says that discussing on the rumors is a waste of time. Finn and Rachael are spying on Quinn again. Finn wonders as to how was Quinn so sure about Sam’s sexual inclination. They see Quinn leaving Sam’s room and giving him a warm hug. Finn is upset.

Next, Brittany interviews Will for the Muckraker. She warns him that the nature of her questions is going to be gossipy. She also tells him about the rumor that he is leaving the Glee club. She unknowingly tells him that these questions were given to her by Sue. Sue is teaching her Muckraker staff the importance about making stuff up. Will comes to ask her why she is spreading the rumor about him leaving McKinley. She wants to know why he is helping April. The latest edition of Muckraker is out and it has news that links Rachael and Finn. Quinn confronts him. He tells her that it was a stakeout and that they were discussing about a duet that Rachael wants to sing with him. Quinn tells him that this time around she isn’t cheating on him.

But both don’t believe each other. The two perform on “I Don’t Want to Know”. but their chemistry is all lost. Rachael thinks that Finn should be paired with her instead of Quinn. But Quinn doesn’t allow that, and she says that if Finn wants to be with her then he needs to stop singing with Rachael. Next, Will and April are working on her song and Emma is watching the two of them practice. April tells Will to go with her to Broadway. But he says that the kids need him. Santana doesn’t show up for Brittany’s show. Next, Emma is making progress with her OCD. She tells him that he is the one who inspired her. She tells him that he should take up April’s offer. He tells her that he cannot do this to the kids. He is in tears and says that Emma and the kids have saved his life and that he doesn’t want to lose them. But he also admits that he wants to go “so badly”.

Next, Rachel sings “Go Your Own Way” and focuses on Finn. Quinn tells Rachael that it is inappropriate that Rachael chose to sing a love song to her guy. Everyone blames Sam for whatever is happening. Sam asks them to shut up and tells them that he is doing anything wrong. He tells them that his father lost his job and house and that Kurt and Quinn were only helping him. They are now living in a motel. He storms out. Next, April is having a drink with Terri and Sue and April tells them that Will wouldn’t be leaving the school. But Sue is planning on printing a lie saying that Will is leaving school. Finn and Rachael visit Sam at his motel room. He tells them that they got evicted from their new house after his father lost his job.

He didn’t tell anyone as he would be treated differently. He tells them that Kurt found out about this as Sam was delivering him pizzas and Quinn and he go to the same church. Sam has got some clothes for him as Kurt’s clothes aren’t exactly what Sam would wear. Sam tells them that he might leave the Glee club. Rachael and Finn return Sam’s guitar to him; he had pawned it for some money. The whole Glee club bought it back for him. Sam cries. Rachael tells him that they will do whatever it takes to keep him in the Glee club. Next, Jacob interviews Santana about her affair with Dave and Brittany watches. Santana notices that and she tells Jacob that her relationship with Dave is going strong. Next, the kids ask Will if he was really going to leave the club for April’s big show.

He tells them that his top dream is to take them to the Nationals. Just then Sam enters the room with his little siblings as they wanted to get out of the motel room. Sam sings “Don’t Stop” with the whole team. Will is watching the performance with April. He looks worried. The episode ends.