Prom Queen - Recap

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The episode begins with Jacob interviewing Puck about the numbers. He also asks him whether it is Lauren who wears the pants in their relationship. Puck threatens to beat him up and Jacob stops questioning him. Next, Will and Sue arrive at Figgin’s office. He tells them that he has some bad news. Sue thinks that it is about Will leaving the club; but Figgins tells them that the prom is in a week’s time and his favorite band Air Supply has cancelled and now he wants New Directions to perform at the prom. But Will tells him that the Nationals is in three weeks and they have a lot of rehearsals. But Figgins tells him that he is going to pay the club $400 for the performance. Will decides to take this chance.

Next, Lauren is upset that she is unable to find a dress and thinks that she will have to make one. Mercedes enters saying that she will not be going to the prom as no one has asked her to the prom yet. Will arrives and declares that they are going to perform at the prom. He says that the performances will be staggered so that everyone gets a chance to dance with their date. Mercedes walks out and Rachael follows her. Rachael tells her that she too doesn’t have a date for the prom. Mercedes tells her that she really wants to take a date to the prom and she says that she wanted to be ‘Cinderella’ just for one night. Rachael has a plan. Meanwhile, Kurt asks Blaine for the prom. But Blaine is reluctant. He tells him that the last time he had attended a prom with another gay guy, three guys came up to them and beat the shit out of them.

Since then he is wary of going to the prom. Kurt tells him that he doesn’t want him to be uncomfortable and he tells him that they could go to a movie instead. Blaine agrees to go to the prom with Kurt. Rachael asks Sam to go to the prom with her and Mercedes. They loan him $20 and also ask him to borrow a suit from his father and also that they will buy a $5 dress from the Goodwill. Sam agrees to take them to the prom. Next, Kurt is sitting with the girls helping them choose their prom dress. He tells them that he is going to the prom with Blaine. Santana takes him aside and give him the security details of the Bully Whip. She tells him that she is doing this so that she can get more votes for the prom queen. Next, Puck tells Artie that he wants to win back the reputation of the lovable miscreant. He wants to spike Su’s punch.

But since he is her first suspect, he wants Artie to spike the drink. He tells Artie that he will mesmerize Sue with his love dance and at that time Artie can pour gin into the punch bowl. But Artie isn’t interested in all this. He only wants Brittany to accept his prom proposal. Meanwhile, Rachael tests a version of Rolling Deep in front of the AV club. But then she is joined by Jesse, who walks in from the back of the auditorium. He dropped out of school as he had failed his classes. He tells her that he has come to see her. He tells her that what he did to her was his one great regret. He wants to make amends. He asks her for the prom. Finn asks Rachael how she could trust Jesse.

She tells him that it is none of his business as she doesn’t interfere in his relationship with Quinn, despite the fact that it is killing from within. He tells her that he doesn’t want to go for the prom. He is also sure that he will pick up the wrong flowers for Quinn and she will be all upset about it. Rachael gives him some advice about selecting the flowers. Next, Artie arrives at Brittany’s cooking classes. He asks her for the prom. He also apologizes for calling her stupid and sings “Isn’t She Lovely” for her. Sam, Puck, Mike and Finn join in as well. But Brittany rejects his proposal. Artie agrees to spike the drink for Puck. Next, Blaine asks Finn if he could join the New Directions’ performance and Finn agrees. Burt tells them his prom stories. Just then Kurt arrives wearing his prom outfit. He is wearing a kilt-like thing.

Burt tells him that he is trying to stir the pot and get some attention. Blaine agrees with Burt. He tells Kurt that he needs to keep it simple so that no one gets a chance to hurt him. He wants his son to be himself; but he also wants him to be practical. But Kurt is not going to change his mind and is going to wear the same suit. Next, Kurt tells Dave that nobody is bothering him anymore is probably because they have become indifferent towards this gay thing. He tells Dave that he understands what he is going through and that soon he will be able to deal with his problems. Dave cries and tells Kurt that he is sorry for what he did to him. Quinn dresses up for the prom and Finn gets her a wrist corsage, going by Rachael’s advice.

At the dinner table, Jesse is sorry to hear about what happened to Sam and his family. He has a business plan, where he thinks of opening a dance studio which specializes in consulting for show choirs. Rachael thinks it is a great idea. The prom begins with Puck, Sam and Artie singing “Friday”. Rachael sings “Jar of Hearts”. Kurt points out to Blaine that this prom is very inclusive; but it is also a lie. He is referring to Santana and Dave dancing together. Sam tells Mercedes that she is looking beautiful and asks her for a dance. Next, Puck tells Artie to spike the punch. But Sue catches Artie and asks him to come to her office. She removes her dental cleaning kit. She asks him as to who put him up to this. He tells her that all he wants is a dance with Brittany. Next, Blaine sings “I Am Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with you”. Finn sees Rachael and Jesse enjoying themselves.

He pushes off Jesse and tells to keep it “PG”. A fight ensues. But Sue arrives at the scene and throws them out of the dance. Next, Figgins announces the results. And the junior prom king is David Karofsky and the queen is Kurt Hummel!! A silence follows. Kurt runs out and Blaine follows him. Kurt is in tears. He thought that just because people weren’t teasing them or beating them up, he thought that they had changed. But nothing has. Blaine thinks it was a joke and Kurt feels that the hatred is still there. In the washroom, Rachael asks Quinn to calm down. Quinn tells her that people didn’t vote for her as they must have felt that Finn was better off with Rachael than her. She slaps Rachael across her face.

Santana is also crying and says that she is going to be an outsider all her life. She feels that they must have sensed that she is a lesbian. Brittany tells her that they would have voted for her if she would have been herself. She wants to go back and be there for Kurt. In the hallway, Kurt decides to go back to the dance and prove to the world that “they cannot touch them”. Meanwhile, Artie is not going to rat-out on anyone for hat he did. He tells Sue that he was trying to impress a girl and s he spiked the punch with lemonade and not alcohol! Sue lets him go. Kurt walks on to the stage and Figgins places the crown on his head and hands him the scepter.

Kurt takes the microphone and says, “eat your heart out Kate Middleton’. The crowd applauds. It is the time for the dance. But Dave walks away. Blaine walks up to Kurt and asks him to dance with him. Santana and Mercedes sing “Dancing Queen”. The episode ends.