Funeral - Recap

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The episode begins with Will introducing Jesse as their new choir consultant. Jesse tells Finn that he is not very talented and that instead of him and Rachael doing a duet, they should identify their best performer and build their entire performance around him or her. They will have to go through auditions. Meanwhile, Sue wants to sabotage the trip to the Nationals. Terri gets in a hacker, who gets into Figgin’s account and routes the flight through Libya. Terri tells Sue that this could get the kids killed. Next, Becky and her mother Donna meet Will. Becky wants to join the Glee club. Donna tells Will that Sue kicked Becky out of the cheerios. He feels sorry. But he also tells her that it is too late and tells Becky that she could join the next year.

Will is furious and he confronts Sue. He tells her that it was wrong of her to chuck Becky out without a reason. She tells him that she reminds her of her sister, who died the previous day. She died of pneumonia. Next, Rachael notices that Fin hasn’t signed up for the auditions. She tells him that he is lead male lead vocalist and that he should sign up. But after what Jesse did, he doesn’t want to. Emma is helping Will pack for the Nationals and also the Broadway. The kids don’t know about him going to Broadway after the Nationals, as he does not want them to lose focus. Next, Kurt and Finn have brought flowers for Sue. She tells them that she isn’t able to handle Jean’s death and that she cannot go back home and plan a funeral.

They tell the club that they should help Sue plan the service and sing at the funeral. Jesse thinks that it is a bad idea as they so close to the Nationals. But as a leader of the group, Finn makes his decision. In the hallway, Will tells Sue that the Glee club is honored that she asked them for help. But she tells him that Kurt and Finn volunteered and that she likes the idea of unpaid labor. At the auditions, Santana is the first performer and she sings “Back to Black”. Will loves the performance but Jesse thinks that she couldn’t capture the emotions. Next it is Kurt’s turn and he sings “Some People” from Gypsy Kings. But Jesse tells him that it was sung by a woman and that he hasn’t done justice to the great singers who have sung the song in the past.

Kurt is furious about Jesse’s comment, but Rachael defends him. Mercedes tells Rachael that she should stop defending him. It is Mercedes’ turn. She sings “Try a little Tenderness’. Will finds it amazing but Jesse points out that she isn’t a star despite her great voice. She also did not have any choreography and also lacks practice and she cannot demand to be a soloist. Rachael goes next and she sings “My Man” from Funny Girl. Kurt gives her a standing ovation. Jesse finds her brilliant. Santana feels that the whole thing is rigged. Will tells them that he will take the final call and he will let them know the results by Friday. Next, Kurt and Finn go through Jean’s belongings. Sue wants them to toss it in the dumpster.

At the service, Will tells Su that it is a full house and that Jean’s touched a lot of people’s lives. The kids have decorated the home the Willy Wonder style as it was Jean’s favorite movie. Sue says that it is lovely. Sue then takes the podium to say a few words about her sister. But she breaks down in the middle of reading the letter. Will finishes it for her. The kids then sing Jean’s favorite “Pure Imagination”. They also play the home video of Sue with Jean. During the song she holds will’s hand and she thanks the kids. In the parking lot, Quinn tells Finn that he did a wonderful job with the funeral service. But he tells her that he is breaking up with her. Quinn feels that it Is because of Rachael. He says that he wanted to fix what happened last year but he isn’t able to. He says that the connection Sue was talking about at the service; he doesn’t feel that for Quinn.

She tells him that there will be no break up and that she will wait till his confusion clears. He says that this is real and that it is over. Quinn I sin tears and leaves the car. Next, Will and Jesse discuss about the student who would do the solo. Brittany is trying to record it. But Will isn’t comfortable. Will also feels that it is not right to make a choice. Jesse assures him that if they chose Rachael then Vocal Adrenalin would be “in the bag”. Becky comes to turnover her pom-poms and her mike. She tells Sue that she would miss their time together. She tells her that she had fired her in hormonal fury and that she is sorry. She tells Becky that next year she is going to be the captain of the cheerios. She gives Becky a hug. Next, Sue meets Will. She wishes him good luck.

She tells him that she has always hated the glee club and said bad things to him. But after what he has done for her sister, she won’t anymore. She tells him that he, like her sister, has a pure heart. She admits that he has been a very good friend and that she hasn’t been one to him. She decides that she will no longer be going after the Glee club, but will be running for the House seat. She also admits about re-routing the plane to Libya. Will is shocked. Just then Terri walks in. She gives Will first class tickets to New York. It is sort of a donation by the Vice president of the airlines. She tells him that she is moving to Miami. They both admit that they both loved each other at one point but they weren’t right for each other.

Just then Emma comes by. Will tells her that his trip isn’t forever. But she hopes that it is as he had hoped for it for so long and now she too wants him to fulfill his dreams. She walks away in tears. Next, Jesse meets Rachael before the results are declared. He tells her that he wronged her the last year and now he wants to make things right. And he tells her that she is going to be the featured soloist at the Nationals in New York. She is ecstatic. But then she feels that the others are going to hate her. Jesse tells her that she matters a lot to him and he kisses her. Finn sees this.

We see him holding a flower in his hand, the one he had brought for Rachael. The list is out; but instead of the winner, it declares that there is an urgent meeting. Will declares that they will go back to the original plan and they will work as a team. They will sing the original songs as a group. Jesse tells him that they will lose. Will says that they will face it together. Finn thanks Quinn for not quitting the Glee club. But she tells him that if she quits then her big plans for New York wouldn’t work out. Finn wants to know about the plans and she says “You’ll see”. The episode ends.