I am Unicorn - Recap

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Kurt is getting ready and Brittany comes up to him and tells him that she wants to help with his campaign. She essentially tells him that he is a unicorn, because he knows he is special and isn't afraid to show it. He asks her why she won't run and she says she's not smart enough.

Will comes in and tells the kids that their arch rivals are without a leader and they realize that they are vulnerable. They decide they need to come up with a plan. He says he can't direct the musical this years. He needs to concentrate on nationals. He has decided to start a booty camp for the ones that need to know how to dance. Art becomes the director of the musical. Ms. Pillsbury and the coach will be heading the musical.

Shelby shows back again and she is teaching there temporary. She was hired so that she can make an opposing show choir director. He is more worried about Rachel. She plans on reaching out to her. She says she has to try, despite all of the mistakes.

Quinn has become punk and edgy. She is a part of a group of female bullies that steal money from kids. Sue talks to her about how everything has been destroyed because of Glee and she'd be the perfect example. Quinn wants couches under the bleachers, because she realized it hurts to stand after smoking all day. Quinn is in.

Brittany has gotten posters done and she is way stoked on it. Kurt is a little overwhelmed and slightly weirded out. She wants to give swag bags full of gay pride type things. He doesn't want to be known as just gay. She seems upset by this. Quinn and Puck go to see Shelby. She tells her that she came back, because she can't handle missing the milestones of Beth. She wants her to be in the baby's life, but she has to change back to the "normal Quinn". Quinn says that no matter what, she's the baby's mother. Puck feels bad about how this goes down.

The booty camp has become. It is intense. Mike has an incredible regimen planned. Rachel is practicing and Shelby shows up. She tells her to do the Somewhere there is a place for us song. Shelby tells her that if she plays it safe, she will never get the lead or become a star. She sings the song.

Sue records her documentary. She goes off on Shuester. She says she's never going to go back to Glee. He snaps on her that the only person she cares about is herself. He tells her to grow up after all that they did. Sue didn't get any of that.

Puck goes to visit Shelby, because he needs to talk to her. He took a drug test, he even did some homework. Puck gets to see the baby and he looks like he's about to melt. He drew her a picture. She asks if he wants to hold her and he does. He doesn't want to freak her out. He will do anything to prove to her that he can be in her life and begs that she gives him that chance.

The next audition is Kurt and he sings "I am the greatest star". Puck goes to the girl's bathroom to talk to Quinn and he tells her that she needs to get it together. She says that they'll never be together, but Puck tells her that he doesn't care about her, he cares about Beth and what she deserves.

Kurt listens as they discuss whether he gets Tony or not. They worry that he may be a little "delicate" for Tony. He snaps a bit and goes to speak to Brittany. He sees all of the posters and starts tearing them down. He wanted them toned down and then he tells Rachel she needs to help him re-audition for Tony. He does not want those posters put up. Brittany is sad, because she "failed her precious unicorn". Santana tells her that there's no one like her and she IS the unicorn.

Kurt tells them he wants to show them that he can play a real man, post coital. They do a piece from Romeo and Juliet. They all laugh cause it's "too weird" and he runs away sad.

Quinn sees Shelby and they show a picture of Beth and Puck. She wants her to be a part of the family, too. She cries alone.

Finn and Rachel talk about how she needs a distraction. He has no time to do much and she tells him that he has so much talent. She wants him to be happy and she doesn't think that this would make him happy.

Kurt talks to his father about his issues. He wants to be able to pass as straight and his father doesn't get it. He tells him to start writing his own plays. Booty Camp is intense and Finn is having a hard time getting the routine. He says he can't do this. Will says he believes in him and Finn goes for it and he actually gets it. Yay!

Quinn shows up completely changed and she wants to join the club. Puck asks what's going on and she said that they are going to get Beth back and that means being this way so that they can get full custody.

Will tells Sue that Quinn is back in Glee and she said that her plan is still going along just fine. Brittany is walking around looking sad, but happy that there are new posters. He realizes that he is the unicorn. She tells him that she's running now, because she's also a unicorn.

Kurt's boyfriend auditions with "Something's Coming". He does a fantastic job. He's only interested in Renado or Officer. Art asks him if he would mind reading for Tony.