Pot o' Gold - Recap

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Brittany talks with foreign exchange student Rory Flanagan, who she thinks is a leprechaun because of his Irish accent. She makes her first leprechaun wish for a box of Lucky Charms with all marshmallows. Rory happily obliges in hopes of becoming on “friendlier” terms with Brittany.
Quinn and Puck visit Shelby and Quinn gives her some concealer saying she’s been looking a little on the tired side. Puck on the other hand still believes that she is the most “tappable” teacher in the school. Qunn and Puck offer to babysit Beth for Shelby whenever she needs a break to herself.

Sue continues on her path toward elected office and her goal of destroying the Glee club at McKinley. She criticizes the budget of the planned musical, “West Side Story” and calls for a general outcry of the people to call the school complaining about the money being spent during her news segment “Sue’s Corner” in her every increasing bullying tactics toward Will. Principal Figgins nearly cancels the production altogether under extreme pressure from Sue. Will decides to do the fundraising on his own. Mercedes tries hard to get Santana to join Shelby's second glee and get out of New Directions if she wants a greater pick of any solos. Mercedes assures Santana that they both will get all the solo songs and high profile duets. Mercedes also makes a point of telling Santana that it being in an all girl group should be much more appealing to her than being in a co-ed group. Santana doesn’t want to leave New Directions without Brittany. Finn hears Mercedes tell Santana that they could use more girls and to get Brittany to leave New Directions also.

Tina becomes very upset over Mercedes leaving the group and Puck voices his concern that they will not do well at Regionals with Mercedes gone. After Mercedes leaves New Directions, Will can barely hold back the negativity from his students; Quinn said Will was much too hard on Mercedes during their Booty Camp, Tina yells at Artie for not letting Mercedes be Maria in “West Side Story” and Kurt more than a little angry at Rachel for running against him for class president.

Finn attempts to keep the peace and Blaine agrees with him. Finn wants no part in being supported by Blaine and feels he (Blaine) is a peacocking attention grabber. Will attempts to get everyone to calm down by disclosing a plan to raise the money by selling ads in the program for the musical. Kurt decides to take charge of this task.

Finn meets Rory in the hallway and is very surprised to learn that he is an enormous fan of Finn. Rory says he loves everything American , especially NASCAR, your half-black President, and Victoria's Secret catalogs, and is staying with Brittany’s family. Rory is also aware of the fact that Brittany thinks that he is a leprechaun and is busy making Brittany her marshmallow only box of Lucky Charms. Rory believes if he keeps the charade up and grant Brittany’s “wishes” he will get into her “pot o gold” and finally lose his virginity. Rory confides to Finn that he has no friends here and would Finn like to be his friend. Finn says he will, but also asks Rory to keep him posted on any developments with Brittany, Santana both leaving New Directions.

Shelby gratefully takes Quinn and Puck up on their offer to babysit. Beth, however, still does not like Quinn and cries every time Quinn holds her. Quinn has no intention of bonding with her daughter and has an ulterior motive to sabotage Shelby by planting “evidence” to prove Shelby is an unfit mother in an effort to possibly get Beth back herself. This planted “evidence includes books on Satanic worship and child sacrifice, hypodermic needles for “baby botox” and a bottle of tobacco sauce. Quinn says Shelby won’t even notice the things she placed around the apartment because Shelby is so sleep deprived. Puck doesn’t want to set Shelby up, but Quinn argues the point that they will get Beth back once this plan of hers works.

Kurt tries to get his dad to buy ad space in the program and Burt does so. After placing the ad, Burt becomes furious after he learns that the musical is still endangered but yet the Cheerios budget stays as it is., on placing an ad in the musical program. Burt brings in other businessmen, funeral home directors, to make sure the musical is fully funded with everything it needs. Burt confronts Sue about her maliciousness and declares he will campaign against her. . Sue responds with her usually threats and disparaging remarks but Burt is unswayed. He tells Will that he “would love to see that woman lose, just once.”

Rory gives Brittany her first wish but is still being mercilessly bullied. He walks the halls looking sad and begins singing Kermit the Frog's "It's Not Easy Being Green."
Santana asks Brittany if they are actually dating or what, Brittany says yes they are and also promises to use one of her leprechaun wishes to win the election should the two of them dating pose a problem to her campaign. Santana tells Brittany that she's thinking about joining Shelby's show choir and asks Brittany to please think defecting to Shelby’s show choir too. Brittany asks for a day to consider it. Brittany then holds Santana’s hand while they walk down the hall.

Puck is thinking so much about Beth that he completely misses the fact that he is driving away the “cougars” he services when cleaning their pools with his pool cleaning business. Quinn begins harping on Puck to find a better job so they can support Beth when they get her back from Shelby. Quinn finally breaks and confesses that she is jealous of everyone making plans for their futures and she feels that Beth is her only chance to have something good and pure that she can’t mess up in her life. Shelby gives Puck the contact information for her condo manager that could land him a year-round job cleaning the indoor pool at her condo.

Will tells the kids that the musical's been saved and Blaine offers to sing a song that he feels will remind them of what Glee club is all about and launches into fun rendition of Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night."

Santana still believes the musical will be a vehicle only for Rachel and Blaine. Santana then angrily confronts Rory telling him that she knows he’s only playing along with Brittany and she’ll spill the beans about him not being a leprechaun unless he also grants her a wish. Rory grants Brittany’s second with by making her believe he has turned her cat’s poop into candy. He then explains to her Santana’s wish that she wants Brittany to come to Shelby’s new show choir with her. Since Brittany can’t refuse Santana’s wish, she makes up her mind to leave New Directions also.

When Will visits Burt to convince him to run against Sue, he finds that Burt is way ahead of him already having had Carol, his wife, look into the rules and is making plans to run as a write in candidate. Burt strongly believes that Glee Club saved Kurt’s life he is more than a little determined to keep the arts in the schools and asks Will to manage his campaign. Will agrees to do so.

Puck visits by Shelby to update her on the contact she gave him and to thank her for helping him land the job and for believing in him since not many others do. Shelby tries to quiet Beth while Puck quietly removes all of Quinn’s “evidence” that was planted. He also tries to calm Beth for Shelby and begins singing “Waiting For a Girl Like You” by Foreigner.

Shelby says that she has always wanted to be a mom but she’s feeling overwhelmed doing it on her own. She also says she would love to not be experiencing the best moments of Beth growing up alone and wants to share those moments with someone who loves Beth as much as she does. Puck assures her that he will be there whenever Shelby needs him.

Rory reports back to Finn who then tries to get Brittany to stay at the same time that Santana is arguing for her to join Shelby’s group. Finn angrily tells Brittany that Rory's not a leprechaun and that she needs to "grow up and stop being such an idiot." Realizing how that sounded, he apologizes, but she tells him that all the glee club boys say that about her and as their leader, he is the worst of all and she won’t take it anymore. Brittany and Santana tell Mercedes they will join Shelby’s all girl show choir.

The news anchor Rod Remington tells Sue, MUCH to her chagrin, that campaign laws require that the station provide her opponent with equal time. Burt goes on the air to counter against Sue's arguments to remove the arts programs from the schools by exposing how large her, untouched, Cheerios budget is and urging voters to stand behind school arts programs by writing in his name on election day.

Sugar is excited for Brittany and Santana to join the new show choirs, Trouble Tones, and says they are “more backup for me.” Mercedes, however, is having NONE of that as she didn’t leave the background from one show choir to be put in the background of another. Mercedes goes off on Sugar and tells her to knock off the attitude and she can be on a winning team. The newly formed show choir performs a 40’s version of “Candyman” by Christina Aguilera. Will and Finn happen to see this performance and realize they have some stiff competition.

Finn sees the girls in the hallway and tells them, Mercedes, Santana and Brittany and wishes them well. Finn also offers a more sincere apology to Brittany for calling her names and she accepts it.

Rory attempts to tell Brittany that he has granted her third wish by her leaving New Directions without hurting anyone’s feelings and use that to his better advantage. Finn was smiling so Rory says he granted her wish successfully. Brittany tells Rory that Finn was only hiding his distress and she knows that leprechauns aren’t real and she turns and walks away. Santana says her final wish is that Rory do the school a favor and disappear.

While at Breadstix, Burt and Carol discuss what Burt's campaign will mean to Kurt and Finn: Finn seems apprehensive about what lays ahead of them, and, sensing Finn’s lack of a future plan, Burt suggests that he might need some help at the shop. Kurt is nervous about what the campaign and Sue's dirty tricks might do to his father’s health. Sue shows up to deliver a fat and cholesterol laden hamburger to welcome Burt into the fray. She declares her new intentions that, in memory of her sister, she will go after the lack of special education programs and attempt to shift the arts budget away from the arts programs and into special education programs.

Finn rescues Rory from more bullying and offers to grant Rory a wish of his own being friendship. Finn gets Rory to join New Directions saying that there is always new talent to be discovered. As regular singer at Sunday mass Rory chooses to audition with "Take Care of Yourself" by Teddy Thompson. The other students agree with Rachel for a change when she says “He’s magical.” At the same time while Puck is helping Shelby take care of Beth, they share an unexpected and passionate kiss.