The First Time - Recap

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The episode begins with Artie’s voiceover telling us that direction is his true calling and that he enjoys bossing over people. He is sad and happy that musical is only a couple of days away. Rachael and Blaine rehearse the song “Tonight” from “Westside Story”. The other directors are impressed but Artie says that they lack passion. He educates them about the song and asks them about their first sexual experience. They admit that they are virgins. He tells them that they will not be able to convey their emotions to the audience as they have never experienced it. Next, Finn tells Rachael that a new recruiter from the Ohio state would be coming as they are recruiting new quarterbacks. Rachael is glad. Finn asks her to come over to his place as he would be having the house to himself. She agrees.

Kurt and Blaine talk about their sexual life. Kurt tells him that they have been playing safe and that they haven’t gone all the way. Blaine tells him that he wants Kurt to be comfortable whenever they do it. Artie asks Beiste why she ran off from the rehearsal. Beiste tells Artie that she too is a virgin. She tells him that she likes a recruiter names Mankins from the Ohio state. Next, Blaine goes to Dalton, where he sees the warblers performing on “Uptown Girl”. He joins in. After the performance, he tells them that he has got them tickets for Westside Story and he would love it if they could come. They agree. He meets a new guy named Sebastian. Sebastian asks Blaine his reason for leaving Dalton. Blaine tells him that he misses Dalton but McKinley is where his heart is. During their conversation, we see Rachael and Santana performing on “A Boy Like that”.

Sebastian asks Blaine if they could meet again and Blaine agrees. Next, Finn tells Puck that he needs some help in choosing a condom; he wants to use it with Rachael. But Puck tells him that he has no idea as he has never used them. Just then Mankins and Beiste arrive in the locker room and Mankins tells them that Friday night he will be there in the stands watching them play. Blaine tells Kurt that they should be more adventurous. Artie tells Mankins that he should ask Beiste out for a date. He tells Artie that he has asked her out a million times but she has refused. Artie tells him to ask her out again. Sebastian and Blaine meet for coffee. Sebastian suggests an affair but Blaine doesn’t want to cheat on Kurt. He tells him that he doesn’t want to mess his relationship with Kurt as Kurt is really great. Just then Kurt stops by and gets introduced to Sebastian.

Sebastian tells them that he could arrange for some fake IDs and they could go to a gay bar. Blaine declines but Kurt accepts. Next, Rachael is at Finn’s house and they are celebrating their four months of being together. Finn gets up to get dessert and Rachael suggests that they should snuggle by the fire first. Finn wants to be sure that she really wants to go all the way; he suggests that he could wait for a couple of weeks. But Rachael tells him that she wants to get this done with as she wants it done before the play. Finn is upset that Rachael wants to have sex just because of the play. He gets up and leaves. Next, Mike father is furious that Mike is doing the school musical and that h hadn’t told him anything about it. He wants Mike to quit. Mike tells him that he doesn’t want to be a doctor; he wants to be a dancer.

His father tells him that if he wishes to pursue his dreams, then he would no longer be his son. Mike tells him that he will have to begin to think that he no longer has a father. Mankins asks Beiste out on a date; a real date. Beiste wonders why he is doing this as he could get any pretty girl to date him. He tells her that he likes dating women and that too pretty woman. Beiste finally agrees. Next, Rachael tells the girls what happened the previous night. They tell her to wait. But Tina thinks otherwise. She tells Rachael that it was a great experience because she was with someone she loved. And when that moment came, they just knew that they were right. Next, Kurt and Blain arrive at the gay bar. It is a drag queen night. Kurt hates Sebastian. Blaine dances with Sebastian for most of the night. Kurt meets Karofsky at the bar and he tells Kurt to watch his boyfriend.

He tells them that he feels accepted in his new school and he likes it there. Kurt then gets on the dance floor and dances with Blaine. In the parking lot, Blaine grabs Kurt and tells him that he wants to do it right there in the car. But Kurt stops him. He tells him that he is upset about the fact that Blaine danced with another guy most of the night and that he is too drunk to remember anything the next day. Blaine tells him that he was just being spontaneous and walks back home. Next, it is the opening night. Rachael tells Blaine that since they are still virgins, they should cancel the performance and send the audience back home. Artie is nervous. He thinks that he hasn’t done a good job. Emma tries to reassure him; but he feels that it is going to be awful.

The team thanks Artie for his guidance. Artie is touched and tells them that their trust in him made him feel like a grown man. They perform on “America”. After that performance, Blaine asks Rachael that how they are supposed to top that performance as they are still virgins. Rachael explains that Tony and Maria were soul mates who found each other against all odds. They as actors need to tap into that and perform their best. After the performance, Kurt and Blaine talk on the stage; the hall is empty. Blaine tells Kurt that Sebastian doesn’t mean anything to him and that Kurt was right about the fact that their first time shouldn’t be in the back of a car and one of them is drunk. Blaine asks Kurt to accompany him for Artie’s after party. But Kurt wants to go over to Blaine’s house.

Blaine agrees. Next, Rachael arrives at Finn’s door. Finn is upset. He tells her that he has not been selected. The recruiter told him that just because his football career ended at high school does mean his life has ended. Finn is devastated. He tells her that he is not a good quarterback to get a scholarship and not a good singer to get into NYADA. His dreams are over. Rachael tells him that he needs to find new dreams and that they could figure it out together. She kisses Finn. She tells him that she was stupid the last time but now she is just a girl with the boy she loves. Next, Blaine and Rachael sing “One Hand, One Heart”. As they sing the song, we see snapshots of Rachael and Finn in bed together and Kurt and Blaine in bed; both for their first time. The episode ends.