Mash-Off - Recap

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Puck is officially in love with Shelby. It seems onesided, but he says that she makes him the man he always wanted to be; a family man. They perform Hot For Teacher by Van Halen and the club absolutely loves the performance that is put on by the guys involved. Rachel wonders if the subject matter is inappropriate, but Puck says he just digs Van Halen and they allow for it.

Sue has begun a smear campaign against Kurt's father, Burt, who is running for congress. She says that he had a heart attack last year and he may have gotten a baboon heart. Kurt goes to Sue and asks her what she thinks she's doing. She tells him that in politics, you have to fight dirty. Brittany promises absurdities such as robot teachers and root beer fountains in the cafeteria. Kurt is pretty much only promising a salad bar if he wins. She tells him that he needs a cause and to start flingin' poo. He agrees he may need a better cause, but he doesn't want to get dirty to win votes.

Shelby talks to Will and she tells him that she didn't try to recruit the girls that left. They worry that the kids aren't going to get along. They wonder if it'll bring out the best of them or turn into World War Glee. They think there may be a way to channel the fighting spirit.

The kids all meet on the stage. They argue, Will and Shelby come out to sing a song. They've decided to get serious with friendly competition. They are going to have a Mash Off.

Puck brings an apple to Shelby. He tells her he wants her and she says that she is his teacher. She thinks the kiss was a mistake and he tells her that he's in love with her. He says that they're the ultimate mash up. He tells her that he dreams about being a family. He wants to help her with stuff like that. He tells her she knows it's going to happen.

The club meets up with Will. Finn thinks they should do Hall & Oates and that they should give the solo to the new guy which turns out to be Rory.

Puck and Quinn talk in the hall and it seems that she's not happy with Child Protective Services not being involved with Shelby, yet. She asks him if he messed this up already and she wants to babysit more. She says that she's willing to do whatever it takes to get closer to her, because closer to her is closer to Beth. She goes in and tells Shelby that she would like to join the Troubletones. She says she'd have to think about it.

Rory tells Finn that he has his back. It's time to get inside of her head too. They try to offend her, but fail horribly. They decide to fight through Dodgeball. Rachel goes to Shelby and asks for her to sign a letter of recommendation. She does and tells her that she is proud of her. She tells her that she's truly a star. They seem to have a bonding moment. She tells her that maybe she can write her own version of the letter.

The kids get ready for Dodgeball and Rachel talks to Kurt about getting Shelby to write her a letter of recommendation. Kurt is quiet and seems upset. She tells her that she really misses him. He tells her that maybe she should have thought about that when she walked all over him just to get to the type.

Rory asks what the rules are for dodgeball and Puck tells him "don't die". Britney puts on "Hit Me With Your Best Shot". The Troubletones take New Directions down. When Rory comes in they all throw their balls at him and he starts bleeding. Kurt stops it and tells them that the other kids may do this, but they don't do it to each other. When the Troubletones meet up, Mercedes tells Santana that the game was fine until the end. She wants her to leave them alone and stop being so violently mean. She's convinced to play fair.

Santana goes to apologize to Finn and she does it in a completely backwards way. She ends up tearing him down completely. He turns it around on her by telling her that he thinks she needs to come out of the closet. He says that the reason she is so mean is because she doesn't care about herself. She also is in love with Britney and is clearly worried that Britney may not love her back. This stops Santana dead in her tracks and she has no response.

There's another smear ad against Burt. This time she says he's also married to a donkey. He wants to fight fire with fire. He tells Will that he better put his thinking cap on.

Puck is hanging out with Beth and Shelby watches and loves how good he is with her. Puck tells her about putting stuff around the apartment that would help get Beth taken. He believes that she was always meant to be her mother and he'd like to be a part of her life, too.

Now it is time for the Mash Off. The New Directions go first and do a great, but interesting job.

Everyone gathers together for the high school presidential debate. Britney says that she will make tornadoes illegal at the high school. She also pledges to go topless on Tuesdays. Kurt goes up and says that he refuses to let anyone get bullied and plans to ban dodge ball. He feels it is the equivelent of modern day stoning. When he is done, the club claps.

Rachel takes her turn and says that she's been crusading for school book covers which will save the school thousands of dollars. She withdraws her candidacy and urges them to vote for Kurt. Kurt asks her why and she says he needs the extra help, because he's already so spectacular. She tells him she'll help him with the campaign. They hug and make up.

Quinn goes to see Shelby. She tells her that she came here so that both she and Puck could get to know Beth, but she doesn't really feel comfortable with her seeing Beth because she obviously knows Quinn tried to set her up. She also won't let her join the Troubletones.

Brittany tells Santana that she thinks she should lay off of Finn because she's been very mean to him. Santana has to go see Coach Sylvester. She's sat down, Kurt's father is there, as well as Will. Apparently, there is another campaign video that another opponent made that calls Sylvester out. It also outs Santana, because another student heard what Finn said to her in the hallway. Santana is crushed and she hasn't even told her parents, yet. Sue seems to feel bad.

The TroubleTones do Rumor Has It mixed with Someone Like You. Santana has a solo part and she does amazing. Finn whispers that she's amazing into Rachel's ear and Santana gets paranoid. She calls him out and then slaps him for telling everyone cause literally now everyone knows that she's a lesbian.