I Kissed a Girl - Recap

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Santana is being told that she's suspended for two weeks. Finn says she didn't slap him. He says that it was a stage slap. She wonders what it's about and he says that he feels bad. He thinks that she's really awesome and that she just hides how awesome she is, because she hurts inside every day. He also tells her that he'd like to get New Directions back together in full. It is blackmail, but it just may work.

Rachel is panicking over the election. She's very worried. Rachel tells the principal that Britney is bribing the kids, but no one cares. He's 17 points behind. He decides he wants to cheat to win, because he wants to get into the school with her.

Finn talks to both teams and says that they are going to have lady week. This is going to be them doing songs written by strong women. He wants everyone to know and accept Santana's sexuality, because the club does. He believes everyone can. He wants to let her know that there are people that support her and that is the club.

Kurt and his boyfriend want to sing her a song. They sing F'n Perfect by Pink to her. She seems to be melting and she thanks to everyone. She doesn't respond properly, though. Still cold and hard.

Sue writes in her journal. She loves men, despite the ad that says she's a lesbian. She needs to find a man.

The other coach has been falling for Cooter, her training helper. Puck sings Melissa Etheridge's "I'm the only one". He sings it to Shelby, which makes Quinn worried.

Quinn goes to speak to Puck at the locker and she tells him that she noticed. She wants him to come over, order in, rent a movie, and not watching. He tells her that she's nuts and selfish, he'd rather raw dog a beehive.

Flynn is worried that Satana's going to start attacking her. He tells her that she means something to him and that if something happened to her because of him, he wouldn't be able to live with himself. Flynn sings Girls Just Wanna Have Fun as a slow ballad. Santana looks like she's about to cry. He sings it directly to her. Artie sings along. Everyone gets somber and she cries. She thanks him and hugs him.

Sue goes on a date with Cooter, the other coach is not happy about that. He asks if she's okay. Cooter says he didn't think she was interested. He likes her, but he can't tell what's going on with them. He needs more than just a buddy.

It is election day and Kurt feels like he's a lamb waiting in line to be slaughtered. Most of the club votes for Kurt. There is also a "real election" held in the gym. Coach Bieste deals with having to watch the man she loves all over Sue. She sings Jolene.

Santana is getting eyed up by everyone in the hallway. This guy hits on her and tells her and he can straighten her out. The girls defend her and then they sing "I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry. Santana tells the crew that she told her parents and they were okay with it. She just needs to tell her Grandmother now.

The principal comes in and asks to see Kurt. Kurt won by 190 votes, which is a suspiciously large margin. He didn't cheat, he worked really hard on this. He tells Finn and Rachel. Turns out Rachel stuffed the ballot box. She says she can't tell the truth or she'll get suspended and Flynn says "Rachel, Kurt will get suspended". Puck is great at math, we learn.

Beth hit her lip on the floor and she brought her to the hospital. He wants the plastic surgeon to fix Beth's face. He wakes up with Shelby the next morning and she tells him to leave because it's wrong. He tells her that she's missing out on something really special.

Santana has to tell her Grandmother that she is a Lesbian. She gives a fantastic speech. She doesn't want to fight herself anymore. She tells her that everyone has secrets and they're secrets for a reason. She tells her that she doesn't want to ever see her again. She tells her that it is selfish of her to make her uncomfortable.

Quinn and Puck are hooking up and he doesn't have a condom. It seems that she wants to have another baby. She wants love. He tells her that she's a mess and she has been for three years, ever since he knocked her up. He tells her that she doesn't need a baby or a dude to make her special. He is certain that she will actually make something of herself. She gives in as long as he holds her. He says okay, but no funny business. She asks who he is angry at and he tells her the truth about what is going on with he and Shelby. He has to tell her.

Cooter is talking to Sue about how she is at 3rd place. He wants to know what that means for them and Bieste comes in to ask if it's time to stop pretending to be something that they're not. She's going to fight for him. She tells him she's in love with him, she would do anything to win him back. She's not going down without a fight.

Brittany won the fight. Santana sings Constant Craving by K.D. Lang. Rachel admits to rigging the election and it is on her permanent record and that he's suspended for a week. She's also banned from competing in sectionals.