Yes/No - Recap

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The scene opens and Grease is the word at McKinley High as Mercedes and Sam reminisce about their summer fling, as they lead on the 70’s hit “Summer Nights.”After dismissing Rory, Mike and Puck; an “extremely picky” Becky sets her sights on “sweet, sexy and handicapable” Artie with a voice as velvety “as her Sunday church dress”. Back in her room Sue asks Becky what happened to Jason who she was seeing earlier; Becky tells her that she likes hot dogs and he liked Pizza. Coach Beiste shows off the new bling on her left hand, explaining that she and Cooter got hitched over the holidays, taking Sue who just then walks in, by surprise. Emma is very happy for the coach, and wonders whether her man will ever step up the plate.

Sue suggests Emma take the initiative and ask him instead; the Coach agrees. The shy guidance counselor sings “Wedding Bell Blues” (The Fifth Dimension) as the two female coaches don funky hats a la Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice; with Will at a distance going about his life, Emma is shown dressed in the gown of a bride walking down the aisle, with the two coaches dressed up as bridesmaids, and with a shot of Will and her dancing atop a wedding cake, as bride and groom; at the end Emma finds herself standing in front of Will with him asking her “did you just ask me to marry you”. Meanwhile, Will tells the New Directions that he is going to propose to Emma; to a thundering applause he confesses that this is the kind of information share with family and all the guys there are his family.

Will also says that he needs their help to knock Emma’s “well-washed socks off” with a mind-blowing proposal. Mercedes tells Sam that theirs was just a summer fling. Artie asks out Sugar, but she turns him down apologizing that “I’m really worried people are gonna think your legs are look thinner than my arms,” Meanwhile, Becky asks Artie out on a date. In an effort to win Lady M back and score his letterman jacket, Sam begs Coach B to join any varsity team that has a vacant spot. Enter loud mouthed synchronized swimming coach Roz Washington, who proudly sports an Olympic medal, and narrates her struggles in becoming an ace in synchronized swimming. Sam is ragged for joining the synchronized swimming team, Mercedes shows him sympathy, but is interrupted by her boyfriend.

Artie in producer mode – suggests that Schue go against the cliché of singing a sappy ballad as the girls would probably suggest; he says it’s both humiliating and predictable, and instead suggests a more upbeat mash-up of “Moves like Jagger” (Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera) and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” (Rolling Stones). Becky tells Artie that watching him onstage was only “part one” of their date; “part two” is dinner at Breadstix. While ring shopping, Schue asks Finn whether he will be his best man, Schue tells him how much he admires Finn. Finn is overjoyed at the offer. He accepts, and reveals that he met with an army recruiter in honor of his father, hearing this Will is concerned. Schue reminisces about the first time he met Emma, as the gals sing “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” (Roberta Flack) while thinking about their own boyfriends and getting all tear eyed and emotional. (Or, lady friend, in Santana’s case.)

The tune even moves Mercedes to tears; she admits to the girls, that her feelings for Sam are stronger than her ones for Shane. Will strikes out with Emma’s judgmental parents; Emma’s father says an outright no to consenting for the marriage, the parents tell their (possible) future son-in-law that their only child “has a very serious problem.” they tell Will that Emma shall not be able to handle a marriage or for that matter, kids. The gang arranges for a Becky-vention after Artie’s Breadstix date with the petite blonde, they feel Artie going out with Becky is weird, and that he probably has vested interests in doing so. Artie recounts his time spent with Becky. They warn him to “be careful” and he strikes back, accusing them of being “just as narrow-minded as the rest of the school” he tells the gang that he likes spending time with Becky.

Finn finds himself the center of a mini-intervention, as Burt, Carole, Will and Emma confront him about enlisting. Burt reminds him that he can use his help at the shop (because if Kurt takes over he’ll have “all the grease monkeys wearing white dinner jackets”) but Finn insists that he wants to follow in the footsteps of his courageous dad. Carole reveals the truth that Mr. Hudson had become a drug addict who would disappear for days, then weeks, at a time after being dishonorably discharged from the military. She finally tells her son that his “war hero” dad eventually died from an overdose (“the man he became was not your father”), and breaks down; hearing all of this Finn shattered and disillusioned walks out.

Becky sends her “man candy” some revealing photos; which freaks him out. Artie rushes to Sue for counsel; Sue advises him to treat Becky just like any other girl at school, and be honest with her, cause that’s what Becky wants; to be treated like a normal person. Will dodges Emma when she asks him if he wants to be with her, as she stresses that along with the obsessive quirks and rubber gloves, comes “so much love for you.” It’s a pity party for three, as Finchel and Kurt mope over their despondent futures. Finn inadvertently insults his girlfriend (“Why can’t I have something in my life that’s special… that means something?”) before Rachel sings “Without You” (David Guetta featuring Usher).

Will and Emma walk down the hall hand-in-hand as students and faculty (including one Sue Sylvester) each hand her a single white rose. The curly-haired teacher leads her to the pool where the club performs a synchronized routine to “We Found Love” (Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris) before Will proposed to his lady love with a (wet) engagement ring. Artie tells Becky he doesn’t think they should date. He responds affirmatively when she inquires whether it’s because she’s too intimidating. Her inner dame (“Sometimes it sucks being me. This is one of those days…”) finds a shoulder to cry on in Coach Sylvester, who confessed, “we both got dumped.” Finn pulls a Schuester and asks Ms. Berry to marry him, leaving his “beacon of light” dumbfounded and speechless. The episode ends.