Michael - Recap

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The scene opens with Santana Lopez and Blain Anderson coming down the stairwell with the rest of the Glee team, when they start a discussion about why the judge made the wrong decision. Santana lets on the pervy judge was freaking high as a kite. And Kurt thinks it was because his side did the Michael Jackson act. Does there need to be any other reason for the judge’s decision not favoring Santana? Blain is excited about the Michael Jackson act coming to Columbus shortly. However, Mercedes doesn’t want to see the spectacle that is Michael, she wants to be the spectacle. She regrets the chance of missing the chance of being the spectacle, but Will lets on he is planning for the regionals and they can do MJ yet again. Excited, Blain knows exactly the number to start with.

Before long, the team is blazing through the campus singing ‘Wanna be Startin Something’, and then the rehearsals are spot on. Finn is nervous and approaches Rachel for her answer because it is ten to three, and it has been exactly three days since he had asked her about marrying him. Rachel cannot say it just like that because these decisions cannot be made on a deadline. She really wants to marry him, but she cannot understand as everything is happening so fast. She wants him to help her understand, but Finn’s point is all of this is happening right here. The rings on her fingers just keeps reminding him about his feelings. Rachel is about to blurt out her answer, but now Finn wants her to take a couple of more days.

Later, when Blain and the Glee team sits around at break, he wants to know about each of their first MJ experiences. Arty is head over heels about the moment when is mother was watching MJ on VH1 and he uttered his first words. Then Kurt lets on his story, but Rachel has never fully understood what MJ is about. Arty refuses to be in talking terms with her, and Santana could be blowing smoke on her face. Before long, the leader of the rival group comes in and announces their fascinations can rest for a while. He has come to know about their MJ act… Wowe… how did he come to know? Well, he wanted to know about taking red wine out of the suit piping, and Blain couldn’t stop telling him. Blain admits he did so, sorry-faced, when Sebastian, the rival leader makes fun of Kurt – it’s nice to see him wearing boys clothes for a change. Santana gets back at him with a threat, but lays low when Sebastian reminds her about her folks being in prison, and that his dad is the State’s attorney.

Later, when Glee instructor Will calls a meeting, the team is wondering how to fight their rivals. However, he tells them to stop thinking about the set list, and start thinking what would Michael Jackson do. Finn talks about fighting back, and Arty reminds them about MJ’s 1983 fight against MTV over airing Billy Jean – which ultimately he won, and the album proved a major success. However, Blain suggests MJ would take it to the streets. Later that night, the Glees and their rivals have a face off. There is little to hold the two teams apart, but in it ends on a sour note, and Sebastian splashes slush on Blain’s eyes. The next day, Kurt reports Blain has a situation with his right eye, and the doctor says he will need surgery. It was surely not pure slush. There must have been something mixed in it.

Besides, the police is not taking the case as it apparently does not hold any criminal offense. And before long, Will is calling for peace. Hitting back or violence cannot be a way out of this. However, Arty is not listening. The regional is not all he cares about. He is human, and has a certain natural feeling of vengeance. When Will tries suppressing him, he can’t imagine but getting off the wheelchair, and doing a music video with whoever’s with him – full of rage, reptilian outfits and rage. However, all he can do actually is roll out of the classroom in his wheelchair. Later when Rachel approaches Quinn for help, showing indecisiveness about answering Finn’s proposal, she tells her they are a great couple, but if she looks forward to a career and a new life after high-school, she will have to call it off. It leaves Rachel in a heartbroken mood, but that’s what Rachel wanted – a thoughtful and straight answer.

Later in the classroom, Quinn announces her admission to Yale, and everyone is really proud of her, especially because she made it so big even after going through a phase of teenage pregnancy. Later, Kurt is listing out ways of hitting back at Sebastian, but having fought against violence all these years, he cannot but take the high road. Santana respects him for that, and says they will not play dirty, but promises they will beat Sebastian. Mercedes gets a text saying ‘AUDITORIUM ROOM!’ When she gets there, Sam is waiting to propose to her with a song – Human Nature. Although she is about to leave when Sam starts the guitar riff on center stage, she cannot but start singing along, join him on stage, be there through the song, and then kiss him. Later, when Kurt is at class, his dad comes with the reply from Nyada. He is nervous, and cannot open it, but finally when he does, it is a yes – he has got through into the institution.

The news brings tears of joy to both him and his dad, but when he meets Rachel, she is heartbroken thinking she hasn’t made it. Finn, Rachel and Kurt visit Blain, who is resting at home with a patch on one eye. They come across encouragingly. Although Blain is in good spirits, he is honestly terrified about the surgery scheduled this week. Finn has special design eye-patches and DVD’s for him to make him happier. And he shouldn’t be so worried because great singers have often been vision impaired – Stevie Wonder had no eyes at all. And the big event the next day turns out a face off between Santana and Sebastian. They do a Smooth Criminal duel, but again, there is little to tell who’s better. While Santana claims she was better, he obviously refuses to accept that. She lays in on her wanting to know what he mixed in that slush he splashed in Blain’s face. He lets on it was rock salt. And then, he splashes a normal slush on Santana’s bust. When Glee members meet at the classroom, Kurt insists on taking the high road, and they already have a plan.

They will do what it takes to hit back at Sebastian – they have their enemy clearly identified. The rest of his side hasn’t really done much. After the meeting is over, Finn wants Rachel to stay back, and not say a word. Besides, she can hear him better when he is not saying anything. He has arranged for a musical group, in which is also a teacher on piano. They sing aloud a duet, and Rachel can’t but say yes at the end of it. Before long, the rivals are called for witnessing the Glee performance. Kurt announces they will give up on doing the MJ act, but they have to sit through their last performance. While the Glees rock the stage, one by one, each of Sebastian’s friends join the Glees out of excitement.

At the end of the performance, when one of the rival members coaxes Sebastian to give up hating the Glees, he remains arrogant, and ends up alone. And what’s better – Santana reveals the recorder tape she hid in her bra when he admitted to putting rock salt in the slush he put in Blaine’s eyes. Later, Rachel receives her Yes letter from Nyada, and when she shows it to Kurt, he asks if she has told Finn about it. Rachel, yet again, is in a dilemma. The episode ends.