The Spanish Teacher - Recap

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The scene opens with Will, Arty and Finn dancing around in Mexican garb singing “La Cucaracha” to welcome Taco Tuesday. However, he is brought into the Principal Figgins’ office and says that there have been complaints and that the tenured teaching position is open. But, Figgins says that he has to step it up and be a better Spanish teacher to his students. Will goes to Spanish class and the teacher, David Martinez, tells them that they are there to learn Spanish in a way where they will remember it. Will asks if he can talk with David and he obliges. They sit down and David says that it is not good being at school at night. Will asks him why he doesn’t work with students and David says that there is a hiring freeze. Will understands about that. David brings up the Glee Club and says that he is a singer too. He says that he was a former teeth model and tells Will that music and Spanish can be good and easy to learn.

Sue is talking to some of the Glee kids when Will comes up and asks what she is doing. She says that she wants to instill the spirit of giving. She was telling them to donate to the Sperm Bank. She says that she has decided to have a child and that she was looking for a suitable donor. He doesn’t believe her, but she says that there is a tenure position and that she is intended to get it. She gets called into the Figgins’ office. However, it is not what she thinks. Figgins tells her that Coach Roz Washington, an Olympian coach, has complaints about Sue’s teaching methods and if he is going to give any tenure, he needs a team player teacher. Roz goes up to her and tells Sue that her moves are old fashioned. Will runs into class and asks them where they are going to be in 2030. Kurt automatically says Broadway while others have their own ideas. Will says that by then everyone will be speaking Spanish. He says that they are going to only sing songs that are Spanish or of Spanish descent. Santana asks why they are doing this and Will says that everything is Latin.

David comes in and is introduced to New Directions. Will says that their songs need to have “duende”, or Latin Soul. They ask if David can show them a little bit of what he means. They all sing LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It”. They all get into it and have a lot of fun to have the soul of Latin. They even put a box on the keyboardists head. Sam and Mercedes go into Emma’s office and talk with her about their kiss that they shared. Emma says that she has pamphlets, but Mercedes tells her that she doesn’t sleep around. She wants to know how they can break the news to Mercedes’ now boyfriend Shane about Sam and hers relationship together. Emma suggests that they not talk to each other for a whole day and not even texting, facebooking, or tweeting. They agree on it despite the difficulty. Roz gets her time with Sue’s “Cheerios” and they are good. Sue tells her that she knows what she is trying to do. She says that when she takes her maternity leave, Roz is going to try to steal her job. Roz laughs at the fact that Sue is trying to get pregnant and insults her breast and says that only sand will come out of them. Roz says that Figgins is going to give her Sue’s job.

Mercedes, Rachel and Kurt watch “Twilight” and Rachel shows the engagement ring from Finn. They tell her that she is crazy, but she says that she knows that she is going to be with Finn for the rest of her life and that she has to go for it. They tell her that they will keep her secret. Later in the Glee room, Mercedes sings Gloria Estefan's "Don't Want to Lose You" and sings it to Sam of course. Afterward, Sam sings "Bamboleo" by the Gipsy Kings with a little bit of Enrique Iglesias' "Hero" with the boys offering background. He directs the songs to Mercedes as well. Will likes it and Kurt says that he likes the boots. Finn says that they are authentic Mexican performer’s boots. Santana says that David is the best Spanish teacher and that it was his idea to get them the boots and the dancing. She tells Will that he is going to have to defend his honor as the Spanish teacher and needs to show that he has what it takes to be their Spanish teacher. He is insulted by what Santana says, but ignores it.

Emma goes up to Sue and tells her that she knows that Sue tried asking Will to father her child. Sue says that no matter what Will does, he is always kind and gentle. She says that she wants her baby to be like Will and not like her. Emma says that it is sweet that Sue wants to have a baby, but she can’t go around asking Will to do such a thing. Meanwhile, Kurt goes into see Finn and says that he knows about the engagement. He says that he is better then this and that he needs to keep trying to push for things. He shows him a bunch of college brochures and says that his time isn’t over, it is just beginning. Finn thanks Kurt for the advice. Sue goes up to Santana and says that she knows that it was her who lodged a complaint about her not caring about the “Cheerios”. She denies it and Will pulls Sue away from her. Sue tells Will that she no longer needs his sperm and that she has a donor who is more qualified than he is anyways. Will asks who it is, but she walks away. Will says that he is more “macho” then anyone.

Emma gets home and shows that she got more pamphlets, but Will is not interested in what she is doing with them. He calls them stupid and that he doesn’t care about them. She is heartbroken and leaves. Will feels bad, but goes back to translating his song that he is going to sing. Later, David sings Madonna's "La Isla Bonita" with Santana on stage while the other Glee members watch. Afterward, Santana tells Will to get on stage and prove that he has what it takes to be their Spanish teacher. Will gets up on stage dressed in his Matador outfit and sings Elvis Presley's "A Little Less Conversation". He throws in rapid fire Spanish and the other Glee members are impressed. All except for Santana, who admits to complaining to Figgins about his teaching. Will says that this is his livelihood and she says that it is her education. Will goes to the teacher’s lounge and Coach Beiste tells him that Emma is a genius for getting the pamphlets. She says that her football team don’t have Jock Itch anymore because of her. Will is impressed with her.

That night, the Spanish class comes to an end and David hands out an award for “most improved” to Will. He thinks that it is stupid for someone who teaches it already to get that. David says that he loves his kids in Glee and that makes him great. Will says that there is a Spanish Teaching position open and David agrees to taking the position. Will says that he will teach History. David asks if he knows who got the tenure. The scene changes to Sue talking to Becky about how she knows that it was Becky who told Figgins that she didn’t care about the “Cheerios”. She apologizes and Sue says that she forgives her. She blames her love for motherhood on her niceness. Becky says that Sue will be a great mom. In the hall, Sam and Mercedes walk up and Shane comes up and says hello too. They walk off with Sam crushed. Later that night, Will admits that he was wrong with her pamphlets. Turns out that Emma got the tenure at the school and he says that it is going to be great to support her in this. He apologizes for his lack of enthusiasm before and they kiss. The episode ends.