Heart - Recap

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The scene opens with Will coming into the Glee Class with the topic “World’s Greatest Love Songs”. He says that they have to find and perform the greatest love song as part of their assignment. However, they just need to come up with the money for costumes and make-up. Kurt is afraid that it is going to be another Bake Sale. Will suggests that they do singing telegrams, but they say that last time they did that, they got food thrown at them when they did it for Christmas. Sugar gets up and gives Will the money. He is hesitant at first, but accepts the money. The classmates all cheer. Sugar says that Valentine’s Day is her favorite day and says that she is having a party to which all of them are invited. However, they have to bring a date. Later, Rachel and Finn go to the auditorium and Rachel’s dads show up singing “Going to the Chapel”. Hiram and Leroy tell Rachel and Finn that they are excited to plan their wedding with them. They tell Finn that they are going to love having him as part of the family.

Mercedes opens up God Squad meeting and welcomes Quinn back into the fold. They welcome the new member, Joseph Hart, a home-schooled, modern-day Jesus. Sam mentions that he doesn’t see that Shane is part of the God Squad and Mercedes ignores him. Sam stands up and asks the others if they wanted to go around classes and sing for people to raise money for the “God Squad”. They all agree. In the cafeteria, Puck says that he is going to bring the entire sorority with him to Sugar’s party. Kurt shows a card that he received and says that it is from Blaine. However, all it says that it is from his “secret admirer”. Kurt gets a Gorilla Gram from the “secret admirer” as well. Convinced that it is from Blaine, he ignores the others telling him differently. Rory says that he is going to take Sugar to the party, but Arty says that he is already asking her. Rory says that girls love accents and that he is going to get in. Arty takes him up on the challenge. Later, Mike and Tina dance and sing Nat King Cole's "L-O-V-E," and Rory and Artie try to show Sugar that they want her to go with her to the dance with them.

Brittany and Santana meet in the hall and Brittany shows her that she made an infinite playlist on her computer for Santana. However, as they are about to kiss, Principal Figgins tells the “teen lesbians” to get into his office. He says that there have been complaints and Santana mentions the kiss between Finn and Rachel that lasted longer then their kiss before. Figgins says that on a religious scale, this is not to be tolerated. Santana says that it is a double standard at the school and storms out. Rory and Arty try to impress Sugar and Finn and Rachel make the announcement that they are going to get married. Kurt admits that it was him who told Rachel’s dads about the wedding because he feels that they are making a mistake. The other members of Glee start to agree with Kurt, but Mike and Tina tell them that they will be there. Arty says that he will be there too and then sings Mario's "Let Me Love You." This gets a good reaction from Sugar and he rides off with Sugar on his lap.

Santana tells Rachel that she is supportive to her and Finn’s decision. Mercedes and the “God Squad” come up to Rachel and Mercedes says that Finn has given her a singing telegram. The “God Squad” sings Gym Class Heroes' "Stereo Hearts," along with a gospel choir. At the end, Santana says that she wants the “God Squad” to sing a song to her “girlfriend-girlfriend”. Joe is clearly uncomfortable about this. Rory comes into the Glee room and tells them that his student visa was turned down and that he has to leave at the end of the year back to Ireland. He sings Michael Buble's "Home." Afterward, Sugar asks Rory to be her Valentine’s Day date. Later, the “God Squad” talks about their policy on singing to gay people. Mercedes tells them that three of the four are fine with singing it and says that Simon, one of Jesus’ apostles was probably gay because it is 1 out of 10 students are gay. Joe says that he has to think of it and Quinn respects that because they are all entitled to their opinions.

Mercedes tells Sam that she told Shane about them and says that he cried and told her that it is like someone hit him in the chest. Sam says that is great because now they can be together. However, she says that she can’t be with Sam either. Sam walks away crushed. Mercedes sings “I Will Always Love You," and aims it to Sam later in the Glee room. He gets emotional and leaves the Glee room. Later at the get-together with Hiram and Leroy and Finn’s parents, Hiram and Leroy sing Cole Porter's "You're the Top". Afterward, they have dinner and talk and toast to the engagement of Rachel and Finn. Leroy tells them that they love them. Hiram says that Rachel and Finn are going to sleep with one another tonight to get ready for thing that they are going to have to do anyways. They get to the bedroom and Rachel goes through her ritual of preparing to go to bed. Finn tells her that he has to go to the bathroom, but Rachel says that he can’t do that there. He asks her what she thinks it is going to be like in New York. She says that she is going to be working. Finn realizes that she thinks that he is not going to be doing anything. He grabs a magazine and goes downstairs to use the bathroom and says that she can mark “getting into bed with him” off her list.

At the Sugar Shack, Kurt gets to the party and says that he is meeting his cutie there. The Gorilla comes up and takes off his mask. It is David Karofsky. He tells Kurt that he thinks that he is in love with him. Kurt says that he can’t believe that he shoved him in lockers and hate kissed him before and now wants to express his love. Karofsky tells him that he is going to come out to the school someday and wanted him to know that he loves him. Kurt tells him that he is with Blaine though. Karofsky leaves and is stopped by another classmate at his new school. He says that he was just meeting a friend from an old school and runs out of the restaurant. Back at the Barry’s, Rachel and Finn kissed and made up and they are in the same bed. She says that she thinks that marriage will be easy for them. Finn and Rachel see that it is only 7:15pm. Hiram and Leroy notice that their plan to break Finn and Rachel up is not going good. Leroy says that it is reverse psychology. Rachel and Finn come downstairs and tell them that they have planned the date and are going to have a spring wedding. They go off to the party.

At Sugar’s party, Sugar takes to the stage and tells that everyone has gift certificates under their chairs. She welcomes everyone to the party and says that she wants to welcome the “God Squad” to the stage. Joe tells them that he was unsure at first whether or not to sing a song to a girl from another girl, but realized that love is love no matter what. They sing The Association's "Cherish". Sugar tells Rory that she is going to miss him when he gets deported. Rory is surprised at the fact that he is getting deported and realizes the lie that he told and says that they don’t need to think about it. Arty sits eating a cookie in jealousy. After the song, Sugar says that she has a guest. It is Blaine. He comes up on stage and sings B-52s "Love Shack" with Mercedes and the God Squad, with Kurt eventually joining in as well. The episode ends.