On My Way - Recap

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The scene opens Kurt and Rachel are looking at dresses when Sebastian comes up and tells Rachel that he has an engagement gift for her. They see that it is a Photoshopped picture of Finn naked in pumps. He says that every time someone Google’s Finn’s name, they are going to find that. However, that can be avoided if Rachel agrees to drop out of Regional’s. Kurt tells Sebastian that he gives gay men a bad name. She tells him that he is horrible and Sebastian says that they have 24 hours to decide or he pushes the upload button. Later at the Glee room, Finn says that he is going over to Dalton and kicking Sebastian’s butt. However, Will says that wouldn’t be smart. Arty rolls in and says that what Sebastian is doing is illegal, but Dalton High doesn’t seem to care. Rachel says that it doesn’t matter because she is still going to sing at Regional’s. Finn is not happy that she doesn’t care about the photo. Will says that they have to deal with things like this. Finn is still shocked and says that he can’t believe that Rachel would just allow the picture to go out there. He leaves the room.

Sue calls Quinn into her office and tells her that she is pregnant. She tells her that it is amazing, but confusing. She tells Quinn that she has morning sickness and she says that she sucked on lollipops. Quinn says that she would love to rejoin the “Cheerios”. However, Sue says that could not be possible. Kurt goes up to Blaine and apologizes about Sebastian, but he says that he doesn’t care about that and says that he has a new song. Meanwhile, Karofsky gets to practice and sees that the word “Fag” is spray painted on his locker. Blaine sings Young the Giant's "Cough Syrup," on stage while Karofsky gets pushed out of the locker room. He goes home to find that everyone hates the fact that he came out of the closet. He dresses up and then stands on a chair. The next day, Principal Figgins meets with the teachers who knew Karofsky and tells them that Karofsky tried to kill himself last night, but luckily, his father found him. Sue starts to cry and blames it on hormones. Figgins says that it wasn’t their job to know, but Emma says that it was their job to know.

Later at “God Squad”, Mercedes says that they need to keep Karofsky in their prayers. He is in the hospital and Quinn says he did a selfish thing. Kurt says that she has no idea what Karofsky was going through. He says that people are still writing on Karofsky’s Facebook that he needs to try again. Mercedes says that they are going to visit him in the hospital. Rachel and Finn make up and Finn tells her that he doesn’t care about any photos and that they need to sing together. Rachel says that she doesn’t want to wait to get married and suggests that they get married on Saturday after Regional’s. Santana, Brittany, Blaine and Kurt go up to Sebastian and tell him that this needs to stop. He says that he agrees and says that he wants to win fair and square. He apologizes to Blaine about his eye and says that it is all fun until it isn’t. He admits to giving Karofsky a hard time and says that they are dedicating their performance to him.

Later, Will shows the Glee class that he has peanut butter because Rory never tried peanut butter. He says that on a serious note, he wants to know that they will fight for their life no matter what. Will admits that he tried to take his own life Junior Year. He says that he almost killed himself because of his dad’s disappointment. He says that everyone has something that might take them to the edge. He asks what they are going to stay around for. They go over the things that they are looking forward to. At Regional’s, the Dalton Warblers sing Lenny Kravitz's "Stand," and Finn cheers on the competition. Everyone cheers them on and afterward, Sebastian reminds them about the donation. They finish it off with "Glad You Came" by the Wanted. The Golden Goblets sing and afterward, New Directions start to falter, but Finn tells the group that they are going to get married and says that they want to live every day as their last. They cheer and then go out and sing "Fly," by Nicki Minaj's and R. Kelly's. They the girls sing Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger." Afterward, Rachel closes their time on stage and sings Halestorm's "Here's to Us" with the boys joining in on the song from the balcony of the auditorium. She looks up to Finn and sings to him directly.

Afterward, the results are in and late-night TV horror movie host Svend Goebbels comes up and says that in 3rd place it the Golden Goblets. The winner of Regional’s is New Directions! Blaine goes up to Sebastian and congratulates. Later, Sue sits down with Quinn and says that she always admired her and says that she admires her because she has proved that it is never too late to turn her life around. Quinn gets her uniform back. Rachel says that she is glad that she is happy. Quinn says that she wants to come to the wedding if it isn’t too late. She says that it isn’t. At the hospital, Kurt comes in with flowers. Karofsky says that he gets to go home tomorrow. Karofsky says that he understands why Kurt never wanted to return his calls. He says that he can’t go back to the school and he says that he should get through this and says that he is going to help him through this. Kurt says that Karofsky needs to think of things to look forward to.

Kurt has Karofsky think about what he is going to do and he says that he would like to be friends with Kurt. Sue goes up to Will and congratulates Will on winning and says that she is pregnant. Sue says that she wants to help Will win at National’s and says that there is no catch and that she just wants to help him. Later at the justice of the Peace, Hiram and Burt are freaking out about the fact that their “reverse psychology” plan backfired and that they need to do something to stop the wedding from happening. Hiram says that when the Justice of the Peace asks if anyone objects, then they will all say that they do. Quinn texts that she is on her way to the wedding after getting the bridesmaid dress. As they wait for Quinn, Finn tells Rachel that they need to go now or they lose their spot. Hiram is freaking out and says that he is going to fake a seizure. Leroy says that he isn’t epileptic and Hiram says that is why he is going to fake it. As Quinn texts that she is on her way, a car come up and side swipes Quinn’s car. The episode ends.