Choke - Recap

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The episode begins with Rachael preparing for her upcoming NYADA auditions. Next, Finn tells Puck that he should give a serious thought about his graduation. Puck tells him that he needs to pass a European geography class to get it done. He has a plan. He says that he would flirt with the Geography teacher to get through the test. Next, some of the girls make a comment about domestic violence. Coach Roz doesn’t appreciate it and she puts the names of the girls on her list. Roz talks to Sue. Just then Will arrives and Sue tells him that his girls are making jokes on domestic violence; but she tells him that they will handle it. Next, Kurt is practicing his song “Music of the Night”, from the Phantom of Opera. Blaine loves it.

But Kurt tells Blaine that he is unsure about this song; he thinks he is getting too predictable and boring. He wants to do something different. Next, Puck ties to make a pass at the teacher. But she doesn’t fall for it. He tells her that he will flunk and that she needs to pass him. The teacher advises him to study like everyone else does. He says that he is giving up school and storms out of the room. He comes out and sings “School’s Out for Summer.” Next, Sue talks to the girls who made the joke. She tells them that she fantasizes about slapping each one of them across the face; but no one deserves to be hit. They think that the girls don’t understand the gravity of the situation and how awful domestic violence could get. Roz tells them the story of her aunt who used to get beaten by her ex-husband.

To make them understand the seriousness about the topic, Sue gives them their assignment for the week; turning violence songs into songs of empowerment. Finn points out to the guys that Puck has been missing from the gym and class. Finn tells them that they should help Puck to pass; by any means. Meanwhile, Rachael tells Kurt that “Not the Boy Next Door” is a bad choice of song for the auditions. Moreover, he hasn’t rehearsed the song enough. She tells him that this is the biggest moments of their lives, and they shouldn’t be taking risks. She tells him that she believes in him and so she will help him with “Music of the Night”. He agrees. Next, Tina, Sugar, Brittany, Santana and Mercedes performed on “Cell Block Tango”. Sue tells them that they completely missed the whole point.

Roz tells them that they were supposed to perform on a song that gave woman the empowerment to walk out of an abusive relation. But instead, they chose a song in which some crazy women go around killing their husbands. Beiste walks out in the middle of the performance. She tells them that the black eye wasn’t from the gym. Cooder hit her, but later he apologized. They tell her to get out of the house; but Beiste tells them that she doesn’t want to do that as nobody would want to have her. Sue tells her that she could live with her. Next, Puck is cleaning one of his client’s pool and she tells him that they could have a quickie as the kids aren’t around at the moment. But Puck passes the offer. He tells her that he is going off to West Coast, where he will start his own business. Moments later Puck’s father shows up. Puck tells his friends that his father showed up after five years.

He wanted to borrow money from him. He tells them that he gave him 500 dollars; the money he had saved for LA. He tells them that he doesn’t want to be in his dad’s position in the future and so he has decided to graduate. He wants them to help him. Next, it is audition time; and Rachel tells Kurt that the surprise judge is Carmen Tibideaux. She is a great Broadway artist, and is a dean of NYADA. Kurt tells her that Carmen is known to be too strict. She is going across the country, picking up her own inaugural class. Kurt goes on stage and announces the song he will be singing, gauging Carmen’s reaction; Kurt decides to sing “Not the Boy Next Door”. Carmen loves his bold choice and she is happy to see that Kurt took such a risk. It is Rachael’s turn now.

Just before her audition, Finn comes by with some flowers for her. She sings “Don’t Rain on My Parade” from Funny Girl. But she chokes on her song. Rachel wants to re-start. But she chokes again. Carmen doesn’t give her yet another chance. She tells her that in Broadway when the artist forgets the lyrics, the job is given to the understudy. She tells her that she gave her two chances and yet she could not perform. Rachel begs for another chance; but Carmen leaves. The friends are helping Puck cram for his test. Puck is bored and he says that he doesn’t know the answers to the Geography questions. He says that he doesn’t care about what’s happening in the other parts of the world. While discussing Spain, the group begins singing “The Rain in Spain.”

Next, Sue is upset with Beiste as she did not turn up at her house; she has been waiting for her. Beiste tells her that she is moving in with her sister. Sue tells her that she has taken a bold step and that she appreciates it. But Beiste tells her that there is more. She tells the girls the actual story behind her black eye. She tells them that she was hit by her husband. She tells them that she was shocked and ashamed. She did not know what to do. She tells them that she has decided on pressing charges. She thanks the girls for helping her open her eyes and save her life. Next, Pucks takes the test. He comes out and thanks his friends for their help. They showed him how to be a man. Next, Beiste enters a room where the girls are waiting for her. They wanted to meet her so that they could apologize to her.

They tell her that they had no idea of what was going on with her. They owe her a song and they perform “Shake it Out”. As the girls are singing the song, we see that Beiste has gone back to her house; to Cooder. Next, Kurt tells Rachael that Carmen was wrong in not giving her a second chance. She tells him that she was given a second chance and she choked. She choked on a song that she has been singing her entire life and now there is no one to be blamed but her. She tells Kurt that he was amazing. In fact he was better than he had ever been. She tells him that she is not going to New York. Kurt leaves and on her way back, she sings “Cry”. As the song is playing, we see that Puck gets his test results. He fails the test. The episode ends.