Prom-asaurus - Recap

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The episode begins with Rachel’s voiceover stating the death of her dreams of being a Broadway star. So, now we see, Rachel is focusing on her prom. In the bathroom, we see Becky practicing her winning wave. Rachel tells her that there is going to be a tough competition this year and she doesn’t want Becky to get disappointed. Becky tells her to take her loser talks elsewhere. Next, Figgins is having a talk with Brittany. He tells her that she needs to get her act together and that she cannot flunk in her papers; else she wouldn’t get admittance in college. He tells her that he will have to abolish her from the post of the president if she doesn’t mend her ways. Next, she meets the prom committee.

She disapproves of their prom theme ideas. She decides on the dinosaur theme. She tells the committee that they are incompetent and fires them. Next, Sue announces the names of the nominees for the prom king and queen. The nominees for the king are Finn and Brittany and the queen are Quinn and Santana. Rachel tells Finn that she is not upset about not being nominated. Brittany announces the dinosaur theme and no one seems excited. She also bans hair gel! Next, Rachel sees that the prom posters feature the picture of Finn and Quinn together. She tears them down. She tells Finn that she is not okay with her fiancé dancing with his ex-girlfriend. He tells her that he is only trying to help Quinn with the campaign and thinks that it is extremely selfish of Rachel to be behaving in this manner. Rachel points out that she has been having a bad week and leaves.

Next, Joe is helping Quinn to walk. She doesn’t want him to tell anybody about this. She wants to walk into her prom and till then she wants it to be kept hidden. Next, Becky is walking down the corridor, upset that she wasn’t nominated. She feels that she was born to be a queen and sometimes queens can look different. Becky has been behaving badly like tossing things around. Sue has a talk with her about this and explains to her that she just didn’t have the votes. Also that her poster did send out a wrong message. But Sue also tells her that she could go to the prom with her. But Becky isn’t too enthusiastic about this. She breaks Sue’s new xylophone on her way out. Next, Rachel sings “Big Girls don’t Cry” with Kurt and Blaine. Later she tells them that she is feeling low and that is why she is rehearsing this song for the prom. She doesn’t want to see Finn and Quinn become the prom king and queen and also see them dance together on her prom night.

Kurt and Blaine too have their issues with the upcoming prom. The three of them decide not to go. But Rachel has a better idea; she is organizing an anti-prom party and she invites the rest of the students. Finn too is supporting Rachel with her idea. Santana tells her that she is being selfish as she is unable to deal with her failure and by doing this; she is destroying it for the rest of them just because she isn’t in a mood to dance. Next, Finn and Quinn are putting up their campaign posters and Quinn uses her injury to get the sympathy votes. Finn finds it creepy. Next, it is the prom night. Brittany with few other girls sings the song “Dinosaur”. Finn asks Sue about Quinn and she tells him that she might be in the washroom. Finn goes looking for her and he finds her standing on her feet in the washroom.

He is angry that she lied to all of them. He is pissed that he chose her over Rachel; instead of being with Rachel when she needs him the most, he decided to stay with Quinn. He tells her that she is the same old Quinn as all that she cares about is herself. She tells him that she wanted it to be a surprise for everyone and that she wants this. She wants him to at least stay till the mandatory dance. Next, Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Puck and Becky arrive at the hotel room. The anti-prom party doesn’t seem to be “happening”. At the prom, Santana sing “I Love You like a Love Song”. During the dance, Finn tells Quinn that he will finish the dance when she will stand on her feet and show the crowd how much she deserves this. He gets a little pushy.

Sue intervenes and tells him that she will be forced to reject him from the prom. Next, Finn arrives at the hotel room. Rachel is wearing her prom dress. Finn tells her that he loves her and the prom sucks without her. He tells his friends that the prom sucks without all of them and that they should all go back to the prom. Puck and Becky stay back and the rest leave. The four reach the prom. Joe sings “What Makes You Beautiful” with Sam, Mike Rory and Artie. Brittany tells Blaine that he can’t wear the gel. He goes to wash it off. Meanwhile, at the hotel, Puck is losing terribly to Becky at strip poker. Becky tells him that she is pissed off that she didn’t get nominated. But Puck has an idea. He makes himself the king and Becky the queen of the anti-prom party. Becky is happy. Next, Rachel apologizes to Quinn for behaving in a bad manner. She tells her that she was jealous of her.

Rachel tells Quinn that she has always been her inspiration and that she always wanted to be like her. She wants her to be her friend and accept her apology. Rachel tells Quinn that she has voted for her. Meanwhile, Puck and Becky arrive at the prom; with their crowns still on. Becky distracts Sue and Puck spikes the punch. A dream comes true! Next, Santana and Quinn are counting the votes. Brittany has got four votes for the king. Santana doesn’t want to be queen if Brittany isn’t going to be king. Quinn tells her that she has won by just one vote. This is what she had always wanted and now she isn’t as excited as she hoped she would be. Meanwhile, Blaine walks in after washing off his hair gel and he does get a lot of stares.

It looks terrible. Brittany makes an exception and gives him permission to wear the gel. But Kurt stops him. He is happy to finally see the real Blaine and that he wants everyone to know that he is proud of his boyfriend. Next, it is time to declare the winners. And Figgins invites Kurt, last year’s queen, to crown the winners. The prom king is Finn and the queen is Rachel! During the mandatory dance, Rachel asks him if all this is a joke. Finn tells her that she is beautiful and an inspiration to everybody in this room. Quinn sings “Take My Breath Away”. And as she sings the song, Quinn stands up on her feet. It is a prom miracle. The episode ends.