Props - Recap

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The episode begins with Sue telling Mercedes and Kurt that now Unique is a show choir celebrity and now is with Vocal Adrenalin. The only chance they have is to fight fire with fire. Sue tells Kurt to wear a dress and perform at the Nationals. Kurt tells her that just because he is gay doesn’t mean he is going to dress up as a woman. Mercedes reminds him of the Halloween when he had dressed like one! But Kurt isn’t ready and Sue thinks that this is the only way to defeat Vocal Adrenalin at Nationals. Next, we see, Rachael sings “I Won’t Give Up” and leaves a message for Tibideaux, asking her to come and see her perform at Nationals. She thinks that if Tibideaux sees her perform at the Nationals, she would consider letting her into NYADA as she has the talent and ability and that she isn’t ready to give up on her dreams.

Next, Will announces the POA for Nationals. He wants Rachel to sing “Paradise by Dashboard light” and this is a solo. Sue declares that Kurt would still dress up like a woman and perform at the Nationals. But there is more. She has arranged for props- a space craft helmet! So heavy props and a transsexual Porcelina (Kurt) is going to be their mantra for success. Will says that he wants Sue’s help as she is a winner and he wants to win. Tina is upset and gets up to leave. She says that if Rachel can get a solo, so can the rest of them. Tim tells Tina that she is being selfish. He tells her that she is a junior and she will get her chance next year. Rachel tries to explain how important this is for her; but Tina doesn’t care. She wants to be in Rachel’s position and Rachel asks her if she has any idea how difficult it is to be like her.

She tells Tina how stressful it is to maintain the position she does. She says that Tina too can do it but next year. Next, Blaine supports Kurt’s decision to not wanting to dress up like a woman. Being gay doesn’t mean one can also be a cross-dresser. Just then Tina arrives. She isn’t in a good mood. She receives a text from Mike saying that Rachel is one of her kinds and that Tina is being unreasonable. She is pissed and she slips and falls into a pool. She hits her head. But when she is pulled out, she thinks that she is Rachel! Next day, at school, Tina has everybody mixed and to her Rachel is now Tina. Tina sings “Because You Loved Me”. Tina gets a standing ovation. Next, Tina gives Rachel a pep talk. Back to the scene when Tina falls in the pool; she is out and back into to reality.

Next, Sue is dissatisfied by the way the practice is doing. Will tells her that the props are supposed to be a part of the routine and not be the routine. The props are weighing the kids down. Kurt says that he is not going to do a drag number. They need a new approach and he has an idea. Next, the girls go to meet Beiste. They are upset that she lied to them and that she is still with Cooter. Beiste tells them that she wanted to give the relationship a second chance. She tells them that adult relationships are complicated. The girls want her to go with them to the Nationals. Next, Kurt has a surprise for the group. He has secretly taped the practice of the Vocal Adrenalin and he shows it to his group. All of them are amazed by their performance at the practice itself. Perfect sync! Sue still thinks that they need a drag to win the Nationals. Next, Rachel is practicing and Tina walks up to her.

She asks her whether Tibideaux has agreed to come see her performance. But Rachel thinks that she doesn’t think that Tibideaux is going to come. Tina suggests Rachel should go and meet her. Tina knows where Tibideaux is conducting her class and she offers to drive Rachel to the class. Next, Sue has changed her mind about the props. Will is fed up with this and he tells Sue that they have had enough of the props and he wants them to concentrate on choreography. Just then Puck arrives, dressed up like a woman. He says that it is not about looking pretty but having the balls to do what is needed to put them on the top. Will asks them to stop it and asks Puck to change. Next, Ricky makes fun of Puck saying that he can dress like a woman and not graduate. Puck loses his cool and is ready to fight.

Ricky tells him the spot. On their way to meet Tibideaux, Rachel tells Tina that they will win the Nationals. Tina has a wish. She wants both of them to sing together before Rachel graduates. Rachel is happy to hear that. Next, Ricky and Puck meet near the dumpster. Game one! Surprisingly, Ricky manages to beat Puck. Puck is thrown into the dumpster. Puck jumps out and pulls out a knife. Beiste breaks up the fight. Puck is upset; he thinks he is worthless and that he is a failure. He breaks down. Next, Rachel meets Tibideaux. Tibideaux tells her that every time she spends time attending to Rachel’s voice messages; it takes time away from another student. She thinks that Rachel is not entitled to any more attention than the hundreds of students around. Tina steps in. she tells Tibideaux that Rachel could be a pain in the ass and that she has resented her always.

But Rachel gets what she wants because she is exceptional. Her focus, her drive, she is the real deal. One off day cannot decide her career. Rachel tells Tibideaux that she knows that she will be singing in Chicago at the Nationals and she wants Tibideaux to hear her sing. Tibideaux asks them to leave. Rachel tells her that she will see her next year, and every year after that till she gets in. Next, Cooter apologizes for his actions and says that he won’t repeat it. Beiste tells him that she has been sleeping with a knife under her pillow because of the fear. Now it is enough. She places her ring on the table and says that she is out. Cooter gets angry but Beiste still walks out. Next, Puck sings “Mean” and Beiste joins him.

Beiste tells Puck that his teacher has agreed to give him another chance with that test. She tells Puck that this time she will help him. Next, the costume committee complains that just because they are the newbie, they have to sow Rachel’s dress. They don’t like it. Tina tells them that they need to put in the work and be good team players and they have to work towards Glee’s success. It takes a lot of crystals to make something shine! Mike is glad to hear Tina’s words. Next, Beiste tells Will and Sue that she wants to chaperone the trip to the Nationals. She tells Sue that she left Cooter. Sue hugs her. Welcome aboard! Next, Tina and Rachel sing “What a Feeling”. As they are singing, the buses to the Nationals are being loaded. The episode ends.