Nationals - Recap

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The episode begins where the group has arrived at Chicago for the Nationals and Merecdes is having fever due to food poisoning. Sue tells will that they need to have a plan as they are about to enter the competition without one of their most powerful voices. Sue tells him that she wants this win for the kids. So, Will says that Quinn would be stepping in instead of Mercedes. Quinn says that she can’t sing that number like Mercedes. Tina too is supposed to be a part of the Troubled Tones. Sue is going to help Mercedes bounce back to health. Next, Emma notices a worried look on Will’s face. Will asks her what if they won’t win. Emma tells Will that if he needs that to happen then he needs to have the right attitude. Just then Beiste arrives and tells Will that they have a problem. Some of the kids are fighting.

It appears that they are breaking under pressure. Will says that it is a good thing that there is so much passion in the room. Will realizes that they really want this. They are performing in the first slot, which is probably the worst one. They need to get their act together. Next, Rachel meets Jesse outside the Nationals. He tries to provoke her. He knows about Rachel’s attempts to convince Tibideaux to come and see her performance. He tells her that it is his business to keep a track of his competition. He tells her that he is under a lot of pressure. Last year, it was the first time in 8 years that Vocal Adrenalin lost. A second consecutive defeat is not what they can stand. Next, Finn comes in and Jesse congratulates him for his upcoming wedding and wishes him luck for the competition. Finn places a $500 bet with Ricky that they will win at the Nationals.

Rachel tells him that the bet money was set aside for their honeymoon. But Finn is positive that they are going to win. Next, Will walks in to give a last minute pep talk. But before he could, Finn interrupts him and tells Will that they want to win this competition for him. He tells Will that they don’t have to wait for the “Teacher of the Year” award as Will is their “Teacher of a lifetime”. Just then a healthy and partly recovered Mercedes walks in with the miracle worker, Sue. Quinn is happy that she is back and now Quinn doesn’t have to perform on this number. But Mercedes tells her that Quinn and Tina, both are going to sing the Troubled Tones number with her as this is going to be their last performance together. The performances are about to being. We see Beiste eating chocolates to lower her anxiety. Will didn’t want their team to go first. Next, the judges are introduced. They are: Lindsay Lohan, Perez Hilton and Alderman Martin. The New Directions start their performance with “Edge of Glory”.

Rachel notices that Tibideaux has not come. Finn tells her to stop worrying about Tibideaux and tells her that this is her moment and that she should have it. Next, its Rachel’s turn and she takes the stage. She sings “Its All Coming Back To Me Now”. In the middle of the song, Tibideaux walks in and takes her seat. Rachel totally rocks it and she receives a standing ovation. Next, the team performs on “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”. Tibideaux is impressed. Next, Kurt and Mercedes go to meet Unique and wish her luck. But she seems to be cracking under the pressure. She tells them that everybody is coming after her and it is too much to handle. All she wanted to do was wear a dress and sing. And now she is the poster child for anyone one who is “different”. Kurt and Mercedes tell her that she will do fine.

Next, Vocal Adrenalin begins their performance by singing “Starships” and Unique is the lead vocalist. As they continue with their performance, the New Directions is completely awed by their performance. But they are also nervous. This performance transitions into “Pinball Wizard”. They receive a loud applause from the audience. Next, the three judges are about to narrow down their choices. Martin loved the energy of the New Directions and LiLo finds them likable. But she says that they weren’t the best singers or dancers. Perez feels they were terrible and that he is totally in favor of the Vocal Adrenalin. He finds Unique to be a perfect example for all the “outcast” kids.

But LiLo is angry when she learns from Martin that this competition is not going to be televised. She announces that she is going to fire her manager. While they are still deciding on their vote, Jesse talks to Tibideaux. He tells her that he had auditioned for her two years ago. She tells him that she meets thousands of students and she doesn’t remember. But he is not there to talk about him. He tells Tibideaux that Rachel is really talented and that if there is someone who will become a star, it is her. he says that Tibideaux will not regret taking her into NYADA. Tibideaux remembers his performance, and tells Jesse that he has great vocals and shows great promise. Wow! A compliment from Carmen Tibideaux!

Next, it is awards time. The MVP award goes to Unique. The third place in the show choir is won by Scale Blazers. And now it is time to announce the winner: “NEW DIRECTIONS”. They return to McKinley and they receive a grand welcome. Finn gets his money for winning the bet. The victory has become the headlines of the newspapers; with Will holding the trophy. They place the trophy in the school’s trophy case. Next, Figgins calls in Finn and Rachel. Figgins wants New Directions to perform in a special event that is coming up the following day. But it is a secret they got to keep. Meanwhile, Will thanks Emma for being with him and tells her that it has been an incredible year with her by his side. Just then Sue arrives and tells them that the award ceremony is about to start and that there will be a lot of competition between the teachers.

Sue appears confident that she is going to win the Teacher of the year award. During the ceremony, Finn and Rachel arrive on stage to declare the Teacher of the Year award. And the award goes to Will. But as he is about to come on stage and receive it, Finn stops him. He has a few words for Will that he would like to share. He tells Will that how important he is in his life and that he has learned a lot from him. Next, is Rachel’s turn and she says that she would have never been able to do this without him. She says that they all love him and the next song is for him. The students perform on “We Are The Champions”. During the performance the students drag Will up to the stage. A perfect tribute to a perfect teacher. The episode ends.