Goodbye - Recap

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The episode begins with Will giving the class their final assignment. As graduation is around the corner, the assignment is graduation songs. The seniors are supposed to sing songs in the honor of their juniors and the juniors are supposed to sing “goodbye”. Leading by example, Will sings “Forever Young” for the students. Next, it is Kurt’s voiceover telling us that McKinley has made him a confident, socially conscious, fashion forward person. Next, Kurt’s father meets him in the auditorium. He wants to give Kurt a graduation gift but is not sure of what to give. He tells his son that he is proud of how they have handled their relationship and finally decides to “present” his gift. He performs on the number “Single Ladies”which Kurt did a few years ago.

Kurt tells Blaine that this was his best graduation gift. But Blaine thinks it is time for “the talk”. He is worried about their relationship, as Kurt is graduating and he is not. He knows that long distance relationships don’t work well. Kurt assures him that everything is going to be alright and that he will never say a “goodbye” to him. He says that they will figure out the long-distance relationship thing. Next, Kurt is ready to sing a goodbye song for his friends. He especially thanks the men in the class saying that they never made him feel like an outcast and instead they accepted him the way he was. He sings “I’ll Remember”. Next, Rachel, Finn and Kurt make a pact that they are going to open their NYADA acceptance letters together. We then see that Mercedes is going to Hollywood as she has gotten in as a backup singer. Mike says that he has been offered scholarship to Jeffery College in Chicago. Santana is not feeling good about the fact that she is going to Kentucky for college. She feels that she is as talented as Mercedes and the rest and deserves better.

She decides to talk to her mom. She tells her mom that she wants to go to New York instead of Louisville. Her mother tells her to first finish with college. She could always go to New York later. But it appears that Brittany is not graduating. She is flunking her classes and plans to redo her senior year. Well, Santana decides to stay as well. Next, the seniors sing “You Get What You Give” for the juniors. Next, we hear Finn’s voiceover saying that he is proud and happy with his high school career and is not worried about his future. He thinks that he totally nailed his NYADA audition. Next, Will tells Finn that he had planted pot in his locker and then blackmailed him to join the Glee club. He says that he can argue about this with the results but accepts that it was a wrong thing to do. He says that he is sorry. Finn tells him that he is so much cooler than he thought.

Later, Finn tells his mother that he wants to do more for his father. He thinks that his father is a hero. Next, we see that the juniors thank Finn for the sacrifices he made for New Directions and they sing “In My Life” for him. Next, Quinn thinks that she is not getting emotional like everyone else, as she is proud the way her friends have turned out to be. But she is worried about Puck, who is trying his best to pass the test and graduate. Next, Quinn visits Rachel. She tells her that she wants them to be in touch, and hence she has got her a rail pass. Rachel finds this sweet and thanks her. Rachel tells Quinn that Puck was his best when he was with Quinn. Later, Quinn meets Puck. She tells him that she cares about him and that he needs to get his act together. She wants him to be the same guy who she first met. She kisses him.

Puck is all confident after the kiss and is ready for the test. Next, Roz meets Sue and tells her that they have one thing in common; they both hate Figgins. Roz proposes that they join forces and take Figgins down. After Roz leaves, Quinn arrives to meet Sue and return the uniform that Sue let her have. She thinks that maybe she could let the underclassmen use it. Sue asks Quinn to keep the uniform as she is retiring this year and doesn’t want it back. She tells Quinn that she admires her perseverance and that she is going to be very successful. Quinn hugs her and tells her that she is going to miss her. Next, everyone is waiting for Puck’s test results. He gets a C-. He is graduating. Next, it is the graduation ceremony and Fin sings “Glory Days” as the students receive their diploma. Next, Rachel, Finn and Kurt are ready to open their letters. They look really nervous. Finn decides to go first.

He opens the letter and says that he did not get in. he is terribly upset. Then Kurt opens his letter and he too doesn’t get in. Rachel opens her letter and says “I got it”. Next, Rachel thinks that she is sad despite all her dreams having come true. She thinks that she will not be able to be there with Finn and Kurt. She decides to defer her acceptance and work with Kurt and Finn on their applications for the next year. And she is absolutely happy with her decision. Next, Santana’s mother gives Santana her graduation present. It is a check. She has been saving all her money so that she could send Santana to college. She tells her daughter that it her choice to make whether she wants to go to New York or college. Santana is happy. Next, Rachel and Finn are on their way to their wedding. but instead Finn drives her to the railway station.

She tells him that it is not funny and that they are going to be late. Finn tells her that she is going to New York. He tells her that she is not deferring and that they aren’t getting married now. She tells him to go with her to New York and that they can get married there. But Finn feels that she is really special and she is going to do great things. He tells her that he is setting her free and that she should go through the experiences on her own. She says that she is not going without him and that she will stay here with him. He tells her that he needs a chance to redeem his father and that he is joining the Army. Rachel isn’t able to believe that all this is happening right now and breaks down.

He tells her that she should go and that if they are meant to be together, they will be no matter what. With a heavy heart, Rachel agrees. Rachel and Finn sing “Roots before Branches”. The whole class is waiting for Rachel at the station to see her off. Rachel leaves. Rachel arrives at New York. The season ends.