The New Rachel - Recap

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The episode begins with Rachael’s first day at NYADA. Her instructor, Cassandra July, is a strict one; especially on Rachael. At McKinley, Jacob gives us an exclusive look of the latest celebrities of New Directions. We learn that the New Directions has become popular and are sitting with the Cheerios for lunch. Also, Tina has broken up with Mike. And the biggest question now is; ‘who is going to be the next Rachael’ between Blaine, Tina and Brittany. At NYADA, Rachael meets an attractive junior named, Brody. He is a junior in the same major. He tells her that he has done a small part in Broadway, thanks to Cassie.

Rachael tells him that she is still getting used to New York and Brody assures her by saying that she will be fine. Rachael calls Kurt and tells him about Brody. Kurt arrives at McKinley and he meets Sue’s new baby, Robin and her new Cheerio, Kitty. He tells Sue that his classes at community college would start next week. Will arrives and declares that the auditions for New Directions are up and he promises his current batch that he would replace the old ones that they have lost. He then introduces Unique as their official new member. Blaine and Tina don’t look too happy. Will wants to know what going on and Blaine tells him that the competition of becoming the new Rachael is tough and they don’t appreciate new contender. Unique wants to be in the competition as well.

Artie tells them that as the Director, he will be the one who will be choosing the new lead. The four contenders perform on “Call Me Maybe”, hoping that Artie will choose a winner and they can inform Will about it. Next, Blaine and Brittany are at a coffee shop; the one where Kurt is working. Kurt tells them that he is planning to take part in the auditions. Next, Cassie’s (Cassandra) former TA tells her that he is leaving for a small part in Broadway. He thanks her for her recommendation as that is what got him into Broadway. Cassie then makes herself an alcoholic drink. Next, the Glee club kids are having their lunch, when a sophomore named Marley arrives at their table. She tells them that she is planning on trying out. Unique joins the group.

Sam tells Unique not to wear make-up to school as it could ruin their new “cool status”. Kitty and two foot ball players begin to make fun of an obese woman working in the cafeteria. Artie doesn’t seem to like this and he reluctantly participates. Marley is watching all this from a nearby table. We then learn that the obese woman is actually Marley’s mother. At NYADA, Rachael is practicing and Cassie arrives. She taunts Rachael and Rachael wants to know why she is picking on her. But Cassie tells her that she is motivating her. Rachael tells Cassie that she can smell alcohol on her breath. The students practicing nearby hear this. This leads to Cassie proving to everyone in the room that she still has it in her; she performs on Lady Gaga’s “Americano”. And she proves her point!!

The auditions begin and many of them are terrible. A guy named Jake is good; but Will cuts him in the middle of his song, saying that he has heard enough of it. Jake loses his cool and throws equipment on the stage. At NYADA, Tibideaux introduces the freshman to the first of their two chances that they would get to perform in front of people. The second chance would be during the winter concert; but that is based only on invitation. The first girl begins singing but Tibideaux stops her quickly saying that she hasn’t practiced enough. Next is Rachael and she sings “New York State of Mind”. Alongside, we see that Marley is singing the same song for the New Directions auditions. Both perform extremely well. Rachael gets a standing ovation from Brody.

Will puts up the results of the auditions and Marley is elated to see her name on the list. Jake see that his name is not on the list and he is angry; he tears the list. Kurt is pretty upset to see that the three are so obsessed in being the new Rachael. He reminds them that this group is about diversity and acceptance. Will arrives and introduces Marley as the new addition to the group. Marley mother, the obese lunch lady, is glad that her daughter got into New Directions. Marley tells her mother that the kids make fun of her. it appears that in her old school, Marley did not have friends because her mother was the lunch lady. Next, Blaine tells Kurt that he should not be here as he is “stuck”. He feels that Kurt belongs in New York. He then sings “it’s time”.

At lunch, the kids make fun of the lunch lady once again and Marley interrupts them. She tells them that she is her mom. Next, Rachael is looking at Finn’s photo and Brody asks her if he is her boyfriend. She says yes and tells him that Finn is in the army and they haven’t been talking much lately. Brody tells her that he too had a girlfriend and it lasted six weeks. Rachael is sure that is not going to happen to them. Changing the topic, Brody tells her that she killed it on her first chance. She tells him that she is still having trouble fitting in. Brody says that she is changing and that is why she feels this way. He then clicks a picture of them on her phone. This makes her feel better. During class, Rachael tells Cassie that she will keep getting better until she is the best student Cassie has ever had.

Meanwhile, Burt drops Kurt off at the airport. He too thinks that it is the best for Kurt to go to New York and struggle for a while. He points to out to him that all great artists had to struggle before they became who they are. Kurt agrees and leaves to catch his flight. Next, the whole group apologizes to Marley for making fun of her mother. Kitty and the football players arrive and they don’t want the New Directions to hang out with them; so they are back to their losers’ status. Will calls Jake to his office. Jake tells will that his last name is Puckerman. It turns out that he is Puck’s half brother. Will thinks that the Glee club would do a lot good to Jake as it did to Puck; but Jake needs to lose the chip on his shoulder. Jake tells him that he is not going to change who he is and leaves.

Next, the whole club sings “Chasing pavements”. Jake arrives and watches the group perform. Alongside, Rachael calls Kurt. She is crying and she tells him that she lied. She is not okay. She tells him that she misses him and everything else. She says that she doesn’t even feel like going back to her room. He suggests that she should change his roommate and asks her to turn around. Rachael is happy and excited to see Kurt standing behind her. They hug each other. The episode ends.