Britney 2.0 - Recap

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The episode begins with Brittany telling us that she is having a great senior year and things are going well for her. The summer was rough and she misses Santana. The Cheerios then perform on “Hold it Against Me”. But Sue calls the performance‘garbage’ and asks Brittany to meet her in her office. Brittany has got an F- in her tests and due the low grades Sue kicks her off the Cheerios. Sue is offering the top spot to Kitty. Brittany wants to talk to Santana; but Santana is too busy in school. At NYADA, Cassie tells Rachael that she cannot Tango as she doesn’t have enough sex appeal. Brittany arrives to meet Will and Emma.

She asks them if she is getting kicked off the glee club as well. But they tell her that they are worried about her being so depressed and so she should meet Emma regularly. But Brittany doesn’t want to. At the club, Will tells the group that they are performing on a Brittany Spears song for the pep rally. In order to show the club what is expected of them, Blaine and Artie perform on “Boyfriend”. Next, Kurt and Rachael decide to move into a rented apartment. Kurt then tells Rachael his plans; he is reappearing for the auditions of NYADA and also planning to take up a job at she then tells Kurt about Cassie. Kurt is surprised to hear the Cassie July aka Crazy July aka the biggest train wreck in Broadway history.

He then tells her Cassie’s story and how she blew up during one of her performances, when someone’s cell phone began ringing. He tells her that she cannot give into Cassie; she needs to fight her. Next, Marley tells Unique that she is interested in Jake. Unique tells her that Jake isn’t a good guy. To explain it to her, Unique performs on “Womanizer”. At the end of the song, Jake tells Marley that they should hang out together; Marley agrees. Rachael approaches Brody to dance with her as there aren’t enough guys in her class. Brody agrees; he likes the idea of defying Cassie. Sam, Joe and Tina perform on “Three”. Brittany starts to lose it and starts acting violent. Blaine thinks that she misses the “spotlight” and that they should give her that. Jake is missing his classes and Will confronts him about it.

Jake still maintains that he is not going to change. Later, Jake arrives to meet Marley. Marley actually thought that Jake wouldn’t show up. They then perform on a different version of “You Drive Me Crazy”. Next, Brittany is still acting weird, talking to her cell phone and the New Directions is worried about her. They want to help her and so they offer her to be the lead performer in the upcoming pep rally. She says that she will do it if she can record the vocals earlier and lip sync during the performance. They reluctantly agree. At NYADA, Rachael performs on “Oops I did it Again” with Brody. Cassie still isn’t impressed and Rachael thinks that she is jealous of her. She calls her a ‘YouTube joke’.

Cassie asks her to get out of her class. In the cafeteria, some jocks make fun of Marley’s mother and Marley. Jake asks them to apologize to the women. A fight ensues and Will arrives and breaks up the fight. Will then takes Jake with him. Jake thinks that Will is taking him to see Figgins. But will isn’t taking him to Figgins; he is taking him to see Puck! Jake is surprised to see Puck and he says that Puck looks more like their dad than he does. Puck tells Jake that he understands how he feels. He then says that he was a really a bad guy but New Directions made him a man. He says whether Jake is in the glee club or not, he will still be his brother. At the pep assembly, things go horribly wrong. Brittany doesn’t perform well and is lethargic.

She is eating on stage. It becomes clear that they are lip-syncing. Unique takes away the packet of cheetos from her hand. The crowd starts booing. Will is furious. He says that lip-syncing is not acceptable. The group says that they were trying to help Brittany. Will says that they could be barred from all the other competitions. Brittany resigns from glee club. Next, Rachael arrives to meet Cassie and tells her that she is sorry for the earlier outburst. Cassie tells her that way the industry works and no one likes to work with a crazy actress. She says that second chances don’t exist. She says that she picks on her students so that they are ready to face the scrutiny out in the real world. She says that Rachael is in; but she will be on probation.

Next, Brittany arrives to meet Sam. Sam tells her that he knows what she is up to. He knows that she is deliberately hitting rock-bottom so that she can make a glorious come back. She points out how Brittany Spears got paid 14 million dollars to be on X-Factor, she looks good and one can smell her perfume from miles away! Brittany tells Sam that she is so ready to come back and is sad that everyone is so mad at her. She admits that she misses Santana. Sam tells her that she has a new best friend; him. Brittany then goes to Sue and tells her that she wants to be back in the Cheerios. She tells Brittany that if she wants to be in the Cheerios, she needs to graduate by the end of the year and also need improve her grades. She tells Sue that she is working on it and Will and Emma are tutoring her.

And now her grade has moved up to C-. Sue welcomes her back. Next, Kurt and Rachael are at their new apartment. Kurt tells Rachael that Finn hasn’t called as he loves her and not because he has forgotten her. He explains that her freedom is a gift that Finn has given her and she needs to accept it. She says that so much severe freedom seems to have lead to loneliness. Brody arrives with some flowers. Kurt leaves them alone and goes to get some cake. Brody tells Rachael that he loved dancing with her and that he thinks she is amazing. He tries to kiss her. Rachael stops him. He realizes that she is still in love with Finn. He tells her that he will always feel the way he does at the moment. He leaves. at school, Jake tells Marley that he is joining New Directions.

Just then kitty arrives and declares that she and Jake are dating. Marley is hurt. Will announces Jake’s joining. Marley wants to sing one last Brittany song, “Every time”. As the song plays, we see that Cassie asks one of her students to lead Rachael on to the dance floor. Brittany is still waiting for Santana to come online and talk to her. Marley looks at Jake and Kitty spending time together and Rachael gets rid off Finn’s name that she had painted on the walls of her new apartment. The episode ends.