Makeover - Recap

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The episode begins with Blaine signing up for a lot of extra-curricular. He then sings”Everybody wants to rule the world”. He is doing this as he wants to fill the time with Kurt being in New York. He then signs up to run against Brittany for the Student Council President. Kurt is trying to choose a right outfit for his interview at; he is also very nervous. He is supposed to meet Isabelle at Vogue and it seems that a great reputation precedes her. Finally the moment arrives and Kurt meets Isabelle. Turns out that he had to reason to be nervous at all! She is very warm and welcoming. Moreover, she too is from Ohio.

She is very impressed with Kurt’s resume and his gallery which display his bold line of clothing. Kurt gets the job. At McKinley, Brittany approaches Artie and asks him to be her VP as she is running for President. Initially he shows no interest, but when Brittany tells him that he will get to make all the decision, he sees this as an opportunity to attract a girlfriend with his power. So, we have a deal! At the club, Will tells the students that as Nationals Champions, they get to host the annual Show Choir Rules committee meeting. Jake tells him that they should start preparing but Will doesn’t have any ideas. Brittany announces that Artie is he running mate. Sam doesn’t seem to be too happy. Will then tells Sue that he isn’t able to come up with any new ideas. He wonders what happened to him.

Sue thinks that all this while he was chasing his dreams of winning the Nationals and since that is done, he doesn’t know what to do. She tells him that he should explore other job opportunities. Sam asks Brittany why she didn’t ask him to be her running mate. She gives him a weird logic. She then takes him to Blaine and asks Blaine to choose Sam as his running mate. He agrees and Brittany challenges them to a debate. At, Kurt brings in coffee at a meeting, where Isabelle asks her team for ideas about leather in unexpected ways. She gets a few of them but they are bizarre. She asks them to take a break and she talks to Kurt. He hated those ideas. She is stuck with leather as she can’t say a “no”. She fears of losing her house and job.

At school, Artie tells Brittany that most of the students are going to come to the debate to hear Brittany say something stupid. So, Artie decides to work on Brittany and Blaine decides to work on Sam so that he looks like a serious candidate. Next, Sam and Brittany perform on “Celebrity Skin”. Will heads the Committee meeting and is bored. But just then he gets an idea. He decides to be the representative at the Blue Ribbon panel so that he can change things for arts. In New York, Rachael is still having a tough time at NYADA. Hurt tells her that she needs a change of style and brings her to in the middle of the night!

As they enter the vault, Isabelle arrives with two guards. Hurt tells Isabelle that they were going to do a music video for the website, showing Rachael’s makeover. Isabelle loves the idea. They then sing “You are never fully dressed without a Smile” as they do Rachael’s makeover. She looks gorgeous!! Blaine loves the video and he tells Kurt that it looks like a real fashion video. Blaine then tells him that he is running for President against Brittany. Blaine wants to know what bowtie to wear. Kurt quickly steers the topic back to the music video. Blaine feels hurt. Will then meets Emma as his guidance counselor and wants her opinion about the Blue Ribbon panel. This means that he will have to leave McKinley for several months.

Emma tells him that she can’t tell him not to follow his dreams. She says that their wedding can wait. Next, at the debate, Sue introduces the debate with a lot of distaste. They then begin the debate and Artie has a lot to say as he has thought about doing a lot. Not knowing what to say, Sam agrees with Artie. Sue then asks Sam if he is ashamed of his stripper past. He says that he isn’t. In fact, to prove that, he strips on stage. It is Blaine’s turn. He tells her that Brittany accomplished nothing last year other than a dinosaur theme for the prom and ban of hair gel. He is offering a change. She is offering one too; she loves school so much that she is offering to get rid of summer vacations and weekends so that they are always at school.

At, Isabelle tells Kurt that Anna said a “GREAT” for the video and this is the first time she heard great from Anna. But they are going to reshoot it and Kurt is going to get credit for the idea. He tells her that Rachael is more confident after the makeover. She tells him not to lose his optimism. She tells him that he has great potential in fashion and that his dreams could change. She then tells one of her team members that they are going to start from scratch and Kurt would be joining them in the meeting. Brody tells Rachael that she looks fabulous after the makeover and his took six months. She likes the way she feels about herself after the makeover. But Brody thinks it is the other way round; her outside has caught up with how she feels about herself.

She then asks him to sing “A change would do you Good”. After the song she invites him home for dinner. At McKinley, Blaine and Sam win the election. Blaine tells Artie that he can join the administration. But Artie declines as he got what he wanted. Sugar asked him out on a date. Blaine calls Kurt to tell him; but Kurt is in a meeting, so he declines the call. Blaine is hurt. He tells Sam that he came to McKinley for Kurt and now he is not here. He feels that all this is useless. Sam cheers him up. Brittany congratulates them. After Blaine leaves, Sam tells her that he voted for her and he tries to cheer her up. She tells him that he always knows what to say. Well, it is a gift! Will tells Sue that he has taken her advice and sent in the application.

He needs a recommendation from a colleague. She has written one up but with some lies. In her apartment, Rachael’s attempt to cook dinner fails as the food catches fire! Brody arrives and they have pizza. He tells her that a girl has never cooked dinner for him and that it is the effort that counts. They then exchange some secrets. He then tells her that he is going to be hand’s off and they kiss. Just then there is a knock at the door. Rachael thinks that it is Kurt. But she is shocked when she opens the door; it is Finn. The episode ends.