The Break-Up - Recap

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The episode begins with Marley tucking in some lunch tickets into her pocket and Jake notices it. He tells her that his mother went from being a real estate agent to a country club waitress. She is doing extra shifts to pay for his dance lessons. Brittany and Blaine are watching them from a distance and Blaine recounts the old days where this were simpler; no one was so busy and there was so much hope and innocence. Brittany reminds him that they are still young! In New York, Kurt is preparing breakfast and Rachael walks into the kitchen. Finn too arrives and Kurt leaves for the park; giving them some lone time. Rachael is confused as to why is Finn in New York and why he isn’t in his uniform.

Finn tells her that he is no longer in the army. He says that things were good initially and then one day, while he was cleaning Rachael (his rifle), he shot himself in his thigh which was followed by a semi-honorable discharge. He says that he is sorry that he didn’t call as he was embarrassed. He says that he wanted to redeem his dad and he ended up being a “Lima Loser”. Rachael reassures him by saying that he is now with her in the greatest city in the whole world. She suggests that he should attend all her classes at NYADA and if he likes it, he can move in with her and join NYADA. She tells him that she like it here but something was always missing.

She let him go once and she is not going to do that again. At home, while doing laundry, Santana exclaims that it is ridiculous that Kurt got a job in by taking pictures of his bizarre outfits. Brittany tells her that she should follow her New York dreams. But Santana tells her that she likes being in college, being a cheerleader and the act that this way, she would get to meet Brittany as well. Brittany yawns and explains that she was reading the Left Behind series for a club. Next, Kurt calls Blaine despite being busy at work. Kurt is sorry that he is missing their phone dates, but this could be his career. Blaine understands and will be visiting Kurt in two weeks. Kurt hangs up before Blaine’s “I Love You”.

At NYADA, Finn thinks that Rachael has found her dream and her world; but he thinks that he doesn’t belong to NYADA. This is not his place. Next, Blaine and Finn sing “Barely Breathing”. Later, Kurt and Rachael want Finn to dress up as they are going to Callbacks, a place where all the NYADA students hang out and sing. Finn isn’t very sure as he hasn’t sung a song after the Nationals. Just then Blaine arrives. Surprise! Everyone is happy to see him and Rachael is the most excited as it feels like the good old days. At Callbacks, Kurt notices that there is something on Blaine’s mind as he seems a little off. Blaine says that he is fine. Rachael and Finn are at the bar and Brody joins them.

Finn suggests that Rachael should sing a song with Brody instead of him. Brody and Rachael sing “Give your heart a break”. Then, Blaine sings “Teenage Dreams” for Kurt. As Blaine is singing the song, the three realize that something is not right. Next, the couples separate to talk. Kurt tells Blaine that he did notice that Blaine sounded sad while he sang the song and tells him to stop pretending that there is nothing wrong. Blaine tells him that he was with someone. Kurt is hurt. Blaine tells him that he was lonely and it meant nothing. Kurt tells him that he too had temptations, but he did not give in to them as he knew that it would be horrible. Rachael tells Finn that she kissed Brody as Finn was replying to her messages and there was no word from him.

The four sing “Don’t speak” and they go to bed with things unresolved. The next morning, Finn is about to leave, when he finds Kurt sitting in the hall. Kurt is waiting for Blaine to come out. Finn tells him that he needs to get away for a while. Finn gives Kurt a hug; and Kurt asks him if he needs to pass on a message to Rachael. But Finn has nothing to tell her. Next, at McKinley, Kitty’s Left Behind club meets and she tells everyone that rapture is coming. She then sends Dottie to the bathroom and stages a fake one, to show Dottie how it feels like. Dottie is shattered. Marley doesn’t like both, the club and Kitty and she leaves. Santana feels that this club is not right for Brittany but Brittany tells her that this is how she felt when Santana left her.

Finn arrives to meet Will. He tells Will that army didn’t work out. Blaine arrives at the club, and sees Finn sitting there. Finn asks him why he did that to Kurt and Blaine says that he was wrong in doing so. But now, he doesn’t know where they stand as Kurt isn’t talking to him. The club greets Finn and Will arrives and turns the talk to the upcoming fall musical. Finn suggests Grease. At home, Will declares to Emma that he is officially in the panel now and he wants Emma to go with him to Washington. But Emma doesn’t want to leave her job and doesn’t want to follow him like a puppy dog with nothing to do. Blaine has sent Kurt some flowers with a note. Kurt throws the note away.

Santana is waiting in the choir room for Brittany. She has something to tell her and she doesn’t know how to say; so she sings “Mine”. Santana then tells Brittany that she doesn’t want to be in a long distance relationship, in which one eventually ends up cheating. They wouldn’t cheat on one another, but Santana admits that she was attracted to another girl. She tells Brittany that they must do the mature thing. She says that long distances are hard and no matter what, she will always love Brittany the most. Next, Jake apologizes to Marley about the club. Kitty arrives and makes fun of Marley’s mother. Jake asks her to stop and breaks up with Kitty. Next, Rachael arrives to meet Finn at the place where he first proposed to her.

She is pissed at him for not answering her calls or text messages. She tells him that he is her first love and she wants him to be her last. She says that she would rather be with him than Brody; but reminds him that he wasn’t around. She can’t do this anymore and so they are done; at least for now. Finn says that he has nothing with him now. Rachel tells him that he has him, which is better than anything else in the world as far she is concerned. She leaves. Next, the four couples sing “The scientist”, recounting the best moments they had with each other. As the song ends, Will finds himself standing alone on the stage. The episode ends.