The Role You Were Born to Play - Recap

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The episode begins with Artie arriving at Burt’s store where he finds Finn working. He doesn’t want Finn to bear himself in self-pity. He wants Finn to co-direct a musical with him. Finn says he doesn’t know how to direst and Artie says that he too wouldn’t do it if Finn doesn’t agree. The auditions for the Grease musical are on. Blaine isn’t sure if he wants to do the musical this year. He tells Sam that he hasn’t been himself since his breakup with Kurt. Kurt was his soul mate and now he isn’t talking to him. Blaine then sings “Hopelessly Devoted to You” for the auditions.

Artie and Finn love it but then Blaine says that he cannot do it as Grease is about romance and how can he do it when he has lost his. He says he can’t play the lead but can handle Teen Angel and runs off from the stage. Finn thinks that he directing is a bad idea and leaves. He feels that he isn’t qualified. Artie thinks that all he needs is a vocal coach and a choreographer and Mercedes and Mike arrive. Perfect timing! Will and Emma, go to Beiste for counseling. She doesn’t want to drop everything and go to Washington with Will. But then, Will, admits that he was wrong when he told her this the first time. He says that he loves her and he wants them to be together always. She agrees to go, but she doesn’t seem too happy.

Mercedes tells Mike that they are going to have a serious Danny Zuko problem as Blaine doesn’t want to do it. Sam wants to do Kenickie. Jake isn’t interested. Finn then goes to the ground and asks coach Beiste if there is anyone like him. He then sees a guy dancing in one corner of the field. His name is Ryder and he is a loner. He can’t play but he sure has some moves. Next, in the girl’s bathroom, Marley tells Unique that she is auditioning for sandy and Unique wants to do Rizzo. Sue walks up to them; she’s been eavesdropping. She is mean to Unique and Marley stands up for her. She tells Sue that she cannot say such things to Unique. They then perform on “Blow Me One Last Kiss”. After the performance the girls tell their preferences to the jury.

Next, Finn goes to Ryder’s class and tells the prof that he has a call in the teacher’s lounge. He then goes up to Ryder who is studying hard as he is pulling a C- and he has to get a B; else his parents will have him quit football. Finn tells him that he went through a similar phase and Glee club helped him get a B. Ryder says he cannot sing and Finn asks him to come to the auditions and prove it. Later, Ryder gets a C- again. Finn and Artie are discussing about the juke box they should use. Artie leaves and Ryder shows up. Finn and Ryder sing “Juke Box Hero” and now Ryder is hooked. Next, Ryder walks up to Marley and introduces himself. Jake is watching them from a distance and Kitty points out that he is being jealous.

She then walks up to Marley and is totally rude to her. Ryder calls her a bitch and asks her what Marley did to deserve such a behavior. She tells him that Marley tried to steal her boyfriend and she acts as if she is an innocent, adorable girl; which according to Kitty she isn’t. She also tells Marley that she is going to audition and grab the part of Sandy. She hints at Ryder that she is single. Kitty signs up for the auditions and Jake too want to sign up. Jake tells her that he wants to keep her away from killing Marley and she knows he wants to keep Marley from dating Ryder. Kitty tells him that she has a perfect song for them. They perform on”Everybody Talks”. Marley watches the performance and the judges love it. Marley is upset.

It is decision time, and they feel that Brittany can do Cha Cha. Finn says that he thinks Unique is the best for Rizzo. So, we cast a brunette as Sandy and a guy as Rizzo! Well, who is directing it again? Artie agrees Unique to be Rizzo and just then Finn gets called to Figgins’ office. Sue has a problem with Unique being Rizzo. Finn argues that if Unique identifies herself as a girl, she should be allowed to play the part. Will states that cross gender casting is old as theater itself. Sue says that if they would go ahead with casting Unique as Rizzo, she would raise a public stink about that. Sue thinks that someone might have a problem with Unique being Rizzo and she doesn’t want Unique to be in danger because of that. Finn tells Sue to stop and that I is none of her business.

He is the director, and he will make the final call. He thought that Sue would be supportive after seeing her help them winning Nationals and she having a “retarded baby”. Ouch. He apologizes but guess, the damage is done. Next, Emma is looking at places in Washington and she feels that they could carry a lot of germs. Beiste knows that she doesn’t want to go and that she should talk to Will. Mike walks up to Tina and he feels that if it is his presence that is keeping her from auditioning for Grease then they need to work out something. She refuses. It is call back time. Mercedes and Mike get the guys started off with “Born To Hand Jive”. We see that Jake and Kitty are jealous of Ryder and Marley but Kitty does a bad job at handling her feelings and she tries her very best to jeopardize Marley.

But Jake steps in and at one point carries her out of the stage. Later, Finn meets Unique and tells her that she would be cast as Rizzo but she must be prepared for some heat. Finn assures her that he will stand by her no matter what. The cast list is out: Brittany as Cha Cha, Tina as Jan, Sam as Kenicke, Sugar as Frenchy, Joe as Doody, Unique as Rizzo, Blaine as Teen Angel, Jake as Putzie, Ryder as Danny, Marley as Sandy and Kitty as Patty. Kitty blames Jake and again makes some comments on Marley and leaves. Sue then checks the cast list. Next, Will arrives home and sees that Emma is trying out some new recipes and for a moment wonders if he missed any of their anniversaries.

Will senses something is off and asks her what’s on her mind. She tells him that she doesn’t want to go to Washington with him. She tells him that all she ever wanted was to be his wife but when she thinks about it, she doesn’t know what it means to be a wife. She thinks that if she goes with him, she will end up resenting him. She feels that being far away but yet being close to him is better than the other way round. Will is fine with it and they have a plan in place. Next, Will tells Finn that he is leaving for a while.

Will says that club needs a leader and Finn is just perfect for it. He then tells Finn that the club also needs an adult to run it. So, for starters, Finn needs to start calling him Will. Will says that it will be a great joy to help turning a boy into a man. The episode ends.