Glease - Recap

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The episode begins with Will declaring his decision to leave McKinley temporarily and announcing Finn as his replacement. The students are shocked and Tina states that Finn doesn’t even know what he is doing. Finn assures them that he can handle. Sue summons Will and Finn to Figgins’ office. She doesn’t like the idea of Finn taking over. She then throws around things creating havoc and Figgins states that she is a menace to the State of Ohio. In NY, Cassie has brought some upperclassmen to help the freshmen to up their game. Rachael tells Brody that she has officially broken up with Finn.

So now she can focus on her career. She tells Brody that she wants to audition for “The Glass Menagerie” and this is her first off Broadway one. But Cassie who over hears this conversation, tells Rachael that she Is not ready for it as she doesn’t have enough wounds. She says that the Director Ivan is a tough one and Rachael won’t be able to take it. Rachael tries to tell Cassie to audition as well and Cassie blows her of. Marley is trying her outfit for the show and it seems to be too tight and she doesn’t know what happened in a day and how did she gain weight as s he is sure that she has been eating the same. Kitty arrives and taunts her. But actually it is Kitty’s doing as we see that she was the one who altered Marley’s outfit.

Kitty then tells the girls that she wants to make some real friends and so she wants to have a sleepover at her place and asks all of them to come; including Unique. Marley talks to her mother and asks her when she started gaining weight. She tells her that after things went bad between her and Marley’s dad, she just didn’t stop eating. Marley tells her that she isn’t able to get into her Sandy costume. Her mother tells her that she needs to fight for what she wants and so now on they are going to be on a strict new diet; together! Finn goes to meet Sue to apologize as he called her daughter a retard. But she doesn’t accept it.

She also tells him that she has booked the auditorium for the Cheerios practice and so he needs to find some other place for his idiotic musical. So, with no place to practice, Finn decides to practice at his workplace; Kurt’s father’s garage. The guys are reluctant as there is no stage. Artie tells them that this is about method acting. Finn tells them that Grease is all about fixing cars and getting their hands dirty with Grease under their fingernails. Sam, Ryder, Jake, Mike and Joe sing “Grease Lightening”. At NYADA, Kurt helps Rachael stretch and Tina sends him Grease update about Marley not being able to fit into her clothes. Kurt wants to go and see the play and Rachael doesn’t want to. Kurt also wants to meet Blaine and Rachael doesn’t want to see Finn. Cassie tells them that they should go and that she is also ready to give them her frequent fliers. She tells Rachael that she will regret missing it.

At the sleep over, Marley has a tough time as she doesn’t want to eat donuts and pizzas. Kitty takes her to the bathroom and tells her to stick her fingers in her mouth and make herself puke so that she can become super model thin. She tells her that she doesn’t do it as she isn’t born with a circus fat gene. She leaves. Outside she makes fun of Marley and sings “Look at me, I am Sandra Dee”. Poor Marley is still in the bathroom, contemplating whether she should become bulimic. Next day at school, Sue has pulled a classic Sue Sylvester. She has called Wade’s parents to school and they don’t want Wade to do a girl’s part in the play. They don’t want him to be Rizzo. He can do whatever he wants to at home, but in school hours he shouldn’t dress like a girl. Sue adds fuel to the fire when she states that Wade was physically assaulted in the hallway.

Later, we see that Santana is called to play Rizzo and Tina says that she is ready for that part. But when she learns that Santana is offered that role, she is not at all happy. Rachael and Kurt are at McKinley for the musical and they meet Blaine and Finn. There is an awkward moment and Finn tells them that he is proud that they came to see the show. Kurt is totally overwhelmed when he sees Blaine and he feels that this is difficult. Rachael tells him that she will be by his side and that they will go through this together. Sandy’s clothes have got tighter and Kitty tells Marley that she can lose two inches by puking and takes her to the washroom. The show begins and Blaine sings “Beauty School Drop Out”. Marley is puking in bathroom and Ryder stops her from doing this.

He tells her about his fat cousin who used to puke every day and go on crazy diets and when that stopped working, he went on laxatives and one day ended up pooping in front of the whole school. Ryder tells her that he doesn’t want to kiss a girl with puke on her breath; either on stage or later. Marley sings a reprise of “Sandra Dee”. Santana is getting ready for her part and Brittany comes to meet her. She tells Santana that she misses her and that she is not dating anyone. Santana tells her that the only reason she agreed for the play is so that she could see Brittany. On stage she sings “There are worse things I could do”. Alongside, we see Cassie and Brody practicing and Brody isn’t wearing a shirt and they end up kissing.

Mike comes up to Tina and tells her that she was awesome as Jan and no one else could play that part. He tells her that their break up seems to be a premature decision. She tells him that she likes who she is right now but she also misses him. So, maybe they can talk. Marley is looking gorgeous in her outfit and just then Kitty tells her about a critic in the audience who hates everything. Marley is tensed and Ryder tells her to ignore Kitty. He tells her that she looks and sounds amazing. He then kisses her. Jake sees this and is upset. Marley and Ryder then sing “You are the One I want” and they are amazing. Rachael is still not over her breakup and she imagines Finn and herself doing that song.

Rachael freaks out and calls Brody and Cassie answers the phone. She tells Rachael that she was dumb enough to blow off the hottest guy in NYADA. And so she called him to help her with a routine and one thing led to another. She taunts Rachael that she is over-reaching and reminds her that she is the game. Rachael disconnects the call. Finn sees her in the hallway and knows that she is upset. He realizes that it is about Brody and he tells her that they should not have any contact anymore. It is bad that whatever happened with Brody made her cry and their break up doesn’t. She agrees and tells him that he doesn’t make her feel the way he used to and all this is only sad and confusing. Kurt arrives and tells Finn that Schuster is calling him.

Rachael tells Kurt that this doesn’t feel like home anymore. Blaine wants to talk to Kurt but he doesn’t want to listen. Rachael is right; this isn’t home anymore. In the choir room, we see that Grease has got rave reviews for Grease. Will, says his goodbye speech. In the hallway, Will wishes Finn luck with his new endeavor; the Sectionals. Finn assures him that he has got this one. Will leaves. The episode ends.