Dynamic Duets - Recap

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The episode begins with Blaine presiding a meeting of a group of students who are dressed up according to their dark side or secret identity. Just then one student comes running and says that the Nationals trophy is missing and someone has left a laptop. There is a video in which a guy is holding the trophy (Warblers) and challenges the club to win the Sectionals. In the hallway, Jake asks Marley out on Friday night; but Ryder interrupts saying that she is going out with him. They then get into a fight and Finn breaks it up. Finn calls a meeting of the Glee club. Some of them are dressed in their super hero/secret identity costume.

Finn welcomes Ryder and Kitty into the club and Tina is not happy about Kitty being in the club. Finn says that the Sectionals are up and they need 12 people. Finn comes up with the theme for the Sectionals, Foreigners; they are going to sing songs in foreign languages, wearing the flags of the respective nations. Blaine says that they are National Champions and they have to exceed expectations. He doesn’t approve of the theme. He says he is going to take the trophy back from the Warblers. Finn hasn’t even noticed that the trophy is missing. Finn talks to Beiste, who is dressed up as Beast Master. He says that his first lesson in the Glee club was a disaster. He still thinks that the theme was good. Beiste tells him to invest in tights and try being their hero.

Blaine meets Sebastian and feels that he is the one who took the trophy. But Sebastian tells him that he did not do that. Blaine then goes to the new Captain of the Warblers; Hunter Clevington. Taking the trophy was just bait. Hunter tells Blaine that he could return the trophy to the Glee club if he agrees to join the Warblers again. Hunter tells him that it is a shame that a Dalton legend is being side lined in his senior year. He had gone there for Kurt and now since Kurt isn’t there, he could return to the Warblers. They make him wear the Dalton blazer and ask him to sing an impromptu song. He sings the “Dark Side”. Finn then enters the class with his new idea; Dynamic Duets. He is dressed up as Almighty Treble Clef. And the pairs are: Ryder and Jake, Kitty and Marley and the rest need to prepare for a battle against the Evil Forces at the Sectionals.

This sounds like a better idea! Kitty decides on a song without discussing it with Marley and she is going to be Femme Fatale. Ryder and Jake sing “Superman” and try to impress Marley. Kitty is totally jealous. They then end up karate chopping each other’s face. Finn tells them that this attitude would not help them win Sectionals. They are still fighting over Marley and Finn tells them that the motive behind this entire thing is to have them get along with each other. Finn has a new assignment for them; the Kryptonite lesson, in which they will sit inside a room and tell their deepest fears to each other. Later, blaine meets Finn and tells him what happened at the Daltons. He feels that he belongs with the Warblers. Finn knows this is because of Kurt and Blaine tells him that everything in the room reminds him of Kurt.

Blaine tells Finn that the Warblers are his birthright and his destiny. Marley doesn’t want to wear a tight costume as she is very conscious of her figure and kitty tells her that she needs to continue to puke everyday to maintain her figure. She tells her that they should try the costumes and if Marley looks fat, she will cancel the idea. Jake tells Ryder that all his life he felt that he never fit in anywhere as he is half white and half black. Ryder walks away and doesn’t tell his fear. But when Jake insists, he tells him that he cannot read. Kitty tries her Femme Fatale costume and Marley wears hers and shows Kitty. She has a belt which says WF; Wall Flower. This is because Marley has felt this way always. Kitty says that she is going to be Woman Fierce henceforth and that she is going to choose the dress for Marley.

They then perform on “I Need A Hero” and they totally kill it. Finn declares that Blaine has decided to complete his senior year at Dalton Academy. He is taken over by the Dark Side! Jake meets Finn and tells him Ryder’s problem. Finn takes Ryder to meet a special teacher. They learn that he is dyslexic. Ryder feels bad about himself as his dad is a Phd. Finn tells him that his father will always love him, no matter what. Ryder thanks Finn and Finn tells him that he actually owes this to Jake. Jake is at the cafeteria and two guys make fun of Marley’s mother. Jake is ready to fight the two of them when few more guys gang up against Jake. Just then Ryder, Artie, Joe and Becky arrive and the others back off. Ryder tells Jake that he had his back and so now it is his turn. Jake calls his half brother, Puck for advice about Marley and his new friend Ryder.

Puck advises Jake to sit back and play nice. But not to give up on Marley. Sam confronts Blaine and Blaine tells him how he slept with a guy who befriended him on facebook. He knows that he cheated on Kurt and ended up hurting the only person who he loves more than anything else in the world. Sam thinks that Blaine is punishing himself and going back to Dalton is a part of that. Sam tells Blaine to give him one day so that he can prove that everyone likes him and that he is not a bad person as he sees himself to be. Sam and Blaine then sing “Heroes”. As the song plays we see the Glee club painting over the graffiti on the wall and they then get into a paint fight. After the song, Sam asks Blaine about his decision. Blaine tells him that there is one last mission first.

Next we see that the National’s trophy is missing from the Dalton’s showcase and there is the Warblers blazer kept on the stand and a not along with it which says: No thanks. We then see Blaine and Sam in their costumes, running away with the trophy in their hands. Ryder tells Marley that he cannot go out with her on Friday night as he has to meet a dyslexia specialist. He says that this semester, he wants to hand his mom a report card with an A. Marley is upset. She then walks up to Jake and asks him out. Blaine apologizes for his behavior and tells the club that McKinley is his home.

Blaine tells the team that he is not at all worried about the Sectionals as he knows that they have the team, the talent and the leader!! The team then gives Finn a utility belt with magic markers, an antacid and a Barbie head in it. He thanks his team and promises them that he will never let them down. the whole team then performs on “Some nights”. The episode ends.