Thanksgiving - Recap

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The episode begins with the previous year’s seniors (except for Kurt and Rachael) singing “Home” and they all look great together. They are all back home for their holidays; just as they promised. Group hug! Next, we hear Marley’s voiceover telling us about her and her mom’s diet. She tells us that she wants to be her best for the Sectionals. She feels that the whole team is depending on her and that she cannot let them down. The group is having drinks at a pub and Finn tells them that he wants a favor from them. Finn then pairs the seniors with the new kids: Jake is with brother Puck, Wade with Mercedes, Marley with Santana, Mike with Ryder and Kitty with her favorite Quinn.

So, the mentors would help them with anything they need. Finn tells the group that Blaine and Marley will do the duet and the show stopper will be the Gangam style. Santana thinks that they will not be able to pull off a dance number that big. Finn knows that they will be able to and that they need to be ambitious. Brittany is the lead for this one and they need a guy; and that is going to be Sam! Jake tells Ryder about his date with Marley. He tells him that nothing happened and that Marley was special. He says that he doesn’t want to be mortal enemies with Ryder and that he does not intend to fool around with Marley.

Ryder is fine with that but he tells Jake that he better not take away the dance lead from him and Jake tells him that he does not intend to do any such thing. Kurt and Rachael have decided to stay in NY for Thanksgiving. She tells him that going home would only make them sad. She tells him that they need to move on and she knows that it could get lonely. But she promises to have the best Thanksgiving this year. Mike is teaching the guys some moves and it is not happening as most of them seem to have a rhythm problem and Ryder pulls off some great moves.

Puck tries to tell Jake to buck up and Jake tells him that this is not his style. Brittany, Santana and Quinn are giving the girls some pointers and they tell them that they need to be tight and that they need to work on the feminine quality as the Warblers lack it. The trio then performs on “Come See About Me” and they are perfect. Santana feels that Marley doesn’t look alright. Marley tells her that she is tired of rehearsing and she leaves. Kitty tells Quinn that she worships her and Quinn also asks her about Marley. Kitty tells her that Marley is dating Jake and that he is pressurizing her to give up her V card. Marley asks Jake why isn’t he doing his stellar moves and, Jake tells him that he wants Ryder to take the lead as Ryder is cool with them dating.

She tells him that he is ready to blow up Sectionals for Ryder! In NY, Brody is going to teach the class today as Cassie is hung over. Rachael is furious that Brody slept with Cassie. He tells her that he cannot read her mind and that she is the one who ran off to see another guy. He tells her that since they are friends and since he doesn’t want to hurt Rachael, he will not sleep with Cassie again. When Brody learns that Rachael is not going to Ohio for Thanksgiving, he tells her that he could come over and cook for them. Quinn tells Jake to stay away from Marley and that he is affecting her performance for the Sectionals by pressurizing her to have sex. Puck tells Quinn that she is a little out of line here. She tells him that she is well aware of the “Puckerman” traits. Jake tells her that she doesn’t know him.

Kurt finds Isabelle working late and he asks her about her Thanksgiving plans. She tells her that she has nothing to do and he invites her to their loft. She then brings up his relationship issue and she tells him that sometimes it is the not forgiving that holds them back. Quinn is giving Kitty some intense training about eye contact with the Judges and some flirting. Santana arrives and tells Quinn that Kitty is pure evil as she is giving Marley laxatives. They then have a cat fight where both of them end up slapping each other. Ryder is finding it difficult to get the moves as he first gets the basics and then perfects it. Jake arrives and shows him some moves, explaining to Ryder that it is all about feeling the song.

Ryder is surprised at Jae’s moves and Jake tells him that Ryder didn’t want him to take everything away from him and he respects that. He agrees to help Ryder with the dance. In NY, Brody is making turkey in a bag and it is almost time for the Sectionals. Brody and Rachael are flirting while “buttering” up the turkey. It is circle time before the Sectionals and Finn tells them about his first Sectionals and how the circle brought them together. Joe says a small prayer and now the team is ready. The panel of Judges is announced. The Sectionals begins with the Warblers singing “Whistle”. They receive a huge standing applause. Okay now Marley is super tensed and looks as if she is about to fall apart.

In NY, there is a knock at the door and a whole bunch of transvestites enter the loft for the orphan dinner. Isabelle arrives a short while later and they all sing “Let’s Have KiKi” and Rachel adds “Turkey Lurkey Times” somewhere in the middle of the other song. Well, it is amazing and fun! Will arrives for the Sectionals and Sam who peeks through the curtains, spots Will sitting in the audience. Kurt calls Blaine and tells him that he is trying to forgive him but he is not there yet. He says that they will meet on Christmas. Blaine is in tears and very happy at the thought of meeting Kurt. Kurt tells him not to let the Warblers win the Sectionals. Kurt misses him.

He tells Kurt that he loves him and Kurt loves him as much. Isabelle is happy and gives Kurt a warm hug. Marley is trembling and Jake asks her if she is okay. She tells him that she is not okay and fears that the team is going to lose because of her. Jake tells her that she is a great singer and that she is looking beautiful and that she will do great on stage. Ryder arrives and tells Jake that he needs to take the lead. He tells Jake that just a few rehearsals will not make him as good as Jake.

It is good be all nice but this is not the time. They need to win the Sectionals and so Jake has to take the lead. Jake agrees. It is time for their performance and Jake leads Marley to the stage, telling her that she will kill it. Tina is the lead singer and the group puts up and excellent show. but at the end of the song, Marley collapses. The episode ends.