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Swan Song - Recap

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The episode begins just after Marley fainted on stage. Santana knows that all this is Kitty’s doing as she was the one who made Marley starve. Will arrives and asks the team to go up on stage as leaving stage in the middle of the qualification for whatever reason, calls for immediate disqualification. The students didn’t know about this. Sue arrives and tells them that the Warblers have been declared the winners and Glee club lost the Sectionals. Looks like Christmas is early for Sue this year! In NY, Kurt tells Rachael that the Glee club lost and Rachael thinks that she should call Finn but then she decides against it.

Kurt’s NYADA audition is coming up and he thinks that he has one shot at impressing Tibideaux. Rachel tells him that she is hoping for the Winter Showcase golden ticket; but she knows that it rarely goes to the freshman. Kurt tells her that the NYADA Winter showcase is a huge deal and the “cream of the cream” attends it. Only ten students are given the ticket and Tibideaux is preparing handwritten tickets. Next we see Tibideaux personally handing over the invitation to Rachael. At McKinley, Sue is taking over the Glee club and she is making that into practice space for the Cheerios. She is also taking over the trophies of the club and Finn tries to stops her from taking the Nationals’ trophy.

She orders him to go to Figgins’ office. Will is there and he is trying to figure out some place at McKinley where the Glee club could practice. But Figgins tells them that there is no place for them at the moment. Finn hands Sue the keys to the room. Sue suggests that they should shut down the program. Later, Sue tells Becky that now that she has destroyed Glee club, there is a sense of emptiness inside her. She is feeling slightly guilty and she is looking for a sign which would tell her that she did the right thing. Just then the Glee club piano player arrives and thanks Sue for what she did as he hated the Glee club. Finn then tells the Glee club members that the club won’t be back until September.

So they could shift their focus on the holiday concert and wait for their come back next year. But what about the seniors who have no next year! Next, Sam and Brittany talk to each other about how well they understand each other and that Sam tells her that he is totally into her. He then wants her to sing a romantic song with him. They sing “Something Stupid”. Sam tries kissing her and she doesn’t do it. She is worried about what the lesbians in the world would do to him. He tries again and she tells him that she can’t. At NYADA, Cassie turns up the heat on Rachael and she tells her that she has no shot in winning the winter showcase. Rachael states that she has improved and Cassie asks her to prove by doing an opening number from Chicago.

After the song Rachael realizes that she is not as good a dancer but she is definitely a better singer and that she will win the showcase with her singing. Kurt pays Tibideaux a visit. She has reviewed his application and she tells him that he is very talented but he lacks depth. He leaves. As the seniors having nothing to do and they want to compete in the senior year, Artie joins the marching. Blaine and Tina have joined the Cheerios. Ryder and Jake are on the basketball team and Unique is playing floor hockey. They have all moved on and Blaine asks them when they are going to tell Finn. Finn is upset to see how everyone left Glee so quickly. Finn tells them that he has managed to book the auditorium for six minutes for Friday night and he hopes that all of them would be there to rehearse.

Brittany asks Sam out for a date. But the problem is that she has got bookings which coincide with the rehearsal timings. She tells him that she has given thought on Finn’s talk about second chances and that she doesn’t want to miss any chances she has with Sam as after Santana left, Sam is the only person who makes him smile. They kiss. In NY, Brody meets a nervous Rachael before the performance and he gives her a nice pep-talk. But she tells him that she is confident and that she feels that she cannot be defeated when she is singing. She says that she is going to sing as if there is not going to be a second chance. She then kisses Brody and Kurt arrives to tell her that she is up next.

Rachael takes the stage and she sings “Being Good isn’t Good Enough’ and she gets a standing ovation and the crowd then asks her for an encore. She sings, “Oh Holy Night”, her favorite holiday song. After the song, Tibideaux walks up to the stage and tells Rachael that she was superb. She then declares a brief intermission after which she asks Kurt to perform if he thinks he is ready. Kurt is stunned! Kurt is panicking. He thinks that he is not ready. He doesn’t understand why Tibideaux asked him to perform when she rejected him a while ago. Rachael tells him that she wants to see how he performs under pressure. She tells him that this is his second chance and he should perform being alive.

He states that Tibideaux doesn’t like those things. Also that he is not in his costume and doesn’t have any props and without them he doesn’t feel confident. Rachael tells him that she loved it the most when he sang I want to hold your hand in the choir room. It was simple and emotional and that she still gets chills whenever she thinks about it. He tells her that it was different then as his dad was in the hospital and he had dedicated the song to him. This one he doesn’t know who to dedicate to. Rachael tells Kurt that he needs to dedicate this song to himself. Kurt takes the stage and sings “Being Alive”. The crowd loves it and he too gets a standing ovation. We see Tibideaux smiling too! Rachael calls Finn and she tells him that she won.

He is happy for her but he is also sad about the fact that the Glee club is broken up and everybody has moved on. Rachael tells him that Glee is about the love for the music; so even if the lost the Sectionals or won the Nationals, it is worth it. She tells him that the kids look up to him and he should not let them give up on their dreams. She also tells him not to give up on his dreams either. Next, Finn is waiting for the students in the auditorium and Marley is the first one to arrive. She doesn’t think anyone else is coming. She has good news that she found a place for the Glee club to practice, but now it looks as if it doesn’t matter. Finn then emails the members asking them to meet as he is no giving up on them.

Finn and Marley are waiting at the new place and it is snowing. No one shows up. They start singing, “Don’t Dream It is over” and one by one the members start showing up and join the song. We then see that Kurt has been accepted in NYADA. The episode ends.