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Glee, Actually - Recap

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The episode begins with Sue writing her journal. She pens down the magic of Christmas and also mentions about the movie “Love Actually” which is often shown on cable. Next, in the hallway we see that Artie has hurt himself and Finn asks him what happened. He tells Finn that his wheel chair has no chain and so he fell backwards and hurt himself. Finn takes him to the nurse’s office and she goes to call Artie’s mother. Artie tells Finn that he is tired of feeling helpless every time and that this time few girls had to help him back on the chair. Finn puts Artie to bed, and Artie immediately dozes off wishing that he weren’t tied to that dumb chair.

Next we see that Artie is dreaming. He is in the hospital and his legs are perfectly fine. He goes to tell Tina about it and finds that she is stuttering. She wonders what Artie is trying to tell her as there was nothing wrong with him in the first place! Just then Rory arrives and he is his guardian Angel for Christmas and he has made Artie’s wish come true; Artie has never been in that horrible accident and he isn’t tied to that dumb chair. Artie then sees a pregnant Becky, who is now a school slut because Artie never dated her. The jocks are now bullying Kurt and Kurt never graduated as he couldn’t bear going to school more than twice a week due to the bullying.

Kurt doesn’t know who Blaine is. Will is busy drinking and there is no Glee club. Rachael is working as a librarian and she sings in the chorus. Artie runs to Rory to know what is happening and why are things so messed up. Rory tells him that Artie on the chair was the one who always kept the club together; he was the glue. As there is no glue now, there isn’t’ a Glee. Artie decides to bring everyone back together. He sings ‘Feliz Navidad’ and the rest look at him as if he were crazy. At the end of the song, Finn exclaims that it was so gay! In the hallway, Artie sees an empty wheelchair and asks Rory if it is his. He tells Artie that it is Quinn’s and after the accident she died of a broken heart as her spirit never recovered; just like her body never did. In NY, Rachael is about to leave for a cruise.

Kurt is staying back at home. He is not going to meet Blaine as he is saving money for NYADA. Burt shows up and is it a huge surprise for Kurt. He has brought a Christmas tree along with him. Kurt and Rachael are very happy. He tells Rachael that buying the tree has been a tradition as Kurt’s mother always used to buy one. Rachael has to leave. Burt and Kurt are going to watch a musical. Burt then tells Kurt that he has prostate cancer. It was detected early because of his checkups due to heart attack. Kurt is feeling sick. Burt assures him that he is going to be fine and that he will always be with him. At home, the father and son exchange gifts. Kurt gives him a NYADA cap and t-shirt and Burt’s gift was too big to put it under a tree. He gives Kurt the address where he could pick up his gift. Kurt reaches the address and is surprised to see Blaine.

Burt gave Blaine money to fly down to meet Kurt. Burt knows everything and he has promised to keep an eye on Burt if he needed help. Kurt and Blaine then ice-skate and sing “I'm dreaming of a White Christmas”. Burt is watching them from afar. At McKinley, the jocks tease Jake about how he is going to celebrate his holidays. Puck arrives to defend his brother. He then tells Jake that he needs some mentoring and so he is going to take Jake with him. he says that he is writing a screenplay and networking. Jake agrees to go along with Puck to California in a side car. They sing “Hannukha Hannukha”. They then are at a mansion which Puck claims is his. But later Jake learns that Puck is just a pool boy. Puck tells him that his life is miserable and that he has no friends or family to spend his holidays with. Jake thinks that they should bring their mothers together.

There is a little friction in the beginning between the women, but then they all agree on the fact that Puck ran out on all of them and that he was an ass who did just one thing right; bring them all together. At school, Brittany is handing over expensive gifts to her friends as she believes that the Mayan apocalypse is about to come on December 21 and that the world is going to end. Sam believes in it too. They decide to tell the club members the way they feel about them; but the group thinks that Sam and Brittany are trying to insult them and they leave. Sam then sings “Jingle Bell Rock” for Brittany and at the end of the song hands over a rock to Brittany asking her to marry him. Beiste, officiates the Mayan ceremony.

Four days later, it is December 22nd and the world didn’t end; and they are also married!! Next, it is faculty Secret Santa time and Sue ends up with Millie Rose, Marley’s mother. Sue gets Becky a sweater and Becky wants a hot date; not a sweater. Sue then overhears Marley and Millie talking about Marley’s eating disorder and that the sessions are going to be expensive. Marley then sings “The First Noel” for her mother. Sue then tells Becky that she is going to cut down an ancient tree and use the money for a good cause. Next, Millie and Marley find lots of gifts under their tree along with $800. Sue and Becky are watching them from the window.

Puck tells Jake that he is planning to move back home. He is a screenwriter and he can write anywhere. Beiste tells Sam and Brittany that the Mayan ceremony has no legal binding. Sam and Brittany are feeling empty that the world did not end. Beiste tells them that she just received a new Mayan calendar which says that the world will end after two years. Burt and Blaine are watching a game and Kurt is reading Vogue; but things look good between them Burt asks Blaine about his graduation plans. Burt says that he is planning to join NYADA and asks Kurt if he is fine with this. Kurt says that it will be great. Millie thanks Sue for what she did but she returns Sue the money. Sue tells her to take the money and make sure that Marley gets better.

Millie asks Sue to come along with her as Marley also wants to say a Thank you. Sue guesses that this thank you would involve the Glee singing a Christmas song for her in the auditorium with snow fall. Well, she is right. The Glee club sings “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. We also see Puck and Jake singing the song for their mothers. Blaine and Kurt sing as they set the table for dinner. We also see that Sue is touched with the performance and her eyes swell up with tears. The episode ends.