Sadie Hawkins - Recap

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The episode begins with Sam telling Blaine that there was something wrong with the Warblers, and that they cheated at the Sectionals. Blaine tells him that he cannot make accusations and Sam says that he will get evidence. During the meeting, Tina puts forth the proposition for McKinley High’s first Sadie Hawkins dance. Most of them are in favor and Blaine is not sure; but the majority has already decided. At NYADA, Kurt is having a tough time as he feels that college is exactly like high school. Rachael is always busy with something or the other. So the only option left for him to settle in will be extracurricular activities.

Beiste tells Finn that she is sorry that Sue has taken their choir room. She then tells Finn about the Sadie Hawkins dance. Finn then meets the class and tells them that the girls will have to sing to whoever they want to take to the dance. Kitty arrives declaring that she too wants to sing to someone. At NY, Brody has slept over at Rachael’s place and Kurt is scandalized. Rachael tells him that she likes him and she doesn’t want to let go off her chance. Kurt then tells her about joining the Adam’s apple show choir and Rachael tells him that doing that would mean social and professional suicide. At McKinley, Tina is the first to sing a song and she sings “I don’t know how to love him” from Jesus Christ Superstar. She then steps up and asks Blaine for the dance. Everyone is shocked and Blaine stammers as he says a “no”. Poor Tina!

At NYADA, Kurt is still contemplating and Adam, who has made the Adam’s apple group, meets Kurt and tells him that the group wants him. He then asks Kurt to see one of their performances and then decide. The group performs on “Baby Got Back”. Kurt loves it. Brittany talks to Marley in the hallway and she kno9ws that Marley totally like Jake but she is reluctant for some reason. She then tells her that she should step and ask him for the dance. All the girls perform on “Tell Him”. After the song, Marley asks Jake for the dance and he says a ‘yes’. Brittany asks Sam who also says a yes. Later Kitty walks up to Jake and tells him to drop Marley and go to the dance with her instead. She is ready to do whatever “he likes”. She wonders if Marley is ready ‘to do the job’.

Tina walks up to Blaine and tells him that she owes him an apology. She also says that he too owes her one as she was never embarrassed as much in her whole life. She tells him that she knows that he was bullied at the Sadie Hawkins dance show and that is why he does not want to go there. He tells her that he has a crush on Sam! She tells him that it is natural for this to happen as he is missing Kurt and that since he has decided to move on, he could always have feelings for someone else. But Sam is straight. Tina tells him that they would go to the dance as best friends and have a great time. Jake tells Puck about the “Kitty issue”. Puck tells him that he will make Kitty go away. Well, later Puck arrives at the school and tells Kitty to stay away from Jake. Kitty tells him that she would like to go to the dance with him. Puck is shocked.

Puck tells her that he doesn’t go in with “freshers”. At NYADA, Kurt tells Rachael that he has a crush on a guy in college; it is Adam. He then recounts the various times they crossed paths and how everytime Kurt felt his heart flutter. Rachael is happy for Kurt. She tells him that his break up with Blaine has gone well and that now he should move on. It is wonderful to fall in love. Isn’t it too early? Rachel thinks that everything in NY moves very fast. Saying so, she crosses the street and hugs Brody! Well, Kitty says that if he wants her to stay away from Jake, then he has to go with her. Puck agrees. Next, the guys from New Directions perform on “No Scrubs”. At the dance, Marley tells Jake that she really likes him and she wants him to be only with her. He tells her that she would be safe with him. She then tells him that she wants to take things slow.

A bunch of girls are sitting on the stairs as they don’t have a partner. Beiste tells them that they shouldn’t wait to be asked. They should go and get what is theirs and the worst thing they could hear is a “no”. In NY, Kurt asks Adam out for a drink and he agrees. Tina and Blaine are dancing and they do have a moment, which is totally ruined when Sam arrives and pulls Blaine away to tell him something about the Warblers. The girls then perform on “Locked Out of Heaven” as a show stopper performance and they are great. Kitty and Puck are dancing together and Kitty tells him that she did read his screenplay. Apart from ALL the spelling errors, she thinks that he can become a good writer. Kitty then states that they should stop dancing and get to her car and have some fun on back seat.

They leave and Jake sees this. In the locker room, Blaine and Sam tell Finn that the Warblers have been taking performance enhancing drugs. They show him some photos where the guys have gained more mass that any guy would without cheating. So, this is against the rules of Sectionals. They also have a video footage of a Warbler losing his cool at a café. Now this rage is due to the drugs. They have more proof; Trenton, who is also a Warbler, tells Finn that after Blaine left, Sebastian took over and then Hunter. They were giving all the guys the enhancers. Trenton did not want to take those drugs. At the moment, he is feeling really bad about telling on his brothers.

At home, Rachael is waiting for Brody and he is late. She is pissed and starts throwing all the food. Brody tells her that it was freezing on the train station but that did not bother him as the only thing on his mind was to get to her as soon as possible. He promises never to be late again. But before they get to dinner, Brody wants to dance with Rachael. At the dance, Ryder sings “I Only Have Eyes for You”. Marley and Jake are enjoying their dance.

Blaine arrives and says that he is sorry to have left like that. He wants to continue to dance with her. Blaine then looks at Sam who is dancing with Brittany. In NY, Rachael asks Brody to move in with her. Next, the girls thank Tina for such a brilliant idea. They are all happy that they were at the dance with the guys they liked. They are now feeling empowered. The episode ends.