Naked - Recap

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The episode begins with the breaking news that Hunter Clarington of the Warblers has been busted for taking performance enhancers and so now McKinley High is declared as the new Sectional Champions. This qualifies them for the Regional’s. Finn tells the group that they need to raise money for the bus to get to the Regional’s. Tina has a brilliant idea; the guys should pose for a calendar which can be put out for sale to raise the money. There are six guys and each can choose two months and work out the theme. Friggins tells Sam and Brittany that they have scored the lowest and highest SAT scores respectively ever recorded in McKinley high.

Sam is upset that his scores are as low as that of a monkey! At NYADA, Rachael is offered a role in one of NYADA’s productions and in that she will have to go topless for a scene. Rachael tries to convince herself that she is ready for it; but a part of her is against it. And this conflict leads her to sing “Torn” by Natalie Imbruligia. By the end of the song, she decides to do the role. At school, Tina asks Blaine to accompany her clothes shopping after the lectures. Blaine agrees. Just then Sam walks in topless and Blaine thinks that he is overcompensating for his low scores. Sam thinks that Blaine is jealous of his perfect body. Tine springs up to Blaine’s defense and tells Sam that Blaine has a perfect body and the perkiest set of butt which seems to be baked to perfection by a master chef! Thanks Tina!! Blaine tells Sam that he is just trying to look out for him.

He then asks Blaine to come for a seminar that he is conducting in the boy’s locker room and “NO CHICKS”! in the locker room, Sam tries to make the guys do yoga, shave off the hair from their chest and well, prepare them to show off their bodies to the world. This leads to the next song which is a mash of “Centerfold” and “Hot In Here”. Finn is totally happy to see the guys do so well; but Artie doesn’t seem to be too excited about this whole stuff. As usual Sue is against Finn’s idea and she tells him that it will not stand. Well, this time Finn is really stern with her that he does know about the rumor where it seems that Sue had posed for the vintage issue of Penthouse. Sue tells him that it is just a rumor; but she is visibly nervous. Kurt is totally pissed when he sees Brody walk out of Rachael’s room naked and sit next to him on the breakfast table.

He tells Kurt that he is trying to prove it to Rachael that he is not afraid of showing off his body and so shouldn’t she. Kurt thinks that Rachael doing the topless scene is totally not her. She tells him that she is growing up and she will do this with or without his support. Marley is sorting songs for the Regional’s. She knows that everyone is not happy with her and so this time she wants to do things right. She has decided on a song for her and Jake to sing. They then sing “A Thousand Years”. At the end of the song they kiss. She wants to tell him something. But she ends up telling up that she does love this song; but it is not for Regional’s. Next, Finn tells Artie that Sue is coming down hard on them as she is calling this calendar to be a part of pornography.

Finn then tells Artie that he wants him to track down the vintage edition of Penthouse for which Sue had posed. Artie tells him that he has come to the right person. He then tells Finn that he is not comfortable posing for the calendar. Finn tells him that it was brave of him to state the fact. He says that it is totally cool that there is some part of him that he wants to keep private. Ryder and Jake are working out together. Tina and Kitty arrive and they tell them their months and the corresponding concept. Jake then tells Ryder that he has not thought about any other girl since Marley. Ryder tells Jake that girls always look for guys who are emotionally involved. Jake then sings “Let me love you” in front of the entire group. Marley is moved. He declares that the song was for Marley. Next, Rachael is ecstatic to see Santana and Quinn at her place.

They tell her that Kurt called them to do an emergency intervention on her. Santana tells her that she cannot do it. She asks her to thinks about the time her kids would see this film online and then nothing would remain the same. Santana tells her that the sex tape on her has been following her till date and there is nothing she can do about it. For once, they have her best interest. The photo shoot begins and Tina tries to put Sam aside. Blaine takes him aside and tells him that he is definitely more than some guy obsessed over his muscles. Sam tells him that no one will notice him without his body. Blaine tells him to let it go; everyone will still love him even if he gains a few pounds. Finn tells Sue that he found the copy of the Penthouse she posed for. She tells him that she is not ashamed of it.

Actually, he did not find any copy but now he has a recorded confession from Sue. Checkmate!! Blaine brings Sam to Emma who gives Sam an option to choose from colleges who don’t look at SAT scores. Sam is still not confident about himself as he feels that he has not achieved anything. In NY, Rachael is shooting the scene and wants the entire crew to take off their shirts so that it can take the attention off her. But despite that she isn’t able to drop the robe and she tells her Director that she is not ready. This leads to Rachael singing “Love Song” with Quinn and Santana. Rachael thanks her friends and she asks them to stay longer as she would love to buy them dinner. They agree. Santana says that she is in no hurry to get to Kentucky as she likes NY and she thinks that she belongs here.

Next, Sam is struggling to write his college essay. Blaine arrives with a video in which all of Sam’s friends talk about what Sam meant to them. Blaine tells him that this is who he actually is! Sam is totally moved and he thanks Blaine and gives him a big hug. In an effort to make Artie comfortable, the calendar ends up featuring guys fully clothed. The club ends up raising $350. Another $50 and they would cover for the bus to Regional’s. Jake writes an “I Love You” on the calendar and gives it to Marley. She tells him that she too loves him. They kiss. The group then sings “This is the New Year”. The episode ends.