Diva - Recap

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The episode begins with Kurt’s voiceover telling us about Rachael’s insufferably massive ego. He thinks that she needs to be knocked down a few pegs and he is the only one who can do this. Emma tells Finn that she is unable to decide on things regarding the upcoming wedding; she is all lost and confused. Finn fears that he will no longer be running the Glee club once Will is back. But tells him that Will won’t be throwing him on the streets; especially after the incredible things he has done for the club. He feels that winning Regional’s this year would be very difficult; he compares the present group with the last year’s group. He feels that the present group lacks the attitude.

Emma tells him to give them a lesson to toughen them up. Emma is the special celebrity judge to see who wins. “DIVA” is the theme that Emma suggests. And this theme does not indicate a gender. Unique is very confident that she will win this one and she talks down on Tina. Marley too tells Tina to stop with all her “crap talk” that has been going on for weeks. All of this leads to the group performing on “I am a Diva”. In NY, Kurt tells Rachael that she has been a nightmare since she won the Winter Showcase. Rachael tells him that she knew that he would soon be jealous of her success. He tells her that everyone was talking about his performance as he blew her away.

He tells her that he could do it again. He challenges her for the Midnight Madness. At McKinley, Tina prepares a cold care kit for Blaine because he is sick. He tells her that he doesn’t want to take the night medicines because it makes him very sleepy and he can’t afford that with the DIVA week being in full swing. He wants to prove that boys can be Divas too. This leads to Blaine singing “Don’t Stop Me Now”. Later, Santana arrives as a guest diva and performs on “Nut Bush City Limits”. Brittany is surprised that Santana did not tell her that she was coming. Santana tells her that Brittany too did not tell her about dating Sam. Santana then introduces her girlfriend Elaine to the group.

Brittany is not too happy. In NY, Brody explains to Rachael about Midnight Madness. Some boys bitch a lot about Kurt and they are sure that Kurt will lose. Well, Kurt has dealt with lot worst. Finn tells Emma that he is heartbroken after learning that Rachael is having a relationship with Brody. Emma cheers him up. She then asks Finn to help her choose a centerpiece arrangement. Later, Santana tells Sam that Brittany dating him is nothing but revenge. She is sure that eventually Brittany will dump him. Sam tells her that he will fight for Brittany. This leads to both of them singing “Make No Mistake, She is Mine”. Brittany watches this from the corner of the room. Next, Tina is contemplating whether she should go after Blaine or not. She then hands him a bottle of vapor rub. She is worried whether she can be a diva or not. Blaine invites her over to his place to help her find her inner diva.

He has made a list of diva songs for her. It is old school and has big names. Tina wonders whether she could pull off those numbers. Blaine tells her that she definitely can and in fact no one else could do it better than her. But then thanks to the cold medicines, Blaine is feeling very sleepy. Tina tells him that she is falling in love with him. She knows that it could be a one way thing; but she is prepared for it. She wanted to be a true Diva and go after what she really wants. But he doesn’t hear any of it; he falls asleep. Tina rubs the vapor rub on him and cries. It is Midnight Madness Time. Kurt and Rachael sing “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables. Kurt wins by the closest margin in Midnight Madness’ history.

Next, Sue asks Santana if she has nothing better to do rather than keep showing up here. Well, we learn that Santana has dropped out of school because she was brutally honest with people there and that was unacceptable. Sue tells her that she could take over Cheerios after she is gone. If Finn can take over Glee club; she too can take over Cheerios. Next, Tina tells Blaine that he is being very ungrateful. She then sings “Hung Up”. Everyone loves it. Rachael is devastated about her loss. Kurt tries to tell her to apply for an upcoming audition; but Rachael tells him that she doesn’t want to. Instead, she asks him to because she knows that he will win. The Diva award goes to Tina. Everyone is happy! Blaine brings her a flower and tells her that he always knew that one day people will see the epics diva in Tina.

He also apologizes for being ungrateful to her. He admits that he recovered so soon because of all the efforts she put in for his recovery. He tells her that she is the most important person for him at the moment and he hasn’t felt this close to someone in a long time. He then asks her to be his date for Will’s wedding next week. She has been waiting to hear this for a long time. She happily agrees. Kurt tells Rachael that she will be auditioning for the "Funny Girl" audition; it has always been her dream. She tells him that she does not want to audition. She realizes that she is a diva and a nightmare. She cannot handle the pressures of stardom; not without losing her best friend and making everyone hate her.

Kurt tells her that she is not a diva because she is a nightmare. She is a diva because she is talented and that no one else can do what she can. She is an original; one of a kind. Rachael apologizes. She hates fighting with him. Next, Emma is panicking over some wedding issues and she says that she cannot get married again. Finn tries to calm her; he briefly kisses her. Emma stops and Finn walks away. Brittany tells Santana that she is not breaking up with Sam. Santana tells her that she doesn’t have a problem with Brittany dating; she only wants her to set a higher benchmark for herself. Brittany knows that Santana is not dating Elaine.

She paid Elaine to pretend to be her girlfriend. She also knows that Santana dropped out of school. Santana tells her about the job Sue offered her; but later admits that she is struggling in the real world where people just don’t care. Brittany tells her that she deserves something bigger and better than Sue’s job; something as strong as she is. Brittany assures her that she will always be her best friend. Brittany leaves and Santana sings “Girl on Fire”. She then goes to Kurt’s and Rachael’s house and tells then that she is moving in. The episode ends.