I Do - Recap

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The episode begins with Finn telling Rachael that he kissed Emma. He tells her that he doesn’t know how it happened. He also tells her that Emma is still freaked out about it. Finn thinks that he is the worst person in the world. Rachael tells him that he is not. She tells him that he is lonely and the fact that she and Brody are living together set him off. Finn tells her that everything need not be about her. Finn goes to meet Emma, who is totally messed up. She is not able to do the seating arrangements and she is freaking out. She tells Finn that now is not the time to discuss about the kiss. She tells him that all he needs to do is be the best man and keep his mouth shut.

Will arrives and Finn and Emma are surprised. Emma asks for help but Will tells her that he needs to go meet the club. Everyone is happy to see Will back and, Will, tells them that he is there to stay. He thanks Finn for taking care of the club for him. He then gives them their assignment; wedding. He wants Finn to sing for him and Emma instead of giving the best man speech. For the rest of them, he wants them to do the most romantic songs for the reception party. Next, Emma tells Artie that her niece, Betty, will be sitting next to him. she tells him that Betty is blonde with big boobs. Artie notices that something is not right and Emma tells him that she is simply nervous about the wedding.

Marley gifts Jake a pair of cufflinks. She knows that she is early and it is not Valentine’s Day, but she couldn’t wait to give him a gift. Jake hasn’t chosen a gift for her yet. He is taking ideas from Puck. Ryder thinks that instead of making it a Valentine’s Day, he should make it a Valentine’s week for Marley. Jake loves the idea. Finn is confused about which song to choose. Rachel arrives. She is late. He tells her that he will not be able to do this. Rachael tells him that she can take the lead and he can sing in the background. Finn thinks that Rachael is going to find it difficult to sing with him. He knows that they have some amazing singing chemistry and it will be difficult for her to resist him.

Next, Will is teaching and Jake enters with his friends and begins to sing for Marley. Ryder joins in and they sing “You are all I need to get by”. Marley loves the surprise and we see that Ryder looks a little sad. Next, it is wedding time and Santana arrives with Quinn. Santana hates the fact that she is single. Quinn tells her that she feels that all men are pigs; except Will. Artie meets Betty and she too is in a wheelchair. But Betty is rude to Artie and she asks him to “wheel off”. She feels that Artie is not at all good looking. She thinks that she is too hot for him. Ryder, Marley and Jake arrive at the church and Marley is surprised to see ponies waiting for her and her favorite flowers. Jake thanks Ryder for his help. Obviously, Marley doesn’t know that.

Blaine and Kurt are making out on the back seat of the car. They are not back together; it is like bros helping bros. They are interrupted by Mercedes and she tells them that the wedding is about to start and she needs her arm gays. Emma is looking beautiful and Sue arrives wearing a replica of her wedding dress. Sue tells Emma that this is her way of getting back at Will for letting a flabby 19 year old handle the Glee club. Emma is nervous and is freaking out. On the other hand, Will seems to be perfectly fine. Will and Emma start singing “Getting Married Today”. Mercedes and her whole group joins in. We then see that instead to going to the altar, Emma runs off to a cab and drives away.

She is “not getting married today”. Emma is in tears. It is time for the bride to walk down the aisle and everyone is shocked to see Sue instead of Emma. Sue walks up to Will and tells him that Emma has left the building. Will is devastated. Will and Finn are sitting in an empty church and Finn asks Will if Emma gave him any idea why she did this. Will blames himself saying that he left Emma with all the stress and he always thought of it as her regular panic mode. Santana arrives asking Will about the party. Emma’s parents are happy about what happened and since they have paid for the reception, they might as well have the party. Will agrees because he doesn’t want everyone’s Valentine’s Day ruined. He leaves to find Emma.

Next, at the party, Brittany is dancing with Sam and Santana does not like it. Jake wants one last idea from Ryder and Ryder thinks that at least one idea should be his own. Jake tells him that his ideas suck. Ryder hands him a heart pendant which is not too expensive and because of that Marley won’t think that Jake stole it. Jake is happy and tells Ryder that he is sure that he is getting laid. Ryder tells him that Marley is not ready for that yet. Jake tells Ryder that he is in love with Marley and would never hurt her. He assures Ryder that he is going to keep the promise he made. Next, Kurt and Blaine sing “Just Can’t get enough”. Rachael asks Finn to dance with her. Artie goes up to Betty and tells her that he finds her compelling despite her being rude and mean.

He asks her for a dance and she agrees for “just one dance”. Tina walks up to Kurt and tells him that she doesn’t like the way he treats Blaine. Kurt tells her that she is in love with Blaine and it is creepy. She tells him that she is the one who took care of Blaine and rubbed vapor rub on his chest. Kurt is shocked that she vapor raped his ex-boyfriend. Next, Sue tosses the bouquet and Rachael catches it. Finn tells her that only single women get to catch the bouquet and she lives with Brody and so she is technically not single. Rachael tells him that Brody and she had a mature conversation and they have decided not to label anything. Finn tells her that she cannot commit to Brody because she is still in love with him.

He knows how this is going to end. He tells her that no matter what happens, they are going to end up being together. Rachael reminds him that it is time to sing their duet at the party. They sing “We Have Tonight”. We then see that the couples, Rachael-Finn, Artie-Betty, Santana-Quinn and Kurt-Blaine, go to their rooms and make love. But Marley and Jake don’t really have sex. Rachael dresses up and leaves to go downstairs. Next, Rachael arrives in NY and Brody has decorated the house for her. He realizes that Rachael kissed Finn because her kiss now seems different. She admits that she slept with Finn. She wants to know what Brody did for Valentine’s Day.

He tells her that he stayed home and watched weight lifting videos. But we see a clipping, where we see Brody leaving a hotel room with a bundle of cash. Rachael passes on sex; she blames it on the flight. Next, Tina apologizes to Kurt. Marley arrives with a thank you card for Ryder. She knows that Jake is not capable of being so romantic. Ryder kisses her and then quickly apologizes. Marley walks away. Finn talks to Will and tells him to stop sulking.

He tells Will that he will stand by him and help Glee club win Nationals and also help him find Emma. Betty arrives to meet Artie and apologizes for her behavior. Artie asks her out on a date and she happily agrees. Next, the Glee kids sing “”Anything Could Happen”. Meanwhile, Rachael takes a pregnancy test and looks concerned. The episode ends.