Girls (and Boys) on Film - Recap

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The episode begins with Will and Emma performing “You are all the world to me”. At the end of the performance, Will wakes up from his dream. Will gives the students the assignment for the week, “MOVIES”. He tells them that it is going to be a group competition, boys vs. girls, and it will also be a mash up. He tells them that since movies are all about visuals, they should concentrate on their performance along with the singing. Artie tells the club that he is making a movie, so he will offer starring roles to whichever team wins. Finn is worried about Will, so he asks him what he is doing to bring Emma back.

Will tells him that he is trying to give her some space. He also says that if she wants to be with him, she will come back. Will says he is watching a lot of movies to keep himself calm. Finn asks Sue if she knows about Emma’s whereabouts. Sue tells him that she doesn’t and, even if she did, she would never tell him. Artie tells Finn that he should talk to Emma’s parents, since he is pretty sure they would be the best leads on this “lady-hunt”. Next, we see the group discussing that the song they choose for the competition needs to be good and iconic. They perform “Shout” for a warm up. Artie thinks it was a good choice, but it wasn’t a mash up.

In NY, everyone is locked up indoors because it is snowing and NYADA has cancelled all the classes. Adam and Kurt are spending time together and Santana, who has recently moved in with Rachael and Kurt, asks Kurt about his hook up with Blaine at the wedding. She also asks Kurt about Rachael, since she hasn’t seen her for a while. She states that Rachael has been looking pumpkin-like recently and she needs to do something about it. Rachael comes out of her room and tells Santana that she needs to leave because she doesn’t like having her around. Kurt intervenes and tells Santana to play a movie and Santana comes up with all baby related movies. Rachel is not in a mood for those. Adam, Kurt, Rachael, and Santana watch Moulin Rouge. Kurt imagines himself and Blaine singing the song “Come What May” to each other.

Kurt’s eyes are filled with tears. Adam notices Kurt is crying, but Kurt claims he is not. He lies, saying that his lenses are giving him a problem. Santana tells them she remembers Kurt saying that this is the song he and Blaine wanted to sing for each other. Santana turns off the movie and tells the group that she has to tell them something about Brody. She tells them that last night she went through all their stuff and found a thick wad of cash and a pager in Brody’s pockets. She thinks that Brody is a drug dealer. Rachael and Kurt don’t appreciate that fact that Santana went through all their stuff but, when they hear about Brody, they are surprised.

Emma’s parents are at McKinley High and Finn has called them there on the pretense that the “stop ginger bullying club”, founded by their daughter, is in trouble. Finn and Artie then tell the parents that they need to get Emma back because it is college application time and they need Emma’s help. They just want to know where Emma is. The parents write down the address. In NY, Santana is sticking to her drug dealer theory. Rachael calls Brody to confirm where he is. Brody tells her that he is stuck at his friend, Leo’s place because of the snow. He seems to be in a hurry to disconnect the call, which worries Rachael.

At Glee club, the boys perform a mash up on “Old Time Rock and Roll” and “Danger Zone”; they are fantastic. The girls are up next. Just before their performance, Kitty tells Marley that all the bad things she has been saying about her were lies. Kitty says that since they are dating the “Puckerman”, brothers they might be future sister-in-laws. She believes, because of this, they should try to get to know each other. Marley tells Kitty that Ryder kissed her last week and makes Kitty swear not to tell anyone. The girls then perform “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” and “Material Girl”. They are stunning.

Finn tells Will that they found Emma. She is living with her sister. Will says that Emma has made it very clear she doesn’t want to see him. Finn tells Will that this is the time where he is supposed to make a grand romantic gesture and win back his girl. Will, along with the students, arrives to meet Emma and he sings “In Your Eyes” holding up a boom box. After the song, the students leave and Emma comes down to talk to Will. She tells him that she freaked out and she felt that she no longer knew the man she was going to marry. Will tells her that they could have talked and that it would have been better than leaving him alone at the altar. She apologizes and Will tells her that they need to start from scratch. He asks her out for a movie on Friday. She agrees.

In NY, Santana confronts Rachael about her pregnancy. She tells Rachael that she found the stick in the trash can. Rachael breaks into tears and Santana tries to comfort her. In NYADA, the classes have resumed and Kurt is practicing. Adam arrives and asks him if he and Blaine got together at the wedding. Kurt admits that he was with Blaine and Adam tells him that he doesn’t want to be his rebound. He knows that Kurt still loves Blaine. Kurt tells him that he desperately wants to get over Blaine. Adam tells him they should find the sappiest love story and make it their movie.

Jake admits to Marley that the Valentine surprises were Ryder’s ideas and that he was too nervous to come up with one. He then sings “Unchained Melody” and Marley is not able to stop thinking about Ryder and the kiss. She pulls away from Jake and tells him that she knew that all of it was Ryder’s plan. She tells Jake about the kiss. Jake walks away. Will announces everyone as the winner of the “mash off”. Artie tells them that he needed a lot of talented bodies for his movie, so choosing one of them was difficult. Will then asks Finn to have a word with him.

In the hallway, Will thanks Finn for all his help. Will feels that everything happened for the better and that this might make their relationship stronger. Finn then tells Will that he kissed Emma. He tells Will that Emma was freaking out and he was trying to calm her, but nothing worked and so he kissed her. He tells Will to punch him because he deserves it. Will simply walks away. The group performs “Footloose”. The episode ends.