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Feud - Recap

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The episode begins with Artie, Tina, and Blaine talking to Will and Finn. They're discussing their recent awkwardness, after Finn’s confession about kissing Emma. They know that their two leaders are feuding and, with Regionals coming up, they want both of them on the same side. They decide to give them an assignment where both of them will perform the same song, using the theme of feuds. In NY, Rachael and Santana are at a clinic, and the doctor tells Rachel that she is not pregnant. Rachael is relieved. Santana tells her to consider this as a wake-up call, and assess her relationship with Brody.

Brody is in the lobby of a posh hotel. He walks up to a middle aged woman and begins to sing “How to be a Heartbreaker”. Rachel sings the same song in her apartment. Brody and the woman go upstairs to a room, and we learn that Brody is a male prostitute. At McKinley, Sue puts together a fake contract, and forges Blaine’s signature on it. This contract binds Blaine to the Cheerios, and Sue wants Blaine to perform with the Cheerios for the upcoming Cheerios Regionals. Blaine refuses to perform, and Sue threatens him. Ryder has a new online friend, named Katie, and their friendship seems to be going really well. Ryder tells her that Unique confronted him, for messing up Marley’s and Jake’s relationship, and Unique was way out of line. Katie tells him that, since it is a Feud week in Glee club, he should challenge Jake to a duel. Ryder likes the idea.

Will and Finn meet at the auditorium, and they need to decide on a song. Finn thinks that this is a stupid idea, and that they should just talk it out. Will tells him that he gave him Glee club because he took pity on him. He is furious that Finn broke the code of a brother, and is adamant about taking up the assignment. He wants to fight Finn. In NY, Rachael tells Santana that Brody has taken up a job as a cater waiter and he was embarrassed about it, which is why he kept it a secret. She then tells Santana to stop pulling Brody down. Santana then sneaks into the shower, and takes Brody’s pager.

Blaine is furious that Sue has taken 30 credit card loans on his name, ruined his parent’s credit, and also gave him "hair gel", which turned out to be cement. She also floated some nasty rumors about Blaine. Blaine challenges her to a sing off. Sue agrees. Marley walks up to Jake, and talks about the kiss. Jake is still upset about the fact that Marley let Ryder kiss her. Marley gets him to admit that he is still flirting with other girls. She then tells him that she loves only him, and that wouldn’t change. Jake tells her that he wants her to “ice out” Ryder. She tells him that she cannot do that. She asks him to trust her.

Ryder and Unique’s feud off is a mash up of “The Bitch is Black” and “Dress you Up”. After the song, Blaine suggests that they should shake hands and get past their differences. Ryder is ready. Unique tells them that, until Ryder tells her that she is a girl, she will not shake hands. Ryder doesn’t say it. Instead, he tells Unique that he gets confused every time he sees her. He says one day Unique is dressed as a boy, and the next day he is all dolled up like a girl. Unique walks away. Jake calls Ryder a douche bag.

In NY, Santana drops by Brody’s class. She tells him to pack his bags and leave. She tells him that she will not let him destroy Rachael’s life, and also that she knows what he does. She tells him that, if he doesn’t leave, she will dig deeper into his sketchiness. She then performs on “Cold Hearted Snake”.

Will and Finn perform a mash up of, “Bye Bye Bye” and “I want it that way”. After the performance, Sam suggests that they should “hug it out”. Finn is in, but Will tells him that he cannot. Finn knows that he cannot win back Will’s trust. He thanks Will for everything he has done for him, and leaves the stage. In NY, Kurt and Rachel are upset about the fact that Santana marched into NYADA, and acted all crazy and performed a song. They tell her that they go to school there, and she cannot embarrass them. They then tell her that she has to move out. Santana is shocked. Rachel tells her that Brody is getting uncomfortable, so she either needs to lay-off Brody or move out. Santana decides to move out, but she maintains that she is right about “plastic man”.

Ryder chats with Katie, and tells her that he is not able to call Unique a girl. Katie manages to convince him. Blaine and Sue perform a mash up of “I Still Believe” and “Super Bass”. Sue clearly wins the feud off. Blaine says that it is unfair, because Sue used a lot of props and it is not fair. The students still vote for Sue’s performance, and it looks like Blaine is going to have to join Cheerios. Marley arrives to meet Finn, and finds that he is packing to leave. She tells him that he needs to grow up, and not let Will define him. Finn tells her that he is lost without the Glee club. She tells him that he should go and get a teaching degree.

Ryder walks up to Jake, Marley, and Unique and tells them that he has come for a truce. He tells Jake that kissing Marley was a mistake, and that he will never do it again. He wants Jake to trust him, and Jake tells him that it might take some time. Ryder is happy. He then tells Unique that he, as a friend, needs to support her truth and he calls her a girl. Unique then tells him that, when she was walking home after the feud off, a group of popular girls made fun of her and came after her. Kitty walks in and tells Unique that she will fix those girls. She tells the group that they are friends and that they need to set aside their differences, and focus on winning Regionals.

Sue decides to make Blaine and Becky the co-captains for the Cheerios. Sue tells Blaine that he should look at this thing as a lesson. She tells him that, in the real world, there are commitments and he is only as good as his word. Blaine commits himself to the Glee club. In the hallway, Blaine meets Sam and tells him that things went exactly as planned. We then learn that all this was a part of a plan, where Blaine would work from the inside and bring Sue down. In NY, Brody arrives in a hotel room and finds Santana waiting for him. He tells her not to tell Rachael anything about his “profession”. Santana tells him that he needs to do some explaining to someone else. Finn arrives, and tells him to stay away from Rachael. They get into a fight and Finn overpowers Brody. He then tells Brody to stay away from his future wife.

Next, the Glee club sings “Closer”. Ryder is chatting with Katie, and Katie is glad that he apologized to all of them. Ryder tells her that he wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. He then tells her that he is over Marley, and asks Katie if they can meet. Ryder then hears someone typing in the back of the library and Katie goes offline. The episode ends.