Sweet Dreams - Recap

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The episode begins with Finn’s voiceover telling us that he is excited about the fact that he is going to be a teacher, something he loves and is studying for. He is also really enjoying college and is pleasantly surprised, when he returns to his room and sees Puck there. Puck says he has joined college just to have some fun. At home, Rachel is admiring herself in the mirror and recalling, how since childhood she has wanted to be on Broadway and be like Barbara Streisand. She feels her dream shall soon come true because she has an audition lined up.

At school, after Roz is done with her bragging about having taken over the Cheerios, Beiste asks Will if he has had chance to talk to Finn yet. He says that he hasn’t and that he is not ready. So she urges him to be the bigger person and do it, saying he will realize that it’s worth it. While making her way to the classroom, Marley is happy that she has decided to let her songs see the light of the day. She notices everyone around her behaving weirdly, Sam is pretending that he has a twin. Unique is taking birth control pills, even though he is not a girl. Marley is unable to gather the courage to tell everyone that she wants them to perform on one of her songs for the Regionals.

Will arrives and announces that the theme for this year’s regionals is “Dreams”. Will tells everyone, how he wants them all to execute this theme. Marley tries to reluctantly bring up the fact that maybe they could use original songs for the Regionals. Will doesn’t pay much heed to what she has to say, so she changes her mind about telling him about her songs. Blaine holds a secret Glee club meeting, to talk about Will’s choice of songs for the Regionals. He feels the songs are all dated and they need to perform more recent songs. He feels that Will has lost touch. So Marley awkwardly mentions about her songs, but she gets shot down. At college, Finn is busy having some fun, when Will arrives to make amends. He apologizes to Finn for all that happened and asks Finn to come back, saying the Glee Club needs him, but Finn refuses.

At the Glee Club, Blaine tries to tell Will that they should try newer songs instead of the ones he has chosen. Will isn’t too pleased with the suggestion, so after shooting down the idea and reprimanding everyone for questioning his decision, he walks out. Before leaving, he orders everyone to rehearse the songs he has chosen and be ready by the time he is back. While Rachel is busy rehearsing for her auditions, Shelby arrives and offers to help. She tells Rachel she is keen to help her because this would also give her an opportunity to perform alongside her. She tells her not to perform a Barbara Streisand because it has been done a lot of times. She tells Rachel that she needs to do something original. They sing “Next to Me”.

At college, Finn and Puck sing “You Gotta Fight For your Right to Party” at a frat party. After the party, a couple of guys, who run the frat house, ask Finn and Puck to join their house, saying they loved the duo’s performance, so they don’t even have to go through the initiation. At the Glee Club rehearsals, Marley hands Blaine, Sam and Unique her song, saying she wants them to perform it with her. They readily agree and the performance begins. While they are at it, Will arrives and quietly listens to them. They are too engrossed to notice that he is there. After the performance, the trio tells Marley that the song was incredible.

She reveals she has written more, so Blaine insists they tell Will about this, so they can use the songs for the Regionals. Marley doesn’t think it’s a good idea and reminds Blain, how Will reacted, when they talked about changing the songs. Will hears Marley from a distance and walks away. At college, Finn gets a call from Rachel. He thinks that she is still mad at him for punching Brody. She tells him that she is not mad at him. Instead she thanks him for looking out for her. She says she needs his help. She wants him to suggest a song he feels will be apt for her “Funny Girl” auditions. After telling her, how talented she is, Finn suggests she perform a song that will remind people, how unique she is. She thanks him for his advice.

At the auditions, Rachel sings “Don’t Stop Believing”. She imagines that the Glee Club is there onstage performing with her. She feels more confident. The next day, at college, after learning that Finn has failed a test because of excessive partying, Puck gives him a pep talk, saying he needs to take his education seriously, so he can become a good teacher. Finn is surprised to hear Puck say all this, but he thinks that he is right. At school, Roz calls her Cheerios co-captains, Blaine and Becky, to her office for a meeting. She accuses Blaine of putting a hex on Sue, saying that is the reason why she carried a gun to school did what she did and got fired.

She tells Blaine and Becky to take an oath, saying they will never put a hex on her like they put on Sue. After taking the oath, the duo is told that they are free to go. After stepping out of Roz’s office, Blaine asks Becky if she knows anything about the Sue issue. This question seems to enrage Becky and she walks away in a huff after telling him to mind his own business. While Will is busy imagining, how glorious it will be after he wins the nationals, Finn arrives and tells him he is willing to help out with the club. He says he spoke to the dean in his college and he has agreed to give him credits for working with the Glee Club. He adds that he is only willing to come back if Will treats him like an equal, like a teacher. Will agrees.

They shake hands and hug each other. At the Glee Club, Will apologizes to everyone for making them feel that they don’t have a voice and then asks everyone to welcome Finn. They are all overjoyed to see him and Will informs the gang that Finn and he will be working as a team to get them to the Nationals. Will asks Marley to teach everyone one of her original songs. She is pleasantly surprised.

In NY, Rachel is eagerly waiting for a call back from the producers and just when she gives up hope, she gets a call informing her that she is through. Kurt is really happy for her. At the Glee Club, Marley performs on one of her songs. They all eventually join her. Will looks on, apparently enjoying every moment of it. He in the end can’t stop himself from joining the gang onstage. The episode ends.