Lights Out - Recap

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The episode begins with Ryder texting Katie, asking her why she is afraid to meet him. At the same time, he notices Kitty using her phone, and he is curious to see what she is doing on her phone. She tells him to back off. Will arrives and tells the group about a sophomore, who is really talented and whose voice could literally fill an arena. He tells them that they need to sing epic, powerful songs for their upcoming competition. Just then the power goes out. Will has an idea. He declares this week as the “unplugged” week. In the hallway, Ryder is still upset about being stood up twice. Jake doesn’t understand why Ryder is obsessed about someone he hasn’t even met.

Ryder tells him that he told her things, he has never told anyone else. Jake suggests that he should share his deep, dark secrets with his friends, who care about him. In New York, Rachael and Kurt talk to Santana about taking life more seriously. Santana is now a cage dancer, and Rachael thinks that Santana is wasting her talent. Santana tells them that she is taking some time to think what she wants to do in life. Kurt suggests that she should take dance lessons at NYADA. Santana doesn’t want their advice and leaves. At the Glee club, Sam sings “Loving Feeling”. During the song, he notices Artie texting. Will praises Sam’s performance. Artie is up next. Artie tells Will that he will not be able to sing without the synthesizer.

Sam tells him that the problem is that everyone depends too much on technology and no one appreciates what’s right in front of them. In New York, Kurt hasn’t been giving enough time to his internship since he got into NYADA. He thinks that he might get fired. Jane tells him that quality always trumps quantity, and that she appreciates his work. Jane wants Kurt to assist her on one of the upcoming events. She also tells him that if he wants, he could bring in some of his friends. Kurt is excited. Sue has become a personal trainer and she loves her new job. Blaine has joined her class. Blaine tells her that the Cheerios are completely lost without her, and he doesn’t like some of Roz’s advice. He knows that Sue knows more about the shooting, and wants her to come back and explain herself. He says that McKinley High needs her.

Kurt arrives home and tells Rachel and Santana about the ‘New York Ballet Art Gala’. Rachel is excited and tells them how much she loved ballet when she was a child. At the Glee club, Ryder tells the group that he wants to unplug his feelings through his song, and also wants to dedicate the song to his fellow Glee members. He sings “Everybody Hurts”. After the song, Ryder tells the club that he wants to share something with them, something that he hasn’t even told his parents. He adds that there is just one person who he has told this to, Katie, and he doesn’t believe she will keep it a secret. So, to avoid a rumor, he has decided to tell it himself. He says that he was molested by his baby sitter, a 17 year old girl, when he was 11.

Sam and Artie think that this is every boy’s fantasy, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. The rest of the group defends Ryder. Ryder loses his nerve and downplays whatever happened. Later, Kitty and Ryder go out for dinner. Kitty tells him that she understands what he must have gone through when he was molested by his baby sitter. She tells him that she too was molested by her friend’s older brother, during a sleepover. She was too scared and couldn’t tell her parents right away. Later, when she told her parents, they ended up blaming her. Her friend Julie thought that she (Kitty) was spreading rumors about her brother. Kitty says that her friends stopped talking to her and she ended up being an outcast at school. That is when she decided to switch schools. Ryder feels sorry for her. Next, Becky arrives to meet Sue.

She tells Sue that she misses her a lot and she wants her to come back. She also says that Roz is really mean to her. Sue tells Becky that being a personal trainer is the best thing that has ever happened to her. She says that she can’t go back to the Cheerios. She then sings “Little Girls”. In New York, at the Ballet Gala, Jane tells Rachael, Kurt and Santana that they can watch the performances with her. Santana tells Jane that her father had put her in a ballet class when she was little. That was the only time in her life when she ‘really’ danced. She goes on to sing “At the Ballet”. Kurt, Rachael and Jane join her. After the song, Santana tells Jane that she loves dancing, but she still isn’t sure as to what she really wants to do. Jane tells her that she has plenty of time to figure out what she wants to do in life.

Next, Roz takes Becky to Principal Figgins’ office and tells him that Becky insulted her. She wants him to deal with her. After Roz leaves, Becky tells Figgins that she misbehaved so that she gets a chance to meet him and talk to him. The power is back on. Will wants the Glee Club to remain unplugged for a while longer. He explains that in the end, their voices are the only thing that matters. Later, Ryder is chatting with Katie and he tells her that talking to her has really helped him open up. Katie tells him that their relationship has helped her as well. He still feels that Katie is someone from the Glee club. Katie goes offline for a while. Kitty arrives and asks Ryder out for lunch. Ryder tells her that he is talking to Katie and hence he cannot have lunch with her.

Kitty wonders why he is pursuing an ‘online fantasy’ and ignoring the ‘real deal’. She tells him that she had really started liking him. Ryder tells her that they could go out together after he finds out who Katie is. Kitty is upset and she leaves. At NYADA, Santana has signed up for dance classes. She tells her instructor that she is an artist and she loves to dance, but she has lost touch lately. Her instructor assures her that she can dig out her lost talent. At the Glee club, the students come together to sing “The Longest Time”. Everyone enjoys the song. The episode ends.