Wonder-ful - Recap

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The episode begins with Rachael telling Will about her callback for “Funny Girl”. She tells him that it is between her and two other girls. Will is glad to hear about it. She tells him that if it does happen, it will be because of him. She tells him that she sang “Don’t stop” for her audition. It is the song that they sang when they first met at Glee club. Will is touched. He tells her that she is one of their biggest success stories, and no matter what happens with Funny Girl, she is in New York and living her dreams.

At the Glee club, Will gives the group the ‘Wonder-ful’ news about Rachael. Everyone is happy for her. That is not all. Brittany is touring a college because she got early acceptance. He also tells them that he re-proposed to Emma and they are getting married. Tina tells them that she is waitlisted at a college for veterinarian medicine. Will declares that this week is going to be the ’Stevie Wonder’ week. In the hallway, Kitty asks Artie why he is depressed. Artie tells her that he got accepted into the Brooklyn Film Academy’, but he is not going. Artie tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about it, and he doesn’t want her to tell anyone about it.

In New York, Kurt is getting ready to go home because he needs to take his father for the doctor’s appointment. He is scared that he might lose his father. He also decides to go meet his friends at Glee club, and Blaine. His voiceover tells us that they are not going to hook up this time. Mike and Mercedes have also come to meet their Glee club friends. Kitty sings “Signed Sealed and Delivered”. At the end of the song, Kitty tells the group about Artie’s acceptance into the film academy. Coming back to the song, Mercedes tells Kitty that she needs to work on her vocals. Kitty insults Mercedes by saying that she ended up crawling back to Lima, after her Los Angeles dreams shattered.

Kurt tells her that Mercedes has an album coming up and she is shooting a video for it in Lima. Mike tells the group that he will be the choreographer for Regionals. Tina doesn’t take it well. She asks Kurt why he is here. Kurt tells her that his dad has cancer. Artie leaves the room, and Kitty follows him. She tells him that it is a big achievement and he should be proud of himself. He tells her that there is nothing to be proud of because he is not going. He tells her that his mother is freaking out and doesn’t want her son to be alone in a big city. Blaine, Kurt, Mike and Mercedes go for coffee. Mercedes talks about her new album. Kurt looks a little worried. His friends assure him that everything will be alright.

At NYADA, two upperclassmen tell Rachael that she will need a teacher to sign off for her extra-curricular activity. They are sure that Cassandra will not approve. They run to Cassandra and tell her that it is confirmed news that Rachael got a call back for Funny Girl. They hope that this wins them her favor. At McKinley, Mercedes tells the group that the reason they lost the Sectionals, was fear. She tells Marley that she has great vocals and she needs to belt it out. The group then sings “Superstitions”. Later, Mercedes and Mike talk to Jake. Mercedes wants Mike and Jake to feature as dancers in her music video. She thinks that Jake is a great singer, killer dancer and has sexy looks, all the factors she requires for her video. She also tells him that he should start being the leader in the Glee club.

At the doctor’s clinic, the doctor tells Burt that his cancer is gone, and now he has a prostate of a 20 year old. Later, Kurt returns to the Glee club with Burt and he sings “You are the sunshine of my life”, a song that Burt used to sing to him when he was a little child. At NYADA, Rachael is practicing her lines in front of the mirrors. Cassandra tells her that actors don’t rehearse in front of the mirror, they rehearse with other actors. Rachael begs her not to let her miss the call back. Cassandra tells her that she is not going to let her miss it. In fact, she will watch Rachael perform in front of her. Rachael is nervous. To add to that, Cassandra moves Rachael’s mid-term to the next day, at 6 am in the morning.

Next, Mike and Jake sing and dance on “I Wish”. Jake is wonderful, but Mercedes isn’t there to see it. She is busy talking to her producer. She looks pissed. She hangs up the phone and tells Kurt and Mike that her “useless” producer is giving her a tough time. He wants her to show more skin during the photo shoot or else he is happy to use some other girl’s picture on her album. Mercedes tells them that he only wants her voice, not the complete her. She tells them that she is going to face this all through her career. She knows that everyone will expect her to look like Beyonce, and that they will never accept her the way she is.

Kitty meets Artie’s mother and tells her about the big news. She also learns that Artie lied about his mother not wanting him to go to New York. Kitty leaves. Artie tells his mother that he doesn’t want to go because he is scared. His mother knows that Artie has always learned to adapt, and hence this is not the real reason. Artie finally tells her that she has cared for him all her life and he doesn’t want to thank her by leaving her and going. His mother tells him that he should pursue his dreams and that is what will make her happy. Artie is relieved. At NYADA, Cassandra brings Rachael into the dance room for her midterm, but it turns out that she has a surprise for Rachael.

She and the others present in the room congratulate Rachael for her success and encourage her to kick some ass at her first Broadway callback. Rachael is shocked. Cassandra sings “Uptight”. After the song, Cassandra leaves and Rachael is surrounded by her classmates. At the Glee club, Mercedes tells the group that the producer wanted to do things his way, and that was not acceptable to her. So, she walked out of the deal. She tells them that she will sell the records in front of her church and out of her car. She sings “Highest Ground”. Later, Blaine gives Burt a rainbow pin as a sign that he supports gay marriage. He asks Burt for his permission to marry Kurt.

Burt explains to him that being married and living together are two different things. Blaine fears that Kurt might find someone else. Burt tells him that if he believes in their love, he needs to stop worrying. He assures him that everything will work out. At NYADA, Rachael has brought a gift for Cassandra. She thanks Cassandra for everything she has done for her. She feels that she is the one who made her a better dancer. Cassandra tells her that she always believed in her since she first saw her, and that is why she was so relentless. They hug. Artie is back to normal and he thanks Kitty for her help. He sings “For Once in My Life”. The episode ends.