Pilot - Recap

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In the opening of the show, the cheerleaders are practicing while their coach is being quite the boot camp type. She tells them if they think they think that practice is hard, they should try to be waterboarded. Elsewhere, a bit of a hooptie has pulled into the lot. There we meet Will Schuester. He walks to the school and sees that the football players are about to throw a boy into the dumpster. That boy is Kurt. Will asks if he is making new friends and walks into the school fairly absentmindedly. He seems to be pretty oblivious. Finn saves Kurt's jacket when they throw him into the dumpster because it is new and high end.

Will walks in and looks at the school's trophy case. There is a trophy from the year 1993 for Glee Club. Will frowns because he remembers his now deceased show choir coach. Elsewhere, there is a teacher named Sandy Ryerson in a music room. He is playing the piano while a male student sings a song from Oliver. They soon start dueting and then he touches the boy inappropriately. In the background, there is a girl that is watching what is going on.

Elsewhere, Will is talking to Ken--the football coach--about how they are out of coffee in the lounge. Sue comes in and has lattes. Emma then comes in and Ken tries to flirt with her but she's not into it. It seems that her heart goes a flutter whenever Will is around, though. Emma starts cleaning her table, because she is a germaphobe. She's a single woman who is looking for a relationship, but it isn't like she's really out there and actively looking. Emma tells Will about the Glee coach being fired and she wonders who will replace him.

Will goes to Principal Figgins' office and finds himself taking the spot as the Glee coach. Unfortunately, it will be quite an investment as he's going to have to pay out of pocket and use what they already have for costumes. He decides to think it over and then makes the decision to do so. He posts up sign ups for Glee and Mercedes is the first to audition. Her audition song is Respect and amazed Will. The next person that auditions is Kurt and he is singing Mr. Cellophane.

The next person to try out was a beautiful, alternative type of Asian girl. Her name is Tina and she stutters. She sings Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl". After that, Rachel auditions and she sings a Les Mis song called "I'm On My Own". She is the girl who called in Sandy and got him fired for what he did earlier. She thinks that she is going to become famous someday. She was raised by two gay dads and is slightly vindictive when she doesn't get what she wants. She pushes it as far as making a new video every day, but she also gets made fun of fiercely. Whether she is getting a slurpee in her face or getting verbally ripped apart by the cheerleaders.

Artie has also joined Glee. Artie is a wheelchair bound guitarist who is a bit of a geek. Rachel thinks that they all suck, including herself. She feels down and considers leaving. Will has convinced her to do the opposite, however. She thinks that she has very limited time and needs a lead that will help her become more successful.

Elsewhere, there is a woman that is high strung. She is at her job--Sheets 'N' Things--and she is yelling at a fellow worker and saying that he can't work there if he can't fold a sheet properly. Will shows up and then it comes clear that that woman his his wife Terri. He has brought her something to eat. She says something about mayonnaise causing her to "have diabetes again" and if she has it again, she won't be able to get pregnant.

Will begins to hear a man that is telling off a worker elsewhere in the store. It is Sandy, the teacher that just lost his job, and he has started selling medical marijuana. He is making much more money doing that. He has also been selling to the football coach. Will goes back to school and decides to talk to Sue about getting some of her girls interested in Glee so that Glee isn't just going to be treated like crap. They need a popularity boost.

Will talks to the football team and they basically scoff at the idea of joining Glee. He hears Finn singing a song and decides that he would be perfect for Glee. He decides to do something that is pretty sneaky by planting marijuana and blackmailing him so that he would join the club. He has decided that he will join and for the first song that he does it is with Rachel. They sing "You're the One that I want" together and that is when it is known that is going to stick with Glee because even Rachel wants him--and what the princess wants the princess gets.

At home, Will and his wife are working on a puzzle. They begin arguing over her spending and she tells him that he should be making more money and he needs to let go of high school. At school, it seems that Emma is going to be chaperoning with Will for a competition. They need Finn, but there is some football related event. He decides to tell them that he needs to help her mom because she is getting her "prostate removed". Ken is pretty upset right now because it is obvious that Will has stolen his football star. He is also jealous because he digs Emma and Emma digs Will.

Rachel tells Finn that they probably expect them to be together since they'll be the lead. He tells her that he is dating cheerleader Quinn. She is also the president of celibacy club. Will and Emma are elsewhere talking about how he has been with his wife since high school and things aren't that great between them anymore.

It is time for competition and they watch Vocal Adrenaline perform "Rehab". They have thirty-six members and they are very well trained. Tina thinks that they are pretty much doomed. Elsewhere, Puck has told the guys that women don't have prostates and that Finn lied. Terri has told Will that she is pregnant and he thinks it is smarter for him to become an accountant instead.

Elsewhere, Puck is making fun of Finn because of Glee and he tells him that he quit. Puck is happy about that and he has gotten him a present. It seems to be Artie, who is in a wheelchair, stuck in an outside bathroom. Instead of rolling the port a potty, he frees Artie and tells Puck that we are all losers and we should just deal with it. He also doesn't want to leave Glee or the football team. So, he's not going to.

Finn goes to Glee and apologizes. He tells them he wants to be a part of glee and they get it all worked out. Emma tries to convince Will not to quit and shows him a tape of when he was in nationals. He says it was the best time of his life but now he has to be responsible. She does convince him that he needs to do what he loves. When he goes back to the Glee room and sees that the kids are singing Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" he decides to grab on and don't let go.