Season 2

21 :02x01 - Bust 'em Up

Jackie's frustration about the lack of romance in their marriage leads Glenn to book a spa weekend to help rekindle the magic.
Unknown to Jackie, their romantic get-away is actually a hidden camera reality show, hosted by Howie Mandel guest starring as himself, in which contestants are tested to see if they'll stay together or if the show can "Bust'em Up."
Meanwhile, Grandpa Whitey watches the kids and teaches Conor how to be a man by hunting a vicious turkey.

Source: Animation World Network
Guest Stars: Howie Mandel as Himself | Bret Michaels as Himself | Don Johnson as Grandpa Whitey | Casey Wilson as Carla / The Romantic Wife / The Spa Receptionist | André Sogliuzzo as Unknown
Writer: Alex Berger

22 :02x02 - Dog Show

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Guest Stars: Brian Doyle-Murray as Smitty | Glenn Howerton as Unknown | Kari Wahlgren as Various

23 :02x03 - Footlooseball

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Guest Stars: Frank Caliendo as George W. Bush / John Madden | Megan Hilty as Unknown | Joe Lo Truglio as Owen Hershberg | Cynthia Mann as Unknown | Stephen Root as Hoss | Lindsay Sloane as Unknown | Alan Tudyk as Unknown

24 :02x04 - Jackie's Get-Witch-Quick Scheme

Jackie decides to find a strong female ancestor for Courtney. This leads the Martins to Salem Massachusetts when they realize Jackie is related to Goodie Martin, a reported witch.
Guest Stars: Ty Burrell as Various | Sam Huntington as Various | Gregory Jbara as Various | Jim Parsons as Draven | Josh Robert Thompson as Arnold Schwarzenegger | Michael Welch as Various

25 :02x05 - Tooth Fairy

While in San Francisco, Glen decides to toughen up Conner by teaching him martial arts. Things go wrong when Glenn realizes Conner is stronger than him.

Meanwhile, Courtney & Wendy find out what really runs the economy when they visit the San Francisco Mint.
Guest Stars: Rex Lee as Gay Guy | Joe Lo Truglio as Various | Keone Young as Master Linn | Nickie Bryar as Various | Aaron Krebs as Various

26 :02x06 - Fashion Show

Jackie fulfills her dream of being a fashion icon at the expense of Conner.

Meanwhile, Courtney & Wendy steal Donald Trump's hair and find out it has the power to turn things into gold.
Guest Stars: Roger Bart as George Williams | Maurice LaMarche as Various | Mike O'Malley as Various | Mae Whitman as Various

27 :02x07 - Step-Brother

The Martins return home to celebrate the wedding of Glenn's mother & Bert and Glenn feels inferior when he meets his soon-to-be step brother, Curtis.
Guest Stars: Betty White as Sheila Martin | MC Hammer as Himself | Phil LaMarr as Bert | J.B. Smoove as Curtis | Rachael Harris as Various

28 :02x08 - Life Swap

When Glenn pulls his 10,000th tooth he suddenly realizes his life is not where he wants it to be.

After literally running into Vito Renzulli again, Glenn & Vito both decide they need a change of careers.
Guest Stars: Sara Erikson as Various | David Oyelowo as Various | Jon Polito as Vito Renzulli | Alan Tudyk as Bobby Panache

29 :02x09 - A Very Martin Christmas

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Guest Stars: Mel Brooks as Canine | Billy Idol as Himself | Don Johnson as Jeff Goldblum | Elon Gold as Unknown | Joe Lo Truglio as Various

30 :02x10 - Courtney's Pony

After Courtney looses her confidence after a financial loss, Jackie takes the opportunity to reclaim her 'little girl' by reintroducing her to girly things.

When Courtney turns to horses things are wonderful until she's thrown and decided to get rid of Wendy the horse.
The real Wendy inadvertently sends the horse to a glue factory where the Martins must rescue the horse.

Meanwhile, Conner discovers he has a knack at cutting doll hair.

31 :02x11 - Dad News Bears

After Glenn injures the had coach, Glenn once again becomes coach for his old baseball team, the Molars.

Meanwhile, Courtney reunites with her old assistant, Katie only to discover she is far more successful than Courtney.

32 :02x12 - Volunteers

In Tennessee, Glenn & Jackie decide the kids need to volunteer to appreciate the things they have.

While the kids help at a hospital, Glenn tries his hand at being a volunteer fireman.

33 :02x13 - Camp (1)

Glenn & Jackie decide they need some time away from the kids so they send them to camp. While there, Glenn meets his old camp mentor and signs the two of them up as councilors.

Glenn eventually discovers a life altering event in his youth, involving a young Jimmy Kimmel, was not what it was cracked up to be.
Guest Stars: Jimmy Kimmel as Himself | Elijah Wood as Lad in the Lake | Bradley Whitford as Gary “Gonzo” Gonzales | Cheri Oteri as Kristy | Nickie Bryar as Various | Joe Lo Truglio as Various | Josh Robert Thompson as Various | Billy West as Various | Casey Wilson as Bikini Girl

34 :02x14 - Camp (2)

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Guest Stars: Jason Alexander as Unknown | Jonathan Frakes as Unknown | George Takei as Unknown | Allison Janney as Unknown

35 :02x15 - Glennhog Day

Glenn forgets his and Jackie's anniversary while attending a sci-fi convention so to make it up to her he hastily buys tickets to a Peter Gallagher show.

After an accident, he suffers short term memory loss where he thinks it's his anniversary every day.

36 :02x16 - Glenn and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Courtney, Wendy & Conner attend school where Courtney meets a cute boy and Conner gets kidnapped by a family of Sasquatches.

Meanwhile, Glenn must face getting rid of his old dental chair and confronts it by joining a motorcycle gang.

37 :02x17 - Windfall

After Glenn turns to Jackie's father, Whitey, for financial advice, he convinces him to go into the Wind Business.

Meanwhile, Courtney & Wendy blackmail Jackie with some found photos from her high school days.
Guest Stars: Christine Dunford as Various | Greg Germann as Various | Don Johnson as Grandpa Whitey

38 :02x18 - Videogame Wizard

Jackie is overwhelmed with housework and homeschooling the kids so the Martins hire a tutor.
Suddenly she has too much free time which she uses to become re-addicted to a video game.

Meanwhile, Courtney & Wendy hypnotize Conner to think he's a robot in order to get him to stop snoring.
Guest Stars: Kristen Bell as Various | Rob Corddry as Various

39 :02x19 - Date With Destiny

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Guest Stars: Bryan Cranston as Drake Stone | Gabourey Sidibe as Various | Ellen Page as Various

40 :02x20 - H*E*I*S*T

While in Mississippi visiting his old Army buddies who opened their own dental practice, Glenn feels left out when he realizes they are doing far better than he is.

Meanwhile, Jackie & Conner try to find something they can do together, eating, and Courtney & Wendy attempt to fake people out with a phony fortune teller but try to fool the wrong person.