Pilot - Recap

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The episode begins and gunshots are heard. Two cops cautiously approach the store from which the gunshots were heard. The cops see a getaway car parked outside the store with a man sitting in the driver’s seat. The driver sees the cops. He gets out and begins firing at them. One of the cops is hit in the chest. The other cop manages to shoot the driver but in the process he too apparently catches a bullet. The cop who shot the driver manages to get up and calls for backup. Just then the burglar comes out of the store with a hostage in tow. The burglar threatens to shoot the hostage. The cop takes aim and shoots the burglar twice in the arm.

The burglar collapses to the ground. The cop rushes to revive his partner but it’s too late; his partner is already dead. Seven years hence and the cop, is shown standing in an office wearing a suit. He is now apparently the commissioner of police at the young age of 34. A reporter interviews him. He asks the commissioner about his rise to the top and how it came about. The commissioner begins recounting his story. The scene flashes back to the days right after the now commissioner, who was a cop then, took down those burglars. He has been declared a hero by the media for not only taking down the burglars but even trying to revive his partner who was shot.

He is apparently in a hospital room watching the news. “Walt, the press is assembled, the commissioner will be here in a minute ok” his superior tells the cop. Walt is also told that he will be escorted to a podium where he will be introduced and so will his sister, who is with him. The commissioner will ask him about a promotion and Walt can have any assignment of his choosing. “I want to be in the homicide task force” Walt says. His superior is surprised to hear this. “Your colleagues would respect your bravery but no one would want to work with you. You have only been on the job 3 years. You would be the least experienced by a decade” his superior says. Walt is adamant about his decision and thinks he is capable enough for the job. “The commissioner offered me a gold shield and an assignment of my choosing. I want my due” he says.

Next, Walt arrives in his new office. It’s his first day on the job as a detective. He meets his new partner who gives him a tough time. Walt and his partner are sent to deal with a case. Walt is told by his partner to do nothing and simply “watch, listen, keep your hands in your pocket”. It’s a club where a man Trayshan Clay has been found shot dead. There are other detectives at the scene. Detectives Deb Mackenzie and Jo Diako introduce themselves. Deb has heard about Walt and doesn’t have a very high opinion of him. Later at the office, Walt’s partner Don hands him a huge stack of cold cases. But, Walt is more interested in the Trayshan Clay murder despite being told it’s not his case. The case is being handled by a detective named Arroyo who is apparently a known name in the department.

Arroyo and Walt’s partner apparently don’t see eye to eye. A man is brought in for questioning. He is a suspect in the Trayshan murder. He admits he was at the club but he didn’t kill Trayshan. Walt notices a tattoo of a snake on his neck and apparently figures out something. Walt finds an excuse to talk to the guy whose name is Deandre. Walt talks to Deandre about the tattoo and says he knows Deandre belongs to a gang of burglars which the tattoo indicates. He says he too grew up on the streets and has seen that tattoo. Walt tells the guy to help him and in return Walt won’t report Deandre for the multiple burglaries. Deandre reluctantly agrees.

Later, Walt tells his boss and the other detectives that Deandre isn’t the murderer because he at the time of the murder was doing a burglary in Queens. They are impressed and Walt is made a part of the Trayshan murder investigation. They talk to Trayshan’s girlfriend. She tells Walt, Trayshan had a fight with a guy named Oliver at the club because of her. She liked Trayshan and Oliver didn’t like that. He insulted Trayshan by calling him a “field negro” she reveals. Later, Arroyo tells Walt, Oliver is the son of a very rich man so they have to be careful when questioning him. Arroyo also says he is really impressed with how Walt is going about things.

A gun was picked up from near the crime scene and ballistics report confirms it’s the murder weapon. There are two sets of prints on it. One print is of a man named Benito Guayas. Benito and Oliver possibly have some connection because surveillance footage showed Oliver at an ATM with Benito on the night of the incident. They arrive at Benito’s apartment. Benito tries to make a run for it but Walt chases him down and catches him. He apparently is once again the hero. At the station, Benito admits Oliver is his friend. Benito also denies killing anyone. Benito admits Oliver needed a gun because he had an issue with someone and he got him one. Benito adds that Oliver didn’t say anything about shooting anyone. “He said he wanted to jam it into the dude’s ribs and freak him out a bit” Benito says.

He also says he did not give Oliver any bullets. Later, Walt visits the club where Oliver usually hangs out. He manages to get Oliver’s apartment keys from the pocket of his jacket that Oliver has checked in at. Next day, Walt brings Don to the gun store from which Oliver bought the ammo for the gun. Don asks Walt how he found out about the gun store. Walt reluctantly admits he broke into Oliver’s apartment and got the info. Don isn’t happy to hear what Walt has done. He severely reprimands Walt and says Walt has to learn patience. Don says they will both get into trouble if word gets out about what Walt has done. “You go home and you don’t say a word about this to anybody” Don warns him.

Don makes sure detective Arroyo gets an anonymous tip about what Walt has found out because he doesn’t want Walt getting into trouble. Walt is unhappy about this but knows Don did the right thing. He is surprised that despite Don having an issue with Arroyo he chose to give Arroyo the tip. Don says Trayshan’s murderer being put behind bars is more important than the tiff he has with Arroyo. Based on the evidence, Arroyo places Oliver under arrest. Back in the present, the reporter asks Walt if he had any idea how bad things would eventually get between Arroyo and Don. Walt says he did not and then says “next question”. The episode ends at this point.