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The Price of Revenge - Recap

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The episode begins with Walter running after a person wearing a hooded shirt and then seven years after as a commissioner, he is shown attending the funeral of an informant. He has a new recruit working for him, who says that Walter mentions Don Owen everyday. Walter says it’s with good reason because Don taught him a lot. Back in present, Walter, who is still a detective, is being reprimanded by his superior for what happened last week and Arroyo, who got him into trouble, is apparently enjoying every moment of it. Walter later tells Don that the commissioner has warned him that if there any more screw-ups, he will be go back to being a uniform and Don hands him a cold case of a man name Rorchek, who was murdered years ago.

Deb isn’t happy about the fact that Arroyo got Walter into trouble and lets him know. Don and Walter are at a diner and Don says that he knows Walter is thinking of revenge on Arroyo, but Don feels it isn’t a good idea because once it starts, the rivalry will never end. Just then Walter sees a person with a hooded shirt climbing out of the top floor window of a building onto the fire escape. He rushes out of the diner and sees the person climb down to the street and yells out for him to stop, but instead of stopping the person makes a run for it and Walter chases after him. Walter in the end catches the person and once the hood comes off he sees that it’s a young girl and Don checks her backpack and it’s discovered that she is a thief.

On the way to their car she says they can strike a deal because she knows about a dead body. She then takes them to place where the body is and it is of a woman named Ann Bruno, who had been reported missing along with her six year old daughter. Ann was apparently strangled and her daughter is still missing. Don and Walter later talk to Ann’s sister, who reported her missing and she tells them Ann was suffering from bi-polar disorder besides being an addict and Brad, Ann’s daughter Abigail’s father, was also giving her a tough time because he wanted sole custody. Brad is questioned about the issue and says he only wanted sole custody because Ann was using again and he also has an alibi which checks out.

ADA O’Connell later questions Walter and Don about the progress of the case and says Natasha, the thief who found Ann’s body, won’t get a deal till they make more progress in this case. Traffic cam footage shows Ann and Abigail getting into a cab hours before she was murdered, so they decide to question the cabbie because he could be the last person who saw her. Don sees that Walter has a thing for ADA O’Connell and warns him to not even think about her, but Walter says it’s too late for that. Arroyo finds out something about Natasha and makes some excuse to not go with the team to question the cabbie. He then questions Natasha on his own.

He tells her that bloody fingerprints of hers was found on the plastic Ann’s body was wrapped in, which means she is lying that she didn’t touch the body and only found it. Natasha initially isn’t ready to say anything, but Arroyo slaps her and says that now hopefully she realizes who is in charge and Natasha nods. Frank, the cabbie, asks Walter and team to talk to his uncle, who owns the company and says he ferries a lot of passengers and doesn’t remember the details, so his uncle gives them a log for that day. The team returns to the station and finds out about Natasha’s fingerprints and Arroyo tells them Natasha disturbed the body because she was looking for cash.

She found a pocket book, which she dumped in the trash near the crime scene. Inside is the name and address of an accountant named Damon Moore, who has a previous record for soliciting. Walter later talks to Natasha and guesses from the bruise on her face that Arroyo hit her and he angrily confronts Arroyo about it. Arroyo says he did what he had to do to get information out of her. Arroyo and Deb talk to Damon, who says he was waiting for Ann in a hotel room, but she never showed up. He reveals that it was a cabbie, who had told him he could get him a woman and had given him Ann’s contact. Damon describes the cabbie to them and they figure out that he is talking about Frank.

The team storms Frank’s house and finds Abigail, but Frank apparently has made a run for it. Abigail figures out that her mother is dead and begins crying and Deb talks to her and calms her down. Walter again tries talking to Natasha and asks her to tell him the truth because he figures out her and Frank have a connection and says she will be implicated for Ann’s murder, if her prints are found in his house. Natasha says she didn’t murder Ann, but she did help Frank get rid of Ann’s body, which he brought in his cab to her house. She helped him because she used to consider Frank as her boyfriend. She says Frank tried to push Ann into prostitution and had even tried to do the same with her, but she refused.

She says she doesn’t know where Frank presently is, but he had told her he is going to get his dope and cash before taking off. Walter finds out Frank’s parents died in a car accident 15 years ago and figures out he might have hidden the stash, in the graveyard where his parents are buried. In the night, he goes to the graveyard and finds the stash in Frank’s mother’s grave and he tells Don he is sure Frank will come for it. Frank arrives and begins looking for his stash and Don and Walter arrest him. At the station, they question Frank, but aren’t able to get a confession out of him. Don figures out from a family photo that Frank’s still wearing his father’s ring.

Walter then questions Natasha about the photos and she says Frank cries every time he looks at them. Don and Walter place those photos in front of Frank and appeal to his conscience by saying that his parents would never have wanted him to lead the life of a criminal. It works and Frank admits that it was he, who got Ann hooked to drugs, and then he tried to get her into prostitution and send her to her first client, but she didn’t go to the hotel and instead backed out, which made him so mad that he strangled her. They make him a write a full statement confessing his crime and ADA O’Connell is really impressed to see it and Walter gives Don, the complete credit for solving this case.

Walter manages to get Natasha a deal and gives her some money from Frank’s stash, so she can start a new life. Don later tells Walter that he got an appreciation call from the commissioner for this case and it felt really good. Natasha meets Arroyo and gives him a voice recorder with her and Walter’s conversation, in which Walter is heard admitting he stole money from Frank’s stash to give to her. Arroyo is planning to take down both Walter and Don because he feels they don’t know their place and warns Natasha to keep her mouth shut about this.

Seven years after, Commissioner Walter Clark is shown putting flowers on Natasha’s grave and telling the new recruit, how she learnt her lesson the hard way. The episode ends at this point.