Young Guns - Recap

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The episode begins seven years from now and Commissioner Walter Clarke, is addressing a team of uniformed cops and telling them about the lessons he has learned through the years. Back in the present, Tina enters the house while Walter is seeing off a woman, who he has just slept with, but hardly knows. Tina later tells him that he, just like her, doesn’t make meaningful connections because their parents abandoned them. Walter gets called in and arrives at a crime scene, where an 18-year old boy called Clifton, who is a drug dealer, has been shot dead. His 14-year old brother Michael has also been shot and is critical.

The people in the building yell out for justice and block the door, but Owen calms them down and the 14-year old is rushed to the hospital. Carlton Holbrook, the deputy mayor, is at the station and is briefed about the case. Holbrook later calls Walter aside and shows interest in him and even invites him to watch a baseball game. Arroyo sees this from a distance and confronts Walter because he is jealous. Arroyo says the mayor’s office wouldn’t be happy to know about how he (Walter) stole money from the evidence to give Natasha and says he has the complete recording of their conversation. He says he has no plans to expose the recording, but wants Walter to know his place and makes it clear that he owns him.

At the hospital, Michael’s mother tells Don and Walter that Clifton was recruited by a drug dealer in the building named Evander and later had some money problems with him. She says she has heard Evander has killed a lot of people and begs them to protect Michael. Arroyo and Deb meet Evander and question him. They mention that he sent Clifton a number of texts and amongst these was one, in which he asked for his money back. Evander says he was someplace else when Clifton was killed and he has a number of witnesses, who will second that. Det. Joe Diaco finds out that Clifton was seen trying to open Michael’s locker in school, but he couldn’t manage it, so his superior asks him to check out the locker.

Don spies on Walter and sees that he is meeting Natasha. Natasha tells Walter she framed him because Arroyo really scared her, but he says he is more worried about Don, who has a couple of years left for retirement and might fall in trouble because of this. At the school, Diaco finds $10,000 cash in Michael’s locker and it’s the exact amount Clifton owed Evander, according to one of his texts. At the station, Deb informs the team that a gun was found dumped near Michael’s building. The team also concludes that Michael and Clifton stole the money from Evander and decide to question Michael, who has been operated on and has regained consciousness.

Don sees Arroyo ordering Walter around and him quietly accepting it, which he finds odd. He confronts Walter about it and also mentions that he knows about Walter meeting Natasha, but Walter lies that Natasha called him and asked for money and that’s all. Don isn’t convinced by the explanation and says he will eventually get to the bottom of this issue. At the hospital, Michael reveals that Evander threatened to kill him when he declined to work for him, which is why he stole the money to run away with his mother. Clifton came home to get the money back from him and just then a masked assailant arrived at their doorstep and shot them.

The ballistic report reveals that the gun found near the building was used for the shooting and the fingerprints of a girl named Bernadette Bell was found on the gun. Bernadette admits that she is a carrier in Evander’s illegal gun running business and the stolen cash was going to be a payment, for a consignment that will soon come in. Arroyo asks her to find out from Evander, when and where the consignment will be delivered. Based on Bernadette’s information, the team stakeout outside the warehouse where the consignment is slated to arrive. They notice Evander arrive, but it’s in a warehouse nearby. Deb mentions they do not have a warrant for that warehouse, but Arroyo says they don’t have time for another warrant and moves in.

Evander and his team are then caught red-handed and placed under arrest. While at it, Walter saves Deb from being shot by one of Evander’s men. At the station, Deb reprimands Arroyo for what he did. Evander’s lawyer then points out to them that their search warrant is invalid and says they should let Evander go, but Arroyo says they have Evander’s man Marcus who tried to shoot Deb and he will surely talk. Walter and Don are working on Marcus and tell him that he will go to prison for pulling a gun on Deb, if he doesn’t testify against Evander. Don and Walter find out from Marcus that he and Evander picked up Clifton the morning he was killed and Evander threatened to kill both him and Michael, if Michael didn’t join the business.

This also proves that Evander’s alibi is false and now Arroyo wants to quickly prove that Evander is the killer, so his goof up at the warehouse isn’t discovered. Arroyo asks Walter to handle the investigation and Don taunts them saying he knows Arroyo has something on Walter, so Walter will readily do his bidding. Walter later finds out from an old lady in the building that she used to hear a door slam every time someone entered Michael’s house or left, but on the day of the incident she only heard the door slam once. Walter concludes that this means someone entered the house that day, but didn’t leave from the front door. Walter then looks around Michael’s apartment and sees metal bars in the window.

He concludes that no one could have escaped from the window and just then Michael’s mother Kendra enters. He asks her what really happened that day and after a bit of prodding she admits, she is the one who shot Clifton because he was trying to take Michael to Evander. She says the bullet first hit Clifton and then injured Michael. At the station, Walter tells Arroyo, Evander isn’t the killer, but when asked how he can be sure of that he lies that it’s just a hunch. Arroyo isn’t impressed with his explanation and is adamant about taking down Evander, so he warns Walter to keep his hunch to himself. Arroyo later pushes with ADA O’Connell to convict Evander and she seems fine with it.

She feels putting away a guy like Evander will please the mayor’s office. Walter, who is conflicted about revealing what he knows, finds out from O’Connell that anybody convicted of manslaughter, would be sentenced for at least 2 years. Deb thanks Walter for saving her life and says he can talk to her about any issue he might be having with Arroyo and promises to keep it to herself. Evander is charged with Clifton’s murder and taken away despite his protests that he is innocent. Don sees something is really bothering Walter and suggests that he lighten his load by discussing his problems with him. Walter arrives at the hospital by himself and places Kendra under arrest.

Don discusses with his wife about Walter and she says she knows that he cares for Walter like his own son. Walter decides to take up Deb on her offer, but just as he is approaching her building he sees from a distance that Arroyo and Deb have made up and are kissing. Flash forward to seven years from now and Commissioner Clark is done with his speech. He calls one of the cops to him and says he has worked with his father and it’s then revealed that the cop is Arroyo’s son. The episode ends at this point.