Vicious Cycle - Recap

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The episode begins seven years in the future and Commissioner Walter Clark is angry with his assistant about some issue. He tells his assistant that when a cop has a personal stake in something, you either back off or get bit. Back in the present, Don is banging the door of a motel room and telll someone named Rochelle to open it. There is an explosion and the room bursts into flames, which is when he wakes up from his nightmare. Over breakfast, Agnes tells Walter that while he was drunk the previous night, he told Deb that she deserved someone better than Arroyo. At work, Walter apologizes to Deb for anything inappropriate he might have said in the night.

Lt. Kang informs the team that a body was found and gives Arroyo the address. Walter apologizes to Don for the Novak issue and admits he still has a lot left to learn. Don readily forgives him. The victim is a black male in his mid-30s, who was found inside a suitcase. Arroyo finds a driving license on the victim and hands it to Don. Don looks hassled on seeing it and makes it clear to Arroyo that he will take a lead in the case. Arroyo doesn’t protest and much to everyone’s surprise hands over the case to Don. Don and Arroyo had crossed paths with the family of Calvin Mcgee, the victim, when they were partners. Don tells Walter that Calvin had a sister who was a CI and was murdered a few years ago. Walter recalls that this was the CI Don was close with and also notices how worried he is.

Don and Walter meet April, Calvin’s other sister, and she tells Don she doesn’t trust him. She says he had promised that he would look out for Rochelle, her sister, and yet she was murdered. Don looks ashamed, but assures her that he will do everything he can to solve Calvin’s murder. She tells them that Calvin was working as a baggage handler at the airport and was doing so well that he was promoted. She says she saw a bruise on Calvin’s face a few days ago. He said he fell and hurt himself and she believed him. At the airport, Arroyo and Deb find out from Calvin’s boss that Calvin had fired someone named Landis Murphy, who he had found looting suitcases. Calvin bruised his face during a fight with Landis. Landis has a police record for thefts, assaults and burglaries and is nowhere to be found.

At the station, Walter is informed that a woman named Nora Delaford is there to see him. Turns out, Nora is Walter and Agnes’ mother, who is just out of the rehab. Walter is in touch with her and sends her money. Agnes doesn’t know about her because she left when Agnes was 6. She assures Walter that she has changed after her stint in the rehab and says she has a job lined up, so she doesn’t need his money anymore. She wants to meet Agnes, but Walter doesn’t think that’s a good idea. She begs him for just one opportunity to prove herself. Walter agrees to think about it and walks away. Don tells Walter that Landis has just used his credit card at a gym. They find Landis there and arrest him.

At the station, Landis admits that he was only stealing bags from one particular flight coming from Jamaica and transporting them from one place to the other. He claims that he didn’t know what were in the bags. Don asks him where he was taking the bags to and when Landis refuses to reply, Don threatens to beat him up. Landis immediately asks for a lawyer and refuses to say anything more. Arroyo informs Don and Walter that just half a mile from where the body was dumped; April’s car tires were changed, on the night of the incident. Arroyo says it hasn’t been confirmed, who was driving the car. He says it’s possible someone used April’s car to dump the body. Don says he will talk to April about this.

April tells them, Dominic, her boyfriend, was driving the car. She says Dominic and Calvin liked each other and Calvin had even given Dominic’s friend a job at the airport. Don and Walter immediately conclude that this friend of Dominic’s is none other than Landis. April says she doesn’t know the name of this friend and how he looks, but adds that she trusts Dominic. She refuses to tell them anything more.

Don and team storm the hotel room where Dominic is staying, but discover that they have just missed him. Arroyo and Don get into an argument about the case and in anger Arroyo lets it slip that Don was sleeping with Rochelle. At the station, Don talks to Walter about this new revelation. Walter says he understands that everybody makes mistakes and assures him that he still respects him.

Don talks to April again and admits to her that he made a mistake with Rochelle. He says he knows that April is aware of what Dominic is up to and begs her to help the police. Arroyo gives Walter something. He takes it to April and shows her. It’s Calvin’s necklace with a cross on it, which he used to never take off. April sees that there are patches of dried blood on it and Walter tells her the blood is Calvin’s. He says the necklace was found in Dominic’s hotel room. April reveals that Dominic left her a package a month ago and she is suppose to meet him in two hours with it. The package contains $50k and she is suppose to meet him at a diner in Queens with it. Don thanks Arroyo for what he did because the chain wasn’t recovered from the hotel room, but was actually on Calvin’s body.

April waits at the diner for Dominic while Don and team keep watch from a distance. Dominic arrives and April hands him the package. She notices that his knuckles are bruised, which confirms her doubts. She suddenly takes out a gun and points it at Dominic. Don and team are shocked. Don talks April into lowering the gun. Dominic is then arrested. At the station, Dominic maintains he is innocent until he is asked about the scratches on his neck. Don says that he knows Dominic got the scratches when Calvin was fighting him to save his life and the DNA under Calvin’s fingernails will match Dominic’s. Dominic gives a written confession. Walter and Don both agree that it’s all thanks to Arroyo that they managed to solve this case.

Don tells Walter to consider giving his mother another chance. Arroyo and Deb’s relationship seems to be straining. Diaco and Arroyo discuss relationship issues after work. Walter meets his mother and agrees to let her back into his and Agnes’ life. He tells her to not break Agnes’ trust again and Nora tells him to have faith. Walter tells Agnes all about Nora and says that if she really wants to see her, he can set it up.

They meet Nora at a diner. Agnes and Nora hug each other with tears in their eyes. Seven years in the future, Walter is in a meeting at his office. A woman is heard addressing certain issues and Walter is looking at her with admiration. The woman is April, and Walter wishes his old partner were here right now. The episode ends at this point.