McKenzie on Fire - Recap

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The episode begins seven years in the future with Commissioner Walter Clarke visiting a crime scene. He talks to a police officer, who shot down a criminal and looks visibly jilted by the experience. He gives her courage and assures her she did the right thing. Back in the present day, the Sergeant informs the team that there has been a shooting in a subway, one victim died on the scene and the other is being rushed to the hospital. The two victims who were shot were sisters; one of the sisters Angie is still alive. Deb finds a bullet casing at the scene and notices that it’s destroyed.

Deb is seeing such a casing only for the second time in her career and says it’s destroyed because it was loaded with too much gun powder. She tells Don that this bullet is similar to the one that killed her brother. At the station, forensics informs Deb that the bullet in this shooting came from the same gun that was used to kill her brother. At the hospital, Don and Walter talk to Angie, who says Beth, her sister, was a regular girl, who worked at Bloomingdales and did not have any enemies.

Deb’s father, who was also a cop, arrives at the station to meet her. He has found out about the case she is working on and wants to help catch his son’s killer. It has been discovered that victims are part of the Maguire crime family and her father says their rivals are the Hayne family, who own a bar in Upper East Side. He suggests she begin her investigation from there. The team sees the surveillance footage from the subway and in it a guy wearing a hoodie, just like was described by witnesses, is seen getting in. The metro card used by the guy reveals that it was purchased using the credit card by a man named George Whittle. The team talks to Whittle, who owns a bar, and he says his wallet was picked a week ago, but he didn’t report it because nothing valuable was stolen. Whittle suspects that it might have been Ronan Burke, one of his dishwashers, who did it.

Walter shows Whittle the photo of the guy in the hoodie and he says it’s Ronan. They go in the kitchen at the back of the bar to talk to Ronan. He tries to make a run for it upon seeing the detectives, but is eventually caught. The team finds out Ronan lives above the Hayne’s Bar, which indicates that the Haynes are involved in the shooting. It’s also discovered that Ronan moved to the U.S. just a month ago, which means he couldn’t have been involved in Deb’s bother’s shooting. The Sergeant tells the team to search Ronan’s place because he could still be involved in the current shooting. The team finds a gun hidden in Ronan’s house and Deb wonders if this is the gun that killed her brother.

At the station, Don and Walter tell Ronan that the evidence against him is compelling and he could be sent away to jail for a long time because of it. They suggest he cut a deal to reduce his sentence by revealing all that he knows, so they can nab Deb’s bother’s killer, but Ronan refuses to reveal anything. The team finds out Angie was admitted to a hospital two years ago for sexual assault and was sent out of town for two years after that. This incident oddly happened on the same night Deb’s brother was killed, so Deb and Walter decide to talk to Angie about it.

After some time, Angie breaks down and admits that Devlin Hayne, who she knew since childhood and who is a drug addict and a drunk, followed her one night along with a friend, when she was returning from work. They shoved her into an alley and began raping her, when Deb’s brother arrived and told them to back off. She ran away from the scene and didn’t see what happened after that. She left town in fear that Devlin would try to hurt her. When she returned recently she saw Devlin on the street and began yelling at him, which is why he sent Ronan to shut her and her sister up. Deb is informed that her father is already at the Hayne’s Bar and has destroyed property using a baseball bat.

She arrives at the bar and tells her father to take it easy before he gets himself arrested. She tells him she is working the case and assures him she will get his son’s killer. Devlin is brought in for questioning, but denies everything and instead wants charges pressed against Deb’s father for what he did. Deb meets her father and tells him that they had to let Devlin go because there still isn’t enough evidence against him. He is really disappointed to hear this and says that he desperately wants justice for Patrick, his deceased son.

Deb arrives outside Hayne’s Bar gun in hand and from a distance is about to shoot Devlin, when Walter comes and stop her just in the nick of time. She tells Walter how Patrick was the backbone of the family and her whole family is lost without him. Walter assures her they will get Devlin, but they have to go slow and steady. Devlin is arrested on some pretense and put in the same cell as Ronan. A wire concealed outside their cell records the whole conversation between the two.

Whatever the wire picked up is replayed to Devlin and in the recording the two are heard talking about the gun and how Devlin told Ronan to shoot the girls. They also talked about some safe in Devlin’s bar from which the team recovers a bunch of jewelry, of which an earring belongs to Angie. This indicates that Devlin is a serial rapist and all the jewelry is of different women he has sexually over the years. In the locker was also found Patrick’s watch, which he was wearing the night he was killed. Devlin is told by Deb that there is enough proof against him to send him away for good.

Deb calls off her relationship with Arroyo, but tells him that they will still be partners at work. Deb thanks Don for how he handled the case and says that he is the best amongst them. Deb meets her father, gives him Patrick’s watch and he recalls how he gave it to Patrick when he graduated from the police academy. Her father tells her that not only is she a great daughter, but a damn good detective and gives her Patrick’s watch.

Seven years in the future, Commissioner Walter Clarke is talking about his experiences with his assistant while at a shooting range. He takes a shot at the target and it’s shown that he is still as accurate with the gun as he was years ago. The episode ends at this point.