Sacrifice - Recap

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The episode begins seven years in the future with Commissioner Walter Clarke, giving a testimony at someone’s parole hearing. Back in the present, at the diner, while Walter is talking to his mom and sister about his father, the deputy mayor arrives. He takes Walter aside for a talk and tells him that the mayor’s office is starting a think tank for fresh ideas in law enforcement. For this think tank, he asks Walter to be the liaison between the mayor’s office and the detective borough of Manhattan. Walter is overwhelmed with the offer and also curious as to why he was chosen.

The deputy mayor says that the mayor has always wanted Walter for this job since he made homicide. Before he leaves, he tells Walter to think about the offer and as an incentive hands him a couple of concert tickets to a Springsteen concert. The dead body of Shana Taylor, a 15-year-old, was found floating in the river. While Walter and team are busy checking out the body, he notices Margot standing nearby with the other reporters. He goes to have a talk with her and tells her about the cushy job deputy mayor Holbrook has offered him. He is worried there is more to it than meets the eye and she concurs. She says she will look into the matter. From a distance Don and Arroyo watch them. Arroyo is sure they are seeing each other and comments, how it isn’t a good idea because Margot was married to Holbrook.

Don looks worried and later has a talk with Walter about this issue. He lets Walter know in no uncertain terms that it’s really a bad idea for him to be dating Margot. Don and Walter have a talk with Shana’s parents and they tell the duo that Shana was pursuing a career in modeling. Linda, Shana’s mother, also reveals that Spencer, Shana’s manager, had taken out a term policy in Shana’s name. At Spencer’s workplace, Arroyo and Deb have a talk with him. He says that he takes out a policy in the name of all the girls, who work for him. He tells them he does that only to protect his investment. He refuses to say anything further and lawyers up. At the precinct, the lieutenant is told that Spencer’s alibi checks out; he was judging a modeling competition at the time of murder. Shana’s parents’ alibis also check out.

Before Walter and Arroyo head out to investigate this case further, Arroyo has a talk with Walter. Arroyo knows about the offer Holbrook has made, so he warns Walter to be careful, saying Holbrook always has an angle. Diaco learns that a week ago Shana was arrested for shoplifting and was released to the custody of her father. Security footage from the store reveals that Neil Jacobs, a neighbor, pretended to be Shana’s father. Linda, Shana’s mother, is asked about the relationship Jacobs and Shana shared. She counters that she wasn’t aware of any and breaks down, at the thought that Jacobs might have had an illicit relationship with Shana. Walter, Don and Diaco storm Jacobs’ house and notice a lot of tchotchkes lying around.

Don and Walter also see a news article on Jacobs’ computer, written by Margot. In it she has mentioned, how Neil Jacobs is the person of interest in the Shana murder. Walter assures Don that he didn’t give her this info, which is when the Lieutenant calls them back to the office. The Lieutenant is really mad because all thanks to the article Neil Jacobs has escaped. He tells the team that there will be an investigation into this matter and action will be taken against whoever leaked this info. After the Lieutenant has given them a piece of his mind, the team learns that Jacobs had checked out bus schedules on his computer. They rush to the bus station and find him there.

At the precinct, Jacobs tells Walter and Don that Shana was a sweet, lonely kid and he just trying to be nice to her, nothing more. He says he would never hurt someone like Shana and it was only because her mom used to regularly hurl her with verbal abuses that she looked to him for solace. Outside her workplace, Walter meets Margot and talks about the article. She says she got the tip-off through an anonymous email and her paper is trying to find out, who sent it. Don later informs Walter that according to the ME Shana broke her wrist 11 months ago and from the way it healed, it looks as if she did not receive any medical attention.

Don’s conclusion is that Linda didn’t take Shana to the doctor because she was trying to hide the injury for some reason. At the precinct, while Jacobs is being walked out to the interview room, Shana’s father arrives, gun in hand. He shoots at Jacobs, but misses. Before he can shoot again, Walter wrestles him to the ground, saving Arroyo, who was directly in the line of fire. Later, instead of thanking Walter for saving his life, Arroyo blames Walter for everything, saying all this happened because he leaked Jacobs’ name to Margot. Walter tries to argue that he didn’t, but Arroyo doesn’t believe him. In the interview room, Walter and Don, show Linda a video that Shana had emailed to her father the day she went missing, in which she is shown telling him, how much she misses him and her old school.

They also ask her about Shana’s fractured wrist. Linda says she and Shana were arguing one day, when she had in anger grabbed Shana’s hand and after she let go, Shana fell. Linda says she had no idea Shana has fractured her wrist as a result of the fall. The team looks at Shana’s video once again and tries to pick up clues from the noises in the background to figure out, where she was when she recorded it. Walter concludes from the clues that Shana might have visited a carnival near the river with Jacobs, where after murdering her, he must have dumped her body in the river. At a park, Arroyo meets Margot and asks her to come clean about the fact that Walter tipped her off. She disputes his claim, telling him about the anonymous email that she received tipping her off.

At the carnival, Walter and Don find Shana’s sock near the river. They conclude that Jacobs needs to be brought to this place and questioned again. Elsewhere, Arroyo meets Holbrook and asks him if he sent the email. He denies the accusation outright, but Arroyo doesn’t believe him and even accuses him of doing this just because Walter is seeing Margot. Before walking away, he warns Holbrook to never pull something like this ever again. At the carnival, Jacobs is brought near the river, where Don and Walter using mind games, get Jacobs to confess that he killed her. At the precinct, Arroyo grudgingly commends Walter for a job well done, which surprises Walter to no end. Before Walter leaves for home, he and Don talk about Margot. Don tells him that although he doesn’t think him seeing Margot is good idea, he really wishes things work out between them.

At a bar, Holbrook tells Arroyo that Walter turned down the liaison position. He also admits that he is the one who sent the email, but assures Arroyo that although it took some time, he is now completely over Margot. He offers Arroyo the position and before walking out, asks him to think about it. At home, while Walter and Agnes are talking about their father, Walter gets a text from Margot. He goes downstairs to meet her. After telling her that he turned down Holbrook’s offer for the sake of their relationship, they kiss. From a distance, Holbrook spies on them. Seven years in the future, Walter tells the parole board that he isn’t in the favor of his father being granted parole. Before walking out, he even tells the board, how his father should be locked away for good. The episode ends at this point.