Longshot - Recap

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The episode begins seven years in the future with Commissioner Walter Clarke buying a ring from a pawn shop. Back in the present day, Walter is at Margot’s and they are busy making out, when Carlton Holbrook arrives. He isn’t very happy to see Walter there, but reluctantly leaves after he is told to do so by Margot. The team arrives at a gym, where the body of Quenlin Reed, a famous basketball player, was found. An injury to the back of his head killed him. Arroyo and team feel that the reason for the murder could be Reed’s decision to switch teams, which some crazed fan didn’t take too well. 911 got an anonymous call reporting the murder.

The man who called in had a Hispanic accent. It’s learnt that the call was made from the side of the building and traces back to a man named Villalobos, who works at the gym. Villalobos admits he saw the body and also saw Martin Wilson, one of Reed’s crew, standing near the body. Martin Wilson is brought to the precinct for questioning and says he didn’t report the murder because he is an ex-con. He was afraid if he did, the murder would be pinned on him. Martin says he used to coach Reed and it was Daryl, Reed’s father, who gave him the job. He says it was Reed, who had called him to the practice facility in the morning, and when he got there, he found Reed dead. Daryl tells Arroyo and Deb that he gave Martin the job to help him out because he wasn’t getting a job anywhere else after coming out of prison.

He admits that prison changed Martin. He was more aggressive and irate, which came out, while he was training Reed. At the precinct, Deputy Mayor Holbrook arrives and asks for an update on the case. He is told that Reed had a fight with someone at a hotel bar a few nights ago. The name of the opposing party is still not known. Holbrook instructs the team to keep him updated and walks out. Walter notices Holbrook is a little pissed, so he rushes after him to have a talk. He brings up the issue of him seeing Margot with Holbrook, saying they should sort things out, but Holbrook claims he is fine with it. Martin is shown a video footage of Reed’s bar brawl and says the guy he is seen fighting with is Vince Cole, who Reed used to practice with. Martin claims Vince walked up to Reed and said something that angered him, which then resulted in the brawl.

While he is questioning Martin, Walter is informed that his mother is there to see him. She tells Walter about a lapsed safety deposit box in her and his father’s name, in which she found photos from Walter and Agnes’ childhood. In it, she also found letters his father had written to him, but didn’t know where to send them. Walter doesn’t know what to make of these, but tells his mother not to say anything to Agnes about any of this till he decides what to do. After Don and Walter are done talking about the letters, they decide to pay Vince Cole a visit. After a few hiccups, the duo manages to drag Vince to the precinct. Vince claims he is innocent, saying he only brawled with Reed because he was moving to Miami, which meant him (Vince) losing a lot of money because he was a part of Reed’s entourage.

While they are questioning him, the Lieutenant calls them to his office and says Arroyo and Deb will be taking a lead in this case. Turns out, this is the instruction from the mayor’s office, which Walter immediately realizes is Holbrook’s doing. The team later learns that at the time of the murder, Vince was robbing a convenience store. There is video footage from the store that proves this. Arroyo and Deb have a talk in private about their relationship. Arroyo says he has left his wife because he wants to be with her (Deb), but she isn’t so sure if she wants to rekindle their relationship. While Arroyo is urging her to think about it, Deb gets a call from the ME, saying something new pertaining to the case has been found.

The duo later questions Martin again because the ME found bruises on Reed’s face. They were made by a ring and this ring is Martin’s school’s championship ring. The duo feels, Martin out of anger that Reed wasn’t going take him to Miami killed him, but Martin denies this. He adds that he got rid of the ring before he went to prison. Martin’s sister arrives at the precinct and Don has a talk with her. She says Martin is a really nice man and would never kill anyone. She even reveals that the jail time Martin served for crack possession was only because he took the fall for Daryl Reed, who was in the scheme with Martin. She claims Daryl convinced Martin to take the fall. Don tells Martin’s sister that he would really like to believe her, but adds that she should get her brother a lawyer.

While going through Reed’s family photos, Don notices in one of the pictures, Daryl wearing the same championship ring Martin has. Walter on his part has learnt that Holbrook with Reed was involved in taking kickbacks for a stadium construction. He concludes that this is the reason he got the mayor to take them off the case. Don urges Walter to do nothing until they have solid evidence, proving Holbrook’s dirty. Walter and Don have a talk with Lisa, Reed’s mother. She reveals that Reed had fired his father as his manager because it was revealed that Daryl had mismanaged funds. Daryl had tried to smooth things over with his son, but to no avail. The duo asks her about Daryl’s whereabouts, but she says she doesn’t know. At the precinct, the lieutenant tells the team Holbrook isn’t happy that Martin was released.

They also have info that Daryl texted Martin, asking Martin to meet him at their usual spot in some playground. Deb looks for Arroyo, so they can go to the playground. She finds him and overhears him talking to his wife Lorraine. Turns out, Arroyo hasn’t left his wife and was only lying to Deb. Walter and Clark with the Lieutenant’s permission leave to update Holbrook about the case. This gives them an excuse to talk to Holbrook about the kickbacks. At the Deputy Mayor’s office, Owen tells Holbrook that he knows about the kickbacks. He threatens to make this fact public if Holbrook doesn’t leave Walter alone. After telling Walter how the meeting with Holbrook went, Don is informed that the playground was razed a few years ago. Daryl named his boat after the playground, which is where he would probably be meeting Martin.

At the pier, Martin and Daryl are asked to get out of the boat and arrested. At the precinct, Martin confesses that Daryl asked him to take the fall for Reed’s murder. Daryl told Martin he would in return take care of his (Martin) sister and his nephew financially for the rest of their lives. Arroyo and Deb get Daryl to confess to the crime. He says he lost control, when his son called him a thief and while he was beating him, Reed feel and hit the back of his head on a bench. He heard a crack and knew Reed had died. Later, Deb and Arroyo have a talk and she tells him she knows that he hasn’t left this wife. He tries to reason that he will, if she says a yes, but Deb isn’t happy to hear this. She is hurt that he doesn’t think twice nowadays before lying to her and walks out in tears.

Arroyo returns home to his family and joins them for dinner. After work, Walter meets his mother at the diner and tells her that he has learnt she was lying about the safety deposit box. She admits it, saying she just wanted him to forgive his father just like he forgave her. Walter is irritated about the whole issue and after he walks off, his mother gets a call. It’s his father calling and she tells him that Walter didn’t go for the letters. Seven years in the future, Commissioner Walter Clarke arrives at a high school graduation. Martin is there watching his nephew give a speech onstage. Walter walks up to him and gives him back his championship ring, saying it’s time he wore it again. The episode ends at this point.